September 15th, 2011 | 446 Entries

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446 Entries for “average”

  1. On an average day, I can never guess what word will pop up here or if I’ll have anything to write about once I see it. On an average day, I’m pretty good about following my routines. On an average day, I hear “I Love You” about six times. Nice average, eh?!

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.15.2011

  2. It was not an average night, nor an average person that walked into the room. As a matter of fact there wasn’t anything average about the whole damn day. It started early, with the alarm going off at 5:00 am. It was the start of the day, the way it always started. I was overtired from having to gone to bed too late.

    By Tim Page on 09.15.2011

  3. i’ll give, give, give and find the nearness of reaching out.

    By roberta URL on 09.15.2011

  4. I live an average life. Average college kid with average grades and average friends. I have so many outstanding dreams, and sometimes I wonder if I should just stick with my normal life where everything is safe, or just leave it all behind to make something more of myself.

    By Keating Blanco URL on 09.15.2011

  5. average is an organization. People living under the assumption that this is, “just what people do”. 9-5, alcoholics, addicts, and depressants. Following the path they “must” carry out. midlife crisis, new car, big television, new couch, more kids, more STUFF.

    By Cole on 09.15.2011

  6. love = im not exactly a huge romantic, nor willi ever be.. its strange.. a lot of girls my age are all into the whole “ou kiss in the rain and hold me owhen im falling off the side of a building” thing.. me, id rahter just stay home and watch a mopvie and cook dinner with my boyfriend. i dont know if thats necessarily a bad thing– i think im just a bit of a realist. i do believe in love, and i do believe ive found it.. but its not what the girls my age make it out to be.. its much better. its much more mature. and its much more than what words can say. maybe i dont wait for the perfect moment to kiss in the rain, but holding hands at the local coffee shop will always be enough for me. i guess you could say im satisfied easliy, but that is ceratinly something a lot of people could learn to do.. you cant ask so much from people in this life. say thank you, enjoy what you have and what you have been given and move on. take life a breath at a time and love your life for what its worth.

    By Skela on 09.15.2011

  7. hola me lblablabla como una popo naproit elegante olivia fria te amo que no se loca oye juramento ballena caca jabor jarabe licor caramelo lengua dulce princesa jake humano

    By josh on 09.15.2011

  8. simple plain, not excellent, not special, normal, better than bad, worse than best, okay, sum of all parts divided by number, norm

    By Jenna URL on 09.15.2011

  9. It was an average day of an average week of what was turning out to be an average month.

    She walked past the store window and stopped short when she saw it, there, on display.

    She pressed her face against the glass to get a better look at it.

    Yep, that was it. That’s what she had been looking for.

    By Tanya B. URL on 09.15.2011

  10. I would say I’m an average person. My grades aren’t too high or low. I have a job the pays decently, about minimum way, but not by a lot. I have a laptop, cell phone, iPod touch, and a TV in my room. My family is divorced, with a stepdad. There are three kids and a dog. Yep, I’m just pretty much your average American girl.

    By Katie F. URL on 09.15.2011

  11. Simple, mundane, nothing out of the ordinary- I knew that’s how it all looked spread across the table. But it was my work, my creature, and I’d bring it to life somehow. I just needed to find that spark, the real essence of it all- forget it, it was trite and unloved and would never become something profound. All of that writing, the moths that ate up my life, only ever produced average writing.

    By Shnlynne URL on 09.15.2011

  12. Average opinions, nobody has a voice anymore. Predetermination was just off by a few letters. Who wants average anymore??

    By Iain on 09.15.2011

  13. boring. normal. Something that’s not good enough. Someone that isn’t extraordinary. Not special. Just like everyone and everything else. Mediocre. Sad. Disappointing.

    By Will on 09.15.2011

  14. there is no average. everything these days is either black or white — one extreme or another. if your child is ‘average’ they aren’t anything special. only children who are severely below average or highly above average and are need in attention. no one cares about anyone that’s average.

    By Hunter on 09.15.2011

  15. Jittery jabber along the sidewalk cafe. Today is just another day, she says, sipping her latte, staring off into space. the lines were barely visible with this light on her face. in a moment or two, she’ll be off, and perhaps I’ll never see her again. But for now, it’s just another moment, just another day.

    By emay URL on 09.15.2011

  16. An average of something that was to become an intriguing part of his life. Difficult, yet as always very vague to understand. He believed that being average and taking averages and doing average things never caused someone to be inherently average or out of the original stock of people, but being average meant being content with who you were in society and how you were perceived by those around you trying desperately to be unique. Unique-mindedness was a tool used by average people when the routine began to bore them and they could no longer connect with other average people from whom they originally were spawned.

    By Anna Romanska on 09.15.2011

  17. This yearning in my soul
    To become more then what is average
    Haunting me through the years collecting its toll
    Quickness of life, causing nothing but a panic

    By Jezell URL on 09.15.2011

  18. Most of the time, students believe they are average because of what they are told. My students, from what I can tell, are far above average. However, they often have no one to push them or encourage them to go beyond their comfort zones. The difference between a good student and a great student is the willingness to be challengedand see the challenge through to the end.

    By Marshall McGown on 09.15.2011

  19. ordinary, regular, nothing super special, a face in a crowd, undistinguishable, whatever, blah.

