September 15th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “average”

  1. Average is just that – average. Nothing special, nothing bad, just nothing. Nothing to signify or differentiate. It’s on par with what’s expected.

    By ashley on 09.15.2011

  2. I
    I thought
    I thought I
    I thought I was
    I thought I was average.
    I thought.

    By Alyssa. The one who came to. URL on 09.15.2011

  3. I don’t know what to write about. I dont like todays word://

    By Taylor Campbell URL on 09.15.2011

  4. I’m not really your average person. No, really, I mean it. At some point in life I discovered this fact and it turned out to be a really, really bad idea. I was six when it happened: I was walking along the playground when a boy came up to me and pushed me down. I was angry at him: so angry. The anger boiled up inside of me and flew out at him as a ball of energy, shooting into his face.

    By TB Moody on 09.15.2011

  5. this remimnds me of math, and my marks, and math and more math. and it also reminds me of how many people do what at this time or that. like MEAN, lol, its math and average spells how much in my mind.

    By Zainib on 09.15.2011

  6. You aren’t the best but you aren’t the worst.. I’m not average i’m above average better than the usual :) over achiever.

    Yep that’s it.

    By Desirae Wilson on 09.15.2011

  7. something that most of people feel extremely bored.

    By yukiok on 09.15.2011

  8. You are the distinct average of an average world that never ceases to not-amaze you. You have little to hope, very little to expect from yourself. What of others then?

    By Lora URL on 09.15.2011

  9. average its what am, never greater never worse
    but today i am bigger something more
    something better nothing worse
    my life has changed and all for you
    you showed you were average too
    but together we’re something more
    average is gone right out the door!

    By Taylor Campbell URL on 09.15.2011

  10. “A jury is a group of twelve people of average ignorance.”

    By aeropostale URL on 09.15.2011

  11. I suppose everyone is average. In their own way. There has to be an average everything, but how is that observable? Is it even measurable? Is everyone above average if there is no stable average that can be established? I suppose I think of myself as average, but I don’t know…

    By Liz on 09.15.2011

  12. i think of math, math and more math. MEAN, loads of people and what they do at what time. i dont think that anyONE can actually be “average” there is no such thing as normal in my mind, or “suppossed to be” no average person.

    By zozo URL on 09.15.2011

  13. My grade in math is now a B- average. It’s never been that low! I’ve always been a genius, and everyone knows it. It feels weird to be average. at the same it’s… nice. Not the fastest, or the smartest, or most ‘musical’. I sound like a bitch right, but… yeah, it’s nice.

    By Ammi URL on 09.15.2011

  14. Nothing about them had ever been average. They didn’t meet in an average way. They didn’t come together in that typical sense. Their relationship was never conventional and when he left, that wasn’t average either. They were something strange and limitless, not meant to fit in one box or another. She had loved him with all of her heart and he had left her.

    By Cassie URL on 09.15.2011

  15. average is what every person thinks they are. no one thinks they are better then average. looks, personality, smarts. there are some cocky people out there but im striving for at least average. but maybe average isnt so good? i mean average on a test is a C..which is actually pretty bad. average weight according to magazines is that every female should be a size zero but they’re all crazy

    By Rachel on 09.15.2011

  16. The average woman thinks about her life day by day. Everyone thinks we plan and speculate but we don?t were just trying to live like everyone else.

    By Jenni on 09.15.2011

  17. The average rhino wont live past 13 years but Greg was able to outlive three generations. It should be noted that Greg is not a rhino but rather a human. He actually lives there on the corner of Clark and Division. Nice fella.

    By Giovanni on 09.15.2011

  18. I would like to think that I’m at least a average roommate. As an averagely sane person I keep to myself, pay bills on time and have excellent fun taste in home decor. My current roommate on the other hand is well above average… on the bat sh*t crazy scale- that is.

    By brose URL on 09.15.2011

  19. well im just an average person. nothing really special about me and today has been just an average day. i think average is boring though and theres not a lot of fun with that. you need excitement and things that arent average to make life interesting. average isnt fun… kinda sucks actually.

    By Sydney Fischer on 09.15.2011

  20. of what?
    im lame
    i dont know know
    the averge height of people is 4 inches why are people so short? i dont understand im average i guess. everybody is average, blah blah blah , i will never get a c average in algebra two ever again thats a lie.

    By Vina Jane on 09.15.2011

  21. It was extremely average, but the niceness encouraged nothing more than this so it was inevitable.

    By debbie URL on 09.15.2011

  22. the average rain fall out here is about three inches a week, it’s not enough for ”this” desert!

    By golden brumby URL on 09.15.2011

  23. This word scares me, because I never want to be it.

    By Hollie URL on 09.15.2011

  24. the average rain fall out here is 3 inches a week, not enough for ”this” desert!

