August 7th, 2012 | 258 Entries

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258 Entries for “assaults”

  1. assaults, physical assaults
    a salt
    a salty breakfast
    ass was hauled
    assault of the senses

    By Name on 08.07.2012

  2. There have been assaults on the food supply for the past couple of days. Our morale has also taken a large blow, i don’t think that we will be able to survive for much longer. without any help we are bound to end up lying in a gutter somewhere. I can only hope that someone comes for us…

    By Peter Reilly on 08.07.2012

  3. My body slammed against the brick wall harshly, my shoulder dislocating with a disgusting pop; I groaned.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama URL on 08.07.2012

  4. Pain. Someone hurting another person without any reason to do it. Or a course you do which is quite fun but hard work in which you have to climb and crawl and swing, wearing camouflage and getting covered in mud.

    By Maggie Mullan on 08.07.2012

  5. It was a dark night and the breeze was cold as the assaults started. All was not lost though. Hope survived. With long flowing hair and cuts covering her bare skin.

    By Nancy on 08.07.2012

  6. what kinda word is assaults what do i write about assaults is such a horrible word who would use it just a crazy person like you can tell i don’t have a very big imagination.

    By delmy URL on 08.07.2012

  7. when people do something wrong against you or someone else, rape, murder, abuse, racism. It is wrong and against the law.

    By Harriet Coles on 08.07.2012

  8. Attacking random people on the street with a bag that is full of awesome things like dinosaurs, apples, raspberries, icecream and things along those lines. Also beating cops up which can also be fun when they are rogue cops.

    By Lina on 08.07.2012

  9. Die Assaltantes waren kleine Grüppchen heruntergekommener Menschen. Sie trugen schmutzige Sackkleidung, langes, verfilztes Haar, sie gingen barfuß und jeder, der einmal in ihre unmittelbare Nähe gekommen war, wusste von einem Gestank zu berichten, der einem den Atem verschlug. Dass das alles nur Schminke und Verkleidung war, konnte ja niemand ahnen.

    By Eli URL on 08.07.2012

  10. We live in a society where many people believe that it is not ok, but necessary to participate in violent acts of behavior for the sake of vengeance as means to gain the respect through violence. It is a shame that this is our way of thinking but it is a harsh truth.

    By Ashe on 08.07.2012

  11. All the verbal assaults were starting to get to his head. Jake gritted his teeth after hearing another jeer about caution and ducked down a side hallway, taking a few deep breaths. He had to fight the urge to punch all these people – it wasn’t his fault that Hayley was pregnant, no matter what they said. It was her fault. Girls were in charge of the conception spell.
    Leaning against a wall, Jake sighed to himself, glancing down at the intricate rune on his arm. It didn’t matter. The kid would be dead in the end.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 08.07.2012

  12. In the battle of mudslinging, we all ended up filthy. The assaults on each other leading only to more discord and every one of us feeling dirty.

    By emmystrange URL on 08.07.2012

  13. I hate assaults. It would be really scary. Some people assault people for money, and I guess they have reason behind it. But really, would you like it if someone did that to you. Random people are sometimes victims of these situations.

    By Kat on 08.07.2012

  14. Assaults, hmm. What a strange word… I see it as more of a verb. But who are we assaulting? Who deserve that? An assault is never a good thing, even if you think someone deserves it even if it is “just” a verbal assault.

    By Hannah URL on 08.07.2012

  15. Violence

    By Sidney Tinsley on 08.07.2012

  16. I already wrote about this word. I don’t know why I got it again. I think I just felt assaulted. If only the 60 seconds would go by faster a this point. I will just keep on typing. Oh wait, time is up.

    By Kat URL on 08.07.2012

  17. ooh. nasty. These can be vicious. I guess also they can be funny – but you shouldn’t joke about them really. Thirty seconds? That’s long enough to commit an assault. They can change a life, and that’s why they’re nasty. Generally.

    That is all.

    By Fletch URL on 08.07.2012

  18. People assault me daily. Verbal assaults. Physical assaults from my sister. I can think of hundreds of people I’d like to assault. I guess I’m just an angry person. Oh well. What to do?

    By Lauren on 08.07.2012

  19. “…and one was a salted!”
    Laughter and groans crackled around the table. Many heads were shaken at the poor pun. Drinks clattered against the bar top as those who had laughed took their penalty shots and those who hadn’t smile smugly. There was a brief hush as the wait for the next person drew out and then a lovely young woman with auburn hair and quirky smile stepped forward and raised her glass.

    By Mairead URL on 08.07.2012

  20. Vehment.
    insecurity. Why else would we lash out to hurt another with such a passion?
    it’s just a cry from within us or the other

    By A on 08.07.2012

  21. Assaults. When I think of assaults I think of physical abuse towards someone or someone being really rude. Verbally assaults are very rude and hurtful but I guess I would rather be verbally assaulted than Physically assaulted. Usually physical assault means you got attacked in some way by someone.

    By RachaelMuch URL on 08.07.2012

  22. A woman walks gingerly down the streets of New York. She passes by high clothing stores with bright lights and flashy ads. She clings to her purse and her body. She knows the danger of a place like this. She would never want to slip away into the shadows, like so many before her.

    By Paige on 08.07.2012

  23. Dark fell before he left the theatre. by the time he was almost home, the streets were deserted and shadows flickered in the light of dying street lights. From a distance away came the ominous sound of a lonely pair of heels. He listened to their rhythm closely hoping he wouldn’t hear them shuffle or speed up. Then they stopped. Why?

