March 22nd, 2011 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “approach”

  1. That approach on life doesn’t fulfill me, he said.
    I’m not that approachable. I left him thinking.
    Wild flowers and snow.

    By mariel on 03.22.2011

  2. what an interesting approach to the whole situation.
    drive by with your hand sticking out and that stupid grin.
    pretend like there was nothing ever planted.
    just keep smiling and asking me about my play.
    do not address the tension, the static that inebriates me
    just keep being you.
    and ill be me.
    i suppose thats the best approach.

    By jenna URL on 03.22.2011

  3. Hesitant, not sure, but brave. so you go. you have major doubts. maybe walking up to a girl and asking her to dance. she has the power, but you made the approach. maybe like a tiger, approaching its dinner. slowly, slowly. slowly. then pounce. maybe not.

    By EmilyFo URL on 03.22.2011

  4. Always the heels.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock. She turned her head and frowned. Really? Her ex HAD to come to the same bar as she? This was bullshit. This was ridiculous.

    The people at her table gradually silenced as they saw the approaching drag queen.

    The queen smirked, leaned forward and started husking.

    “Hey, sugar.”

    By ZaniLani on 03.22.2011

  5. Adalyn stood outside of room 406 at the hospital room, pacing. She couldn’t go in there. Her mother was in there. Yes, her own mother was in there, and she had no hair. Once more, she was not breathing on her own. No, she couldn’t enter that room. Her father was there, too. He was crying too hard to even try to hide it from his children. Adalyn looked at the door. She turned the knob. She had to go in there. Her family was there.

    By Calla URL on 03.22.2011

  6. On approach, the wings began to shake. Watching those long sheets of thin metal flap like tissue in against the current, I thought of when I was little and liked to pretend I was an airplane. I would run around parks, arms akimbo, twirling in the grass, forming winding outlines of amoeba along my imaginary flight path.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 03.22.2011

  7. He always approached me in a subtle way.

    But trust me, it wasn’t in my head. I saw the glint in his eyes. I heard our laughter. I felt the red flush on my cheeks. I thought it was real, I thought we had the chance…

    But still, there’s been no word. Silence rings out in my tears.

    By Kate URL on 03.22.2011


    By J on 03.22.2011

  9. I see you approaching me, and it makes me nervous. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to see you. You come closer, and my eyes dart, searching for an escape. I look back, and your eyes are trained right on mine. I’d hoped you hadn’t seen me. Too late.

    By Carrie URL on 03.22.2011

  10. you approach a wall. a wall that refuses to let you pass and you can’t go around it. approaching a time that comes to pass, with anxiety and fear and completely terrified about what you’ll come face to face with in the morning, will it be life or death, hope or heartbreak?

    By reason2remember URL on 03.22.2011

  11. I can’t approach anyone to make anything better. Fear of approach you could call it. (As well as the fear of being approached). ScArY! :S eek.

    By Ashley URL on 03.22.2011

  12. He approached from her right; she heard his paws lightly graze the ground. Tension filled the air, and her breath caught, her lungs and throat constricting tightly. Was he going to say it…?

    “We need to talk.” His gruff voice cut through the silence.

    “Always so straight to the point,” she chastised. “You should be more gentle.”

    His pelt brushed hers, and she winced. “You know I can be,” he whispered directly into her ear, “but you told me to never be nice. You’re the leader; how can I say ‘no’?”

    Her retort tangled over itself as his challenging blue eyes shone into hers.

    By Cheezit URL on 03.22.2011

  13. you approached me as a shark looking for a bite to eat. i was hoping you would devour me. i dangled my bait–with blood red as a flag…over here over here…i waited for your gasp

    By amy URL on 03.22.2011

  14. I think the reason I sometimes hesitate to approach people is because it leaves a short hope that they will approach me and make me feel like I am truly wanted. Sometimes no one approaches me, and I linger a while longer before heading over to the group, but occasionally it does happen, and i feel exquisite.

    By zoe URL on 03.22.2011

  15. I continue to be dumbfounded at the fact that every single time I approach the grounds of a normal life, I am ripped back into the twisted life of hunting. I, who have tried and tried, cannot seem to accomplish this feat, whilst Dean, who wants nothing of the sort, got one on his first try.

