September 15th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “average”

  1. the average person isn’t really average. average doesn’t exist. i mean, average is just like normal right? but normal doesn’t exist either. i guess you could say I’m an average person, if you count it as existing. i don’t do anything too extreme, I’m just average like the french fries at my cafeteria.

    By kristin on 09.15.2011

  2. this is me, most of the time. i have average hair, average build. but there are some things i do that aren’t average. i don’t love “average.” i love deeply. i love like i’m holding on to a cliff and there isn’t anywhere left to go but down. and that’s something i have to learn to accept. maybe being average is easier.

    By Sam on 09.15.2011

  3. something is not too good or too bad, is not enough, normal, mayority, the middle, mediocracy, less than everything you can do

    By melania on 09.15.2011

  4. chilly. cold. alone in the blizzard of average.

    By Katie on 09.15.2011

  5. I am an “average” girl, I go to school everyday, i take showers. But sometimes I feel so… not average, cause i see other kids having fun and laughing, and mainly all i want to do is read and go travel. The average teenager, would want to be around friends all the time… not me. I want an endless amount of good books, and a car with endless gas.

    By Shannon URL on 09.15.2011

  6. People think of average as a negative thing, like average is associated with normal. No such truth! Average and normal are two completely different things. Be more open minded, people!

    By Maegan on 09.15.2011

  7. She walks down the halls, tall black heels click-click-clicking against the cracked floor. The spirals twisting down from her fluttering eyelids attract attention; as do the red leather skirt and spiderweb blouse. She notices the stares and smiles, lipstick splitting into a grin. Oh, she’s not ordinary, not anymore.

    By Kenna URL on 09.15.2011

  8. He is just average is another way of saying common – not any better or any worse than the next. Average is when you take the sum total of items and then divide it by the number of sums. This gives you a median to go by. You can find average prices or grades or any number of things.

    By Patti on 09.15.2011

  9. life. marks, students. average is the definining line. for everything. we are rated against average. the average student, avg marks, avg score. average is an estimate. never true. fake. l

    By Average guy!;) on 09.15.2011

  10. do you strive for the average life?
    average joe
    with an average wife
    average grades
    an average job
    that has average pays
    and then head to the average priced bar
    with average service
    in your average neighborhood
    where you’re content

    By Natalie on 09.15.2011

  11. I was always average looking, maybe even ugly. I never truly considered myself to be pretty, but then I think “Who does?” No one looks how they WANT to look. Everyone wants prettier eyes, wider hips, larger breasts, poutier lips, shinier hair.

    By timeisoftheessence URL on 09.15.2011

  12. nothing special. the middle. the sum of something. mediocre. boring. simple. there is nothing worse than feeling average.

    By jenni on 09.15.2011

  13. There’s nothing great about being average. So why not be extraordinary? I know I will be, that’s what I strive for. I want to be the best at what I do and I will work my ass off for it. So to all of the haters out there…have fun being average.

    By Livy URL on 09.15.2011

  14. not normal. crazy. Stupid. Who defines this? plain. boring. I think of my height as being average but is it really? Who depicts an average bear? I really don’t know. I just know it isn’t average. Yep. Not average at all. Really I mean it. what everyone sees. Height is what comes to mind first. So

    By Lisa Taylor on 09.15.2011

  15. Average is a C in school. Average is good nor bad. Average is a good thing. Average is a math term. People want to be not average. Average blends in. Average is boring.
    WHat is average?

    By Daisy Mase on 09.15.2011

  16. I am average, but that does not make me dull, boring or plain. After the rain stops and the gray clouds drift apart, a rainbow spreads throughout the blue sky. I may be seen as those dark gray clouds, but come inside my mind and you’ll find more. I may not go scuba driving, travel the world, drink the finest and oldest wine, swim next to a whale, have a family related to Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean–something people would awe at. Cut my hand and the blood that comes out is green, yellow or orange. I have no rainbow blood. I don’t have the most amazing ideas that people drop their jaws for. I don’t run away from explosives nor am I the hero or the damsel in distress. I am the average girl. The one who goes to school and the admires the ruffling leaves on the trees. They seem to whisper to me sometimes, and I pretend I could hear them. I am the girl with the bright eyes in my family of six. I am the girl who holds the pencil as a means of creative expression. Give me a canvas and I will paint a portrait of who I am inside.

    By Tani URL on 09.15.2011

  17. I already did this one. Is their something average about feeling out the same thing over and over? Is this average writing? Why do I keep asking questions. I don’t want to be average I want to stand out and be heard. I want my name to be something more than average.

    By Lisa Taylor on 09.15.2011

  18. Every single thirteen year old girl wearing eyeliner and watching Secret Life of the American Teen

    By Mac on 09.15.2011

  19. I am not going to talk to you about math. Okay, maybe just a little bit. But you see it’s about people. It’s about humans in general. There’s a math that no one sees. It’s about how we grow up, about who we become. What I want you to see is the work that goes into that equation. It’s long and and it’s complicated, but it’s true. There’s truth to it if you know what to look for.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 09.15.2011

  20. average means just so-so. You aren’t great you aren’t bad just average. the average day begins with breakfast. actually it begins with the alarm going off. then i wash my face and decide what to wear. i need to get a new coat soon. it’s starting to get colder out. i like this time of year because i get a “new” wardrobe.

    By Tana on 09.15.2011

  21. simple word .one word.