    By krista on 09.15.2011

  20. She had average looks, average hair, average build, average height, average everything except the skin. Her skin was tattooed with gold. Real gold. No joke. Yellow gold and tawny gold and blond gold and the kind of gold that’s nearly tinted orange on the bars you see in cinema.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.15.2011

  21. It was an average day…the sun shone as it always did, light from overhead filtering down through the leaves of the forest’s trees. Their branches swayed gently in the slight breeze as calls of birds and animals traveled through the air. Despite it’s commonality, it was peaceful…it was perfect.

    By Lassie on 09.15.2011

  22. Average. I was always average. Average looks, average brains, average everything. I had never though of myself as extraordinary in anything. So to discover I was the chosen one? It was rather strange indeed.

    By jasmith URL on 09.15.2011

  23. Average. Da muss man sich was trauen können. Was ganz außergewöhnliches. Bungeespingen zum Beispiel. Oder sich mit dem Fallschirm aus dem Flugzeug stürzen. Das kann immer schief gehen. Selbst Straßenbahnfahren ist nicht ungefährlich. Passt einen Moment nicht auf und schwupps, ist es vorbei.

    By Eli URL on 09.15.2011

  24. I hope that I a not just an average person. I try my best to be more than just any other person you see on the street, but sometimes I wonder if I’m just another person in this world, or if I actually stand out. I like to think of myself as a non-average person because I try my best to lead my own life. To show the world that I’m not just another person roaming.

    By test123 on 09.15.2011

  25. You’re the middleman, median, can-can-can. The let’s-make-this-together by hanging solo. Let’s make friends by accident, and let’s play around. Let’s do something….crazy. I wanna be solid, sensual, serendipitious. Eccentric and amazing. Hey.
    I’m standing up for not standing out, and making a statement, because the most average is someone you’ve never seen before.

    By Lancir URL on 09.15.2011

  26. Something I would rather die than be. It’s more often than not used as an insult, which is funny because I don’t really know what ‘average’ is.

    By Sophie-Jane on 09.15.2011

  27. blah blah
    bye what happens when the time ends
    ooh this is fun hahahahaha
    ellooooo govna cant tink of anyting 2 write lol lmaoroflmaolmfaolololol tralalala zis is scayry hehe i spelled scary wrong “coffee” lololo u dont kno what that meens

    By Sandy on 09.15.2011

  28. just average height, a little overweight, but in the USA that’s just average. just average intelligence. just average spelling sense.

    By Lt. K.M.B. URL on 09.15.2011

  29. I’m not the average boy, I don’t wanna be one; I’d be a line, a reference, nothing that could grow outside everybody.

    By Alexandre on 09.15.2011

  30. all

    By Mariana Unda on 09.15.2011

  31. The looks of one who is born without greatness or special features. Or an object of like kind. One does not notice these things as special, just passes them by because there is nothing to catch the eye. Many things are average few are special. Special is the opposite of average.

    By Nathan on 09.15.2011

  32. I’m average. Not hardly. I am not average. But is anyone really? Do we really have 60 seconds to do this?? aaahhh one non-average thing about me. I cannot think up coherent things to write in 60 seconds, much less on a one-word prompt. I think I am fairly good about the grammar in this paragraph though.

    By Amanda URL on 09.15.2011

  33. average means mediocre, the norm. to be average is to be one with the rest of the world. nothing special or peculiar, nothing out of the ordinary. similar to the majority and uninteresting.

    By Reiss on 09.15.2011

  34. To be average isn’t something i want to do. i want to live greatly and rebelliously nicely tastefully classy greatly having fun. I guess this is all average, but oh welll. i don’t think peopl should worry too much about being average, because that makes them average.

    By Helen on 09.15.2011

  35. Average? ok average. Many averages, tests, me, just kidding. I am actually a superhuman. No average here. i usually read upside down while lifting boxes. you heard me . so am i really using any energy? Its possible. doubtful.

    By Mike Blihar on 09.15.2011

  36. i suppose i’ll take average
    it’s been than rock bottom

    a half full glass
    with possibilities

    waiting to blossom
    on the cusp of

    By katiekieran URL on 09.15.2011

  37. i suppose i’ll take average
    it’s better than rock bottom

    a half full glass
    with possibilities

    waiting to blossom
    on the cusp of

    By katiekieran URL on 09.15.2011

  38. Mean, median, normal, below average, above average,

    By linda mom on 09.15.2011

  39. Her looks were beyond average. She was what one would consider a perfect ten. She knew it too but you’d never know by her sweet and kind soul. She was the woman everyone wanted but the woman no one could have.

    By Bri URL on 09.15.2011

  40. The average human stared at the decidedly not-average goblin.
    “Yeah, I’m a gob’. What of it?”
    The human blinked. “This is…abnormal.”
    “Aye. What of it?’
    A dwarf climbed in through the office window. “Man, there would be a good few cars out there. I was nearly hit by a few on the way over.”
    The human shuddered. “What are you–”
    The dwarf rolled his eyes at the goblin. “He hasn’t worked it out yet?”
    ‘No. This one ain’t too bright, I think.”
    “Well, bring him up to speed.”
    “Fine.” The goblin turned to the human–when a sprite flew in. “The bank’s unguarded!”

    By Goblin Scribe on 09.15.2011