August 7th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “assaults”

  1. A couple days ago actually it was about a week ago, i went to my college orientation. Virginia Tech (as do most colleges)n place a lot of emphasis on safety especially for women. The police officer there was awesome and told us about the class to learn to defend ourselves and i want to do it and kick assaulters’ asses!

    By Adrienne on 08.07.2012

  2. there is nothing worse than those who choose to grant assaults upon people on a daily basis. who is it that says this is their job or their place in life? no one should have this position but god and god alone no one else. I feel so alone in this.

    By aeddiedaisy on 08.07.2012

  3. Assault. There are three letters in the word that spell the familiar word “ass.” You can’t spell the word “assault” without spelling “ass” along with it. And naturally, that’s what the word means as well. It’s basically an asshole being an ass and shitting out of his or her ass onto someone else. It’s a disgusting word both phonetically and denotationally. It reeks of ass, it looks like ass, it is ass. And there’s assault for you, ladies and gentlemen.

    By SsoQueen on 08.07.2012

  4. makes me think of my mum how sad is that or a penguin assoaulting a bear which makes me think of my mate amber god i love that girl shes epic she dreamt i was a pigeon the other night wtf????

    By susan on 08.07.2012

  5. People assault others with their fists, words, and even with their thoughts. Reason being that assault is when someone hurts another in what ever way. How do people assault with words? Simple. When they use vulgar words or hurtful words towards others. Quite easy to understand, huh.

    By Roxana URL on 08.07.2012

  6. She was assaulted by sound. Her ears were ringing, the floor shaking, and the world around her was spinning so quickly that it seemed like everything was coming undone.

    By Kathleen on 08.07.2012

  7. Weaponized mechanisms align themselves against enemy emplacements. Cannon fire decimates the reenforced structures. We stand like ghosts among the wreckage.

    By Jimmy on 08.07.2012

  8. I should have seen it coming. The blow across my jaw. I should have looked into his eyes like a fortune teller looks into a crystal ball and seen the devil lurking beneath his heartless soul. There is proof of what he took from me. Self worth oozing away from my barely breathing body in a lava flow of blood. You can hear it if you listen closely. Assault has a sound. Faintly, alternating between the crunch of fist against bone it whispers, “You’re worth nothing, nothing at all.”

    By Liz on 08.07.2012

  9. I’ve never bee assaulted before. Except by my sister. We used to get into these huge fights almost about nothing. Like one time, i took this cute sweater from her room, and she saw me wearing it, and she just went crazy. I ended up throwing my glass of milk at her. We both got in trouble.

    By kelsey URL on 08.07.2012

  10. peanut butter. Yeah I’m totally going to just put that there and wait until somebody tries to assault me for not fallowing the rules. Yeah, I’m kind of a jerk like that, but I don’t really care. I usually don’t like to go trolling, but I don’t care much today.

    By Luke on 08.07.2012

  11. Assaulted with the love,
    the hate,
    the fear, the anger.
    A bite in my chest, once opened by the lover i don’t know anymore.

    By kelsey ashby URL on 08.07.2012

  12. She assaults me with light punches.

    “What was that for?” I asked her, pouting and rubbing my arm as if it hurt.

    “For loving her, instead of me.” She whispered, then landed a hard one on my nose.

    By Kat on 08.07.2012

  13. Sometimes, everyday life feels like one assault on the senses after another. You’re fending off assults from strangers on the internet, from coworkers, from family members. Then there are the good assaults — the way a smile from your child assaults your heart, storming the gates of your emotions. Wonderful, but exhausting.

    By Sandra URL on 08.07.2012

  14. it came with a crushing force, This place is not free, and hasn’t been in while. The assaults on personal freedom are just amazing… I can’t believe someone would put up with this. I grab my gun, my map, and my laptop, and start another day. the simple task i carry out in the breaking of the machine gives me hope. Headquarters is my home now.

    By Laurel Elise Hill URL on 08.07.2012

  15. Can be verbal, physical. Visceral. Leave scars inside and out. Not fixed when ignored.

    By Sandy Goodwick URL on 08.07.2012

  16. 5:30. The clock’s alarm shrieked and invaded my dream. I awoke confused and hungry.

    By penny dreadful URL on 08.07.2012

  17. The stream meandered through the mountains like a song. A gentle breeze blew in from the south. It did not feel like a day for war, but their enemy lay in waiting behind the next turn and they needed to prepare for an assault.