    By golden brumby URL on 09.15.2011

  25. On an average day, I make tea and cook. I have fun with friends and do church work. Life is good and I am thankful for many things. Yes, that’s it, on an average day.

    By Cindy Rogers on 09.15.2011

  26. To some, I may be an average girl. I’m not. I’m not dramatic, I’m not confusing. I’m just me. I was boring in high school, but since entering college, I’ve been able to blossom and become more than just the average girl. I’ve gone skydiving, I’ve traveled to Australia and New Zealand, and I plan for so much more. Average is just so… average.

    By Megan URL on 09.15.2011

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    By lllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz on 09.15.2011

  28. Siempre los mismos números. Les tiene confianza, los conoce, los ve cuando cierra los ojos unos segundos antes de dormirse. Nunca los cambiaría por otros. Porque sabe que un día estos le traerán fortuna y lo llevarán lejos de esta vida promedio. Los números premiados de la lotería.

    By Julia URL on 09.15.2011

  29. people think they are average. average life average friend average thing average career. average is the word people use when they want to be extrodinary. they want to be able to break theyre averageness and be their dreams.

    By haley on 09.15.2011

  30. i hated being an average girl. All I really wanted to be was a superhero! I wanted to pretty much be Awesome! But things like this don’t happen to girls like me… until today!!!

    By Skylee denney URL on 09.15.2011

  31. love is everything to me. All I can think about is getting married and starting a family. I don’t know if he feels the same way, but I’m hoping he does. I fell in love with him before I even met him. After I met him I knew I could see myself having children with him. Does that make me weird? I don’t know. Zia

    By Zia on 09.15.2011

  32. i hate that average is the new ugly. you have to be a skinny bombshell to get anywhere in this life. i think that average is the only real way to get anywhere because then your head isnt filling up with too much confidence and ruining your life. you can get a lot more done and not have to worry about people complimenting you about how gorgeous you are or making fun of the way you stare when you are thinking and your face scrunches up in that odd way that it always does, and not the way it does on cute girls who look good no matter what they do. the plain ol’ ugly kind.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2011

  33. And he was average. Or so it seemed.
    He had the average brown hair, and those average brown eyes, and that average job on an average street of an average town. There was nothing remarkable about his appearance or his house.
    But he did not have an average soul. He had learned to give everybody more than passing glance. He had learned to soften himself to the world, to think for himself, to stand on his own two feet. He had a past, full of struggling, and had somehow held on to, strengthened, his heart.
    Contrary to appearances, he was anything but average.

    By Chelseyann URL on 09.15.2011

  34. for now my life is average i have an average crush whom talks to me almost everyday he has serious issues and is quite a mess, but i guess there is no real definition of average because we all are. oh well.

    By Vina Jane URL on 09.15.2011

  35. you know that feeling when you know he would pick just about anyone else but you? i wish they had a word for that. oh, yeah they do. average.

    By Lauren on 09.15.2011

  36. Many may say that I am not the average girl, and this is so true. I’m one of a kinda, there will never be another like me, you either like me, or are jealous of me. And the truth is that I don’t care which of those it is. I live my life for myself and nobody else. I’m emotional, I’m tough, I’m quiet when I’m upset, I’m boisterous when I’m happy, and yet I always have a smile to share. I love sports, and am probably the most competitive girl anyone would know. I love to be a nerd. I love to be a girly girl, a tomboy, and basically just being me. And I’m one hell of a loyal friend to have, once you’ve got me, you’ve got me for life unless you screw me over and then I’m out. Let’s just say I’m not a girl that can be explained in a few words; I’m one heck of a complicated chick, and that’s what makes me, me.

    By foost URL on 09.15.2011

  37. the thing about me is that i’m so average. i’ve never amounted to anything in my life and probably never will. i get average grades. average income. average friends. average clothes. average life. average. average. average. i’m nothing special.

    By maddie on 09.15.2011

  38. Life is pretty average for most people. I’m an average guy I’d say. I enjoy spending time with my friends as much as time to myself. The one thing that isn’t average about me is my dreams. I dream much bigger than my station. Actually, that’s pretty average too. I guess I just am average.

    By Nick on 09.15.2011

  39. average reminds me of math. finding the average of a set of numbers. i don’t really like math. frankly, i suck at it. which makes me hate it guess. i think it’s hard and numbers really aren’t my thing.

    By Seattle URL on 09.15.2011

  40. He was an average guy. You know, average. Not tall, but not short. Not skinny, but not fat. Not Brad Pitt, but not hideous. He was in a sense, invisible. Not noticeable, forgettable. He was just an average guy, with an average guy life waiting until his heart stopped beating. He was just another guy… until he wasn’t anymore.

    By kathy on 09.15.2011