    By Anabel Crowe URL on 08.07.2012

  24. The pig assaults the slop, the cop assaults the victim, and the “accused” still has rights. Go figure…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 08.07.2012

  25. one day i was walking down the street, i saw a black man with a pink purse. then he looked at my purse, then at me and grabbed, threw his purse down and hit me. i was defainlty assualted.

    By Potato on 08.07.2012

  26. i don’t really know what the word assault means. i tend to think it means something negative because it has the word “ass” in it, but i know it has nothing to do with it. assaults can mean someone is bothering you, right? as in, comes right up to you and attacks you.

    By thea on 08.07.2012

  27. “In recent news… The assault rates have skyrocketed in the lower part of the city. While not necessarily the best thing in the world, at least they have gone down in the upper part.” Louise turned off the radio in disgust. ‘Insensitive moron…’

    By Charlie URL on 08.07.2012

  28. He slowly walked into the room. He looked around. She wasn’t there. He was safe, finally. He knew too much about her already. She assaults anyone she sleeps with. It’s not like she could help herself. She was genuinely insane.

    By Maggie on 08.07.2012

  29. One day, I was walking down the street. It was 9 at night. I kept walking and saw a stranger standing in a trench coat with a weird hat on. He said, run or i’ll rape you. I began to ran. I cried and fell. Then there, he assaulted me.. xD!!!!!!!!!!

    By WhatAPotato URL on 08.07.2012

  30. assaults. what an ugly word. the fact that it has the word “Ass” in it makes me upset.
    i got assaulted once. a man jumped at me and grabbed my purse. it’s not the best feeling in the world.

    By thea on 08.07.2012

  31. Assaults is a word that is describing a rifle! Assaults is also harming someone. No one likes it unless its a gun. I like assault rifles in COD. Lol it has the word ass in it.

    By raven on 08.07.2012

  32. It was an assault, on me. Assaults are the kind of things that happen on TV. How could it happen to me. I heard gunfire. Then the footsteps of the firer. 3, 2, 1. I was gone.

    By pryione URL on 08.07.2012

  33. I assaulted a young man once, sent him to the emergency room for nearly bursting his kidneys. Felt terrible about it, it was in the locker room and he was being cocky. I felt later it was due to insecurity on both our parts. We later became good friends.

    By Casey the male on 08.07.2012

  34. Toast is really under-rated and under-appreciated. This might sound odd or loudly random but I think that it’s about time that toast had its fifteen minutes. Toast can be an assault on the senses if it’s made with love and given its due attention. A chunky doorstep, especially granary, popping up out of the toaster and then being smothered in proper butter with quick touches to avoid burnt fingers (no low fat spread for me, thank you) and then if the mood takes me, some sort of jam or even Marmite when I crave it sometimes.

    My mum likes to wait until her toast goes cold before she eats it. She’s the only person I know that purposely does that, but then she does have a bit of a reputation for being a bit odd. If I were a slice of granary toast, I imagine it would probably be very sensual to be coated in butter. I wouldn’t appreciate having ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ smudged over me and pressed into my crevices and then left alone while I shiver. So, perhaps tomorrow morning when you have a slice or two of toast, take a minute to appreciate something that is truly awesome and make the effort to spread the butter right up to the crust edges and nom it while it’s hot.

    By rhyme79 URL on 08.07.2012

  35. These are bath salts to soothe your bottom/bum/butt/ass after a hard day’s work sitting at your computer. Finding them at your local Walgreens may become difficult because some genius snorted them.

    Also can be a gymnast’s combination falling on his butt during a cartwheel or somersault.

    By Bonnie URL on 08.07.2012

  36. These are bath salts to soothe your bottom/bum/butt/ass after a hard day’s work sitting at your computer. Finding them at your local Walgreens may become difficult because some genius snorted them.

    Also can be a gymnast’s combination falling on his butt during a cartwheel or somersault.

    Did you hear about the incident a peanut had on the metro? He was assaulted. Blehhhhaaaa

    By Bonnie URL on 08.07.2012

  37. assaults on humanity. assaults on my insanity. Am I insane? No I’m not your just a brainwashed turd sitting in the scum of the sewers absorbing as much b.s as you possibly can.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 08.07.2012

  38. rapest

    By dar gabay URL on 08.07.2012

  39. Jack sat at the table in front of the judge’s bench, crossed his arms and pouted, as only a teenager could. Assaults were a part of his criminal record. He’d been charged with physically assaulting everyone when he was sixteen, at least that is what his record wanted everyone to believe. He was supposed to fall into the category of moody teenager that liked to beat the crap out of people. No one knew that beneath his macho facade was really a genius that just wanted to hide in plain sight. It was easier to beat someone up instead of dealing with the ridicule of having a photographic memory and understanding what Einstein was really trying to say with his famous equation. No one understood him; instead of trying all they wanted to do was turn the key on him and lock him away forever. Maybe he’d punched that guy one too many times, but he’d called him a nerd, a geek. Like he belonged with the other crowd. The crowd that watched Glee, played chess and participated in band camp.
    He flexed his fingers remembering…

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.07.2012

  40. The assault had lasted for weeks, now, but the defenders would not give up. The enemy had camped outside the city, preventing supplies from entering. It would only be a matter of time. The captain looked out from the city walls, wondering what would happen to them. But he would not give up, nor give a hint of insecurity to his men.

    By Marie URL on 08.07.2012