    By Sam Winchester URL on 03.22.2011

  16. I wish you would approach me. Instead of sitting there like a bump on a log (when did I turn into my mother). I can’t do this all alone, no matter what anyone else thinks. And your reserve, your face of ‘it’s okay’ in public and turning a 180 in private, makes it impossible for me to ever do it. Ever.

    By Sarah on 03.22.2011

  17. i need approach my cat
    my friends approach me
    i love to approach my friend
    my teacher had to approach me
    i dont like when you approach me
    people approach me
    afterschool my mum approach me
    my teacher approach me
    people approach me today
    i love to approach my cousin
    i love to approach my sister
    I love to approach my brother
    i love to approach my aunty
    my uncle approach
    my cousin approach
    my friend approach
    my principal approach
    my dog approach
    my cat approach
    my teacher approach
    my girlfriend approach
    my boyfriend approach
    my vice principal approach
    i love to approach my dad

    By Steph on 03.22.2011

  18. For many, many years I could not comprehend exactly why my father created humans, I simply knew that he did. But, I think that now I am perhaps approaching understanding. I continue to see how these humans are capable of so much, for better or for worse. They are imperfect and they have the potential for so many mistakes, so much failure and so much anguish. Yet, they have potential to choose for good as well, to devote themselves to each other so completely. It is far more than a majority of angels can contemplate, let alone attempt. Though, I suppose there are a few exceptions.

    By Castiel URL on 03.22.2011

  19. How do I approach this? Head on? Hell no, that leads to pain, nothing but pain. Skirting around hasn’t worked though either. You can’t see what I’m trying to say. Or maybe you do and you just don’t care. I should just come out and say that I want to be with you, the hardcore approach.

    By Kala Kaos on 03.22.2011

  20. sometimes, i have a lot of difficulty approaching people. i am continuously paranoid that i come off as obnoxious or irritating, or that perhaps they don’t value me as much as I value them. this predisposition sets me up for many occasions during which i awkwardly hang around, hoping that perhaps someone will initiate conversation with me instead of vice versa. i don’t mind being a conversation starter i suppose, but sometimes it’s nice to know that other people enjoy spending time with me as much as i do spending with them..

    By caitlin m URL on 03.22.2011

  21. It is in the way he approached life. You see he was always on the quiet side. “Reserved” and “reticent” were other words people used to describe his style.

    But when I looked at him, I saw through the first two layers.

    For I’ve always grasped the underpinnings in a phrase as ageless as this:

    “It’s always the quiet ones.”

    Indeed, it is.

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.22.2011

  22. sometimes, i have a lot of difficulty approaching people. i am continuously paranoid that i come off as obnoxious or irritating, or that perhaps they don’t value me as much as I value them. this predisposition sets me up for many occasions during which i awkwardly hang around, hoping that perhaps someone will initiate conversation with me instead of vice versa. i don’t mind being a conversation starter i suppose, but sometimes it’s nice to know that other people enjoy spending time with me as much as i do spending time with them..

    By caitlin m URL on 03.22.2011

  23. you are a mile on from where i am, on a park bench, with a book. i squint and it looks like james joyce; i make no decision there (or anywhere) i cannot stop watching you. i can’t tell you why. (actually, i could, but this would chuck me back into the nasty reality in which i am too banal for you and maybe you’re just all in my head, just a figment of my repressed byronic side which is really not that repressed at all because, let’s face it, if it was i wouldn’t be making you my angel when you’re really just a broad on a bench) but fuck, you are lovely. from what i can tell. all i can see are your rounded, shaking shoulders (are you cold? sobbing? involuntarily oscillating? are you a machine?) but that’s all i need to see. oh, if i could move. if i could twitch. if i could shake my way up this terrace, to you, i could die happy. i say it in my head. (excuse me, miss what are you reading? i love your face i love you let’s wed or join unions or holy fuck run off to libya i wouldn’t mind the air strikes with my hands on your shoulders) but, i have my sandwich, you have ulysses, and i haven’t got the balls