    By ren URL on 09.15.2011

  22. what is average?
    is it you?
    is it me?
    do you think there is such a thing?
    everyone is so very different.
    it’s hard to imagine
    to fit into one slot.

    By Kalel URL on 09.15.2011

  23. Average. What defines it? The world. Why the world? because we live here. Where is the world? In an average state. I don’t wish to be average but that is my stereotype.

    By Lydia URL on 09.15.2011

  24. Why is it average. I don’t want to be average. I wont be average. I refuse to be average. I shall be above average. Whatever that happens to be. But isn’t wanting to be above average an average thing to want? I guess no matter what we’re all average,

    By Sophie on 09.15.2011

  25. I was raised to be average. To be a normal, upstanding citizen who goes about my days in a completely average way. I was not raised to be a champion, who strives for exceptional greatness. I strive for average greatness, to be happy and fulfilled, and completely, entirely average.

    By Mary on 09.15.2011

  26. me. ill never be anything but average. ill never be the beautiful girl that everyone wants. im me. the average girl that few think is pretty. the one who is everyguys friend. nothing more and nothing less. maybe one day ill be more than this but for now i’m average and i have to live with that. i dream of being the girl everyguy wants because she is so beautiful. i dream so much….i wish but maybe i like being average? ill never know

    By molly on 09.15.2011

  27. middle aged person with not much income. nothing more than typical. never atypical. slightly dull. not worth the challenge. needs to be increased dramatically. Like the size of an apple pie. Who wants to eat it when it’s so small? I think e pies are better. With some ice cream. Unles you’re lactose intolerant. Then I believe that you could do with some caramel instead.

    By Casiee on 09.15.2011

  28. I wish I were an average person sometimes. To not have to feel like my only support is the thin wire below me, finnicking around on the tightrope. Everyone else seems to be on level ground, and able to reach their dreams. While I’m always had to do it the harder way, when I didn’t even get a say in it.

    By Mary URL on 09.15.2011

  29. me

    By molly on 09.15.2011

  30. Normal same lame plain

    By Katie on 09.15.2011

  31. You don’t have to be average, go beyond it. Average, I just used that word today to my sons teacher…How do you come up with the average for his grade, 1st grade that is…

    By Monique URL on 09.15.2011

  32. people think that dressing up is something that average teen needs to do, but it’s not the truth, you can wear sweatpants and not have to deal with people looking at them and being like “why is she wearing that?” it’s just unreal. there are too many pressures, it’s insane. i can’t stand it at all. i praise

    By bryanna hicks URL on 09.15.2011

  33. It wasn’t an average evening. It was an evening filled with wonder as the crisp fall air filled my lungs. Each breath felt like a new beginning. Fall would bring winter, and the world would become new again. Many would hibernate, completely missing this lovely change. There’s something beautiful about a snow covered campus that busy college students tend to miss as they hurry off to classes. Just look around, I’ll be the one taking her own sweet time as the snow becomes tangle in my hair and across my eyelashes.

    By Haley URL on 09.15.2011

  34. I find myself to be a very average person. I may strive to be better than the average person but I find there is so much pressure. There will always be someone who is doing something bigger and greater than what I can ever do. But that’s okay because average people have average problems, unlike important people that may have more important problems. I like to be average I guess.

    By Sonia Miller on 09.15.2011

  35. Average. You can find average velocity by adding up all the velocities and dividing. I like this because all it is numbers. The other way involves drawing and estimating, which I don’t like. I like numbers. I dream in pre-calculus. When average isn’t math, I don’t like it. I am average. I like to think I’m special but deep down, I know numbers never lie.

    By Ze on 09.15.2011

  36. You don’t have to be average, be extraordinary, be amazing, be fabulous, heck be anything else, but just Average, Be Blissful!

    By Simply Bliss URL on 09.15.2011

  37. The average annual snowfall for Applebottom, a small town just north of a long forgotten two-track in western Canada, is just over 346 inches. This past summer, the road crew for the city of Applebottom went to the trouble of installing massive fans that are 20 feet in diameter along its three-block long main street. The intended effect of these fans was to blow the snow up and away from Applebottom’s main city blocks and onto the rooftops and back alleys. At least that way, for the six-month-long winter, the residents of Applebottom could easily walk or snowmobile their way to and from the local market, pharmacy and saloon. However, the fans are being overwhelmed by the snow and creating the unintended effect of creating two heaping mounds of snow – one covering each of the two rows of buildings. The unintended result, as was discovered by the local stunt helicopter pilot on his bi-weekly trip south for emergency medical provisions for the village’s residents, was the transformation of Applebottom’s main street into a gluteal-like cleft between to enormous pale frozen cheek-like heaps of snow.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 09.15.2011

  38. I’m average. The day I realized I was average was one of the worst of my life. That’s everyone’s worst fear isn’t it? Being average. We grow up being told that we’re unique. That we’re special. So that day when we find out that we aren’t in fact special is a long one.

    By LaLa on 09.15.2011

  39. an average moment
    lost for something more
    that never appears
    a longing average

    By jenni URL on 09.15.2011

  40. average can be a bad thing. or it could be a beautiful thing. Some people see it as bad because they want to be special and stand out. others view it as a good thing, because it means they can fit in somewhere. I think that it is a good thing because it makes others happy. if it makes others happy, then you should be happy for it too.

    By Heather on 09.15.2011