    By sharon london on 08.07.2012

  18. Beaten. Broken. Fists in hair, fists on face. Who hits first? Bruise first, blue first, a mouth for your shoe first. When you’re hit, you fall down, when you fall down, you get up. One step at a time, first left then right, one foot after the other, after dark comes light.

    By Sarah S. on 08.07.2012

  19. Assaults on Osama’s compound were intimidating for the afghani people and a real blow to Al-queda in general. A powerful win, however, for the american culture. Go seal team 6 bitches!!

    By Matt on 08.07.2012

  20. the word ass is the first three letters of the word. i think of a butt, i think of kicking someone’s ass. but when looking at the whole word assaults there is a negative feeling. like a sexual assault. getting up in someone else’s business

    By Diane on 08.07.2012

  21. Curiously enough, I was reading an article on assaults on women on the street, and how more frequent they are becoming, and now this word comes up. Curious. But not as scary, though.

    By Nuno URL on 08.07.2012

  22. Assaults happen all the time in this world. Whether it be intentional or unintentional. Most people don’t realize that assaults usually happen because that person covets what they have. I for one wish this world would become a better place instead of everyone committing some form of evil.

    By Aaron on 08.07.2012

  23. The smell assaulted their senses. Their eyes watered. Their throats burned. It was brutal agony.

    By albusd URL on 08.07.2012

  24. Crime assaults are 34% higher less than 5 miles away. I think that’s strange that high crime areas are so localized. Crime seems like it should be a rampant, random phenomenon, but instead it has a correlation to specific areas of town.

    By dan URL on 08.07.2012

  25. murder
    bad guys
    bad things

    By Lisbeth on 08.07.2012

  26. Assaults on my personage always seem to inspire affront, the satisfactory sort that lets you feel the victim while remaining in the right, engendering the pity of others as well as their respect, and causing me to question whether the assault will ever stop.

    By Sam Fomon URL on 08.07.2012

  27. Assaults are bad things. They happen to innocent people, who most often aren’t aware that they are coming. Assaults often happen at night in a close range of the victims home, often at a place with a minimun of people.

    By Pernille on 08.07.2012

  28. Assaults occur pretty frequently in my home country (Venezuela). It has never happened to me (thanks god) but that is one of the reasons why I moved to Canada.

    By andrea URL on 08.07.2012

  29. Assaults – the feeling of finally being noticed, though in av bad way. Physical or mental contact. God. Bad. Look at me – assault me. You idiot.

    By Thea on 08.07.2012

  30. There are a frightening number of assau
    RS reported every day. There’re are many man more assaults occurring than happen. Many people have been assa
    Tedmregularl throughout their

    By Patty andrews on 08.07.2012

  31. The assaults on my senses are too great. The idiotic filth that spews from the mouths of my cohorts never ceases to offend and injure my all too frail mind.

    By Mykle Beck URL on 08.07.2012

  32. Lots of assaults happen in neighborhoods that have lots of assaults. This entry is going bad already… assaults? I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been assaulted. Hallelujah.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 08.07.2012

  33. I hadn’t inspiration left to figure out why I shouldn’t do this. It was a simple assignment for a putrid shell. I was tired and my mind was weak. So I accepted the mission. Unknowingly signing my sanity’s death sentence.

    By Ruben URL on 08.07.2012

  34. She suffered from multiple assaults.

    By Maddy URL on 08.07.2012

  35. Just the thought of the two of them together assaults my very being. I have not adjusted to life without him. But the fact that he looks at her with such passion and love has shattered my heart beyond repair.

    By leelee on 08.07.2012

  36. one time i read 1 story about 100+ different assaults in the united states. why? i couldn’t tell you why people do it. it’s annoying and kiddish. please just tell me why we have to be so mean? i see humans, but no humanity.

    By Kayla on 08.07.2012

  37. They say it was my fault. My fault I got assaulted. MY fault. Maybe it was the skirt. But I didn’t go the the store and pick the one that said “rape me”.

    By P. Miller on 08.07.2012

  38. the bar man was hysterical, he never ordered that pizza, how dare he try to charge him for a pizza that he did not order! hthe barman picked up a key from his pocket and assaulted the pizza man.

    By olivr on 08.07.2012

  39. There are many assaults in the towns near where I live. They are dangerous and sad, because they are seemingly pointless. People just want attention and security in life. We aren’t offering that as a country, and its sending our people to the looneybin. Most crimes can be prevented.

    By Jenn URL on 08.07.2012

  40. assaults are something that people can do when they are angry. it is a bad thing for people to is not fair for the people that get assaulted to have to go through what the other people do to is verry sad

    By frank on 08.07.2012