    By Erin URL on 03.22.2011

  24. I am on the brink. I am so close to succeeding, but so close to veering off course. I am motivated, yet I am procrastinating. I waste my time submerging myself into pointless pleasures, losing focus. At this rate, I will never approach success. I’ve come across mediocrity, but am not content. I want more; I want kisses in the rain, pay raises, straight a’s, an acceptance letter to graduate school, a work of mine published in a scholarly journal. Yet I lay in bed with you, wasting my days away with kisses, tangled sheets, and plans to be with you. You are my plan; this is not what I intended.

    By Brittany Higginbotham URL on 03.22.2011

  25. After comprehending that life last’s but a life time,
    I finally decided to approach the future with boldness.
    Freedom and tears, heartache and joy await me,
    And they all seem oh so welcoming now.

    By Mae URL on 03.22.2011

  26. It all depended on the type of approach. You could go to him happily and be pleasant. Or you could be angry and scolding. The type of approach affected the response and after all this years, he didn’t want any more of those negative appraches.

    By Neha URL on 03.22.2011

  27. I remember the first time Sammy walked. His little legs rocking back and forth as he approached the small section of floor that I was currently occupying. Dad never saw this. As far as he knows, Sam’s first steps happened one day later and two towns over. I kind of like it this way. It being my little secrete. Little moment in time, all for me. And all filled with him. Like it should be.

    By Dean Winchester URL on 03.22.2011

  28. approachable is a better word. you need to be approachable. people like approachable people, and people like to be liked. being liked is like some sort of check mark on your list of things to accomplish

    By riley URL on 03.23.2011

  29. The shadow approached me, as I waited beneath the moon beam bleached bench on the porch. “What do you want from me?” I cried. this is not the first night, but, rather, a series of escalating endeavors which has lead me to my current mysterious location under even more bizarre and mysterious circumstances.

    By Destiny Rose on 03.23.2011

  30. Huddled against a wall, sweat dripping down my face and stinging at my eyes. Across the aperture, another is making a series of fervent motions, finally coalesing into a countdown. Five, four, three, two — we burst around the corner, making our approach into hostile territory

    By chii URL on 03.23.2011

  31. He approached warily, reaching out with one hand towards the thing while trying to gauge its response, unsure how to further proceed.

    By Sean on 03.23.2011

  32. As I approached the site I could see i was not alone. There were so many other people who wanted the same part as me. They would each have a different approach to this character.

    By Colombe on 03.23.2011

  33. I didn’t know how to approach my depression. I didn’t think there was a way to get help for it. Everything else failed. Nothing has worked. I’ve been approaching the end of the rope and I’m scared.

    By Bryan on 03.23.2011

  34. to approach is to confront them and tell them how you feel. approach is an action and it is fun and la la la la la la la la la la.

    By MK on 03.23.2011

  35. The approach to the wall was a long-winded thing, tortuous and tiring but when we finally go there – after a near accident – we could see why it had attracted people for all over the world over the centuries: It did not exist!

    By @spacedlaw URL on 03.23.2011

  36. Es kommt alles auf die Betrachtungsweise an. Auf den Blickwinkel… alles sieht aus einer anderen Perspektive einbisschen anders aus…ändert man sie…kann sich alles ändern

    By Anuri URL on 03.23.2011

  37. The way i approached you. A hesitant breath buttflies caught in my stomach. A cold sweat breaks at the palms. Insecurities fly left and right, its a battle field. A sole courageous thought stands up. ‘Just Do it’

    By thenakedblurr on 03.23.2011

  38. walking down the road a saw a white truck coming straight at me, and for some reason, as it was approaching, i thought, what if i don’t move, what if i let this truck run me over. Well, it did run me over, and now i am on my way to hell.

    By Luz Maria Uribe Shopova URL on 03.23.2011


    By scotchwhiskers URL on 03.23.2011

  40. Walking towards the crowd, she felt a tingle of regret in her spine, like a sorrow , for her lack of preparation on this momentous occasion

    By Jeanie URL on 03.23.2011