February 16th, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “ants”

  1. Bryce watched idly as the trail of ants marched determinedly up the tree trunk. It was a very long trail, and he wondered if it would ever end, if at some point there would be just one ant, the last one, bringing up the rear.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.16.2012

  2. Ants go marching. Ants go chasing. Ants run away. Ants, our friends, they love to dance, and chase the blues away.

    By Joy URL on 02.16.2012

  3. weird, industrious, busy, black, beady, pest, dont know about them, dont like to kill them. dont like the ones that bite.

    By kaisen on 02.16.2012

  4. Wow. The first thing that went through my mind when I saw this word was what letter I could put on the front of it to make it more interesting. Pants. Wants. Rants. I actually like all three of these things better than ants themselves. I’m just sayin’.

    By Ronna Detrick URL on 02.16.2012

  5. We sat there underneath the night sky. I stared at the ground and watched the ants move. it was summer. You were wearing a blue shirt. I was wearing one of my favorite v-necks with a purple tank top- both extremely loose on me. that was because I had just told you I was anorexic. I will never, ever forget that night. I’m so sorry you had to me like that.

    By laughalot on 02.16.2012

  6. Falling in line with the masses is not my idea of a fulfilling life. But what of bills, what of rent, what of obligations? How to march to the beat of my own drum and be taken care of? Hmm. How indeed?

    By Alison URL on 02.16.2012

  7. When I was a little girl, ants were my only foe. They would bite my innocent, naked feet which caused me to cry and run far, far from home…. I arrived in the secret places of New Mexico where a medicine man asked to heal my wounds… Lying on the sweet earth, he laid his heavy hands upon my belly and whispered that the “ants have decided to forgive you”…. From that moment until now, ants hear the silence of my voice and obey my requests as if I were their Queen.

    By gypsypriestess URL on 02.16.2012

  8. Ants remind me of my cottage. The big, fat, jicy looking ants that roamed the cottage at the beginning of the season. I see the veiny 70’s carpet that was so cushy it made them hard to squish. I see the sun coming through the windows.

    By Kelly on 02.16.2012

  9. they live in colonies in the ground much as people would if they were to inahbit the moon or an asteroid someday in the future. they have a society based on working for the greater good of their colony.

    By Robert on 02.16.2012

  10. red and white checker table cloth, damn ants!

    By Gabrielle Saliba URL on 02.16.2012

  11. ants and ants and ants… they’re all over the place!!! i can’t believe there are so many of them. if only there were a way of redirecting them out of my house please call the following number –
    what if there were no ants thought,,, would my life paradigm shift?

    By mj on 02.16.2012

  12. Circles and diagrams edge over spaces
    She floats past silent doors, into smaller colder places
    Listening loudly to the softness of thought
    As little ants crawl cowardly, further than they sought.

    By SayLiz URL on 02.16.2012

  13. small tiny legs moving fast working run footsteps bomb blast tiny little vulnerable ants

    By Kate the lion URL on 02.16.2012

  14. The ants are all around the picnic table.
    I have ants in my pants.
    I can’t wait.
    The ants are climbing up the hill.
    Look at all the ants in that one ant hole.

    By teeda URL on 02.16.2012

  15. Long tendrils twined through the opening in the wall Some climbing plant that she could neither recognise nor name threw out thick stumpy tendrils and clung to the caked walls like a frieze. She threw back the mosquito net which Arcona had draped over the bed and gazed at the thick rope stem of the plant. She glanced at it as she wiped a trickle sweat from her brow. A movement caught her eye. An ant, scurrying the length of it… a few ants…more… as her eyes took steady focus she became aware . The whole plant was a highway for soldiering ants…

    By marlibar URL on 02.16.2012

  16. Like ants on a plate
    she mingled around the room
    the stares and sneers seen from the corner
    or her broken eyses

    By gsk URL on 02.16.2012

  17. Small little creatures, walking on the picnic sheet. We are but ants on the sheet we established. Patches of city, of field, of crop. Patches we crawl along, who is bigger watching us with a magnifying glass in hand?

    By William Gruber URL on 02.16.2012

  18. ugly

    By Francesca Alessandro on 02.16.2012

  19. They were red and walking in a single file line. Some were carrying potato chips and others were carrying soda cans(I don’t know how they did this, they just did.) But they marched in a line up the hills and through the valleys and mountains that made up this giant carpet.

    By idraax on 02.16.2012

  20. the ants were crawling up the wall, one by one. each following the one before. “scent trails. that’s how they know where to go,” he whispered. “the first ants, the scouts, find the food and then leave a trail for the rest”. food. how odd. food. i wouldn’t immediately think to call the bloated, stinking mess slumped in the corner “food.” i rolled the word across my tongue and into my mind, trying to make the word match the image i had in my head. just 3 days ago this “food” had a name. i called it “dad.”

    By debra on 02.16.2012

  21. marching
    though the chairs
    across the tables
    to get back outside
    soda cans
    pieces of sticks
    they want to get back home
    to their mountain
    made of earth
    with a little hole in the middle

    By idraax URL on 02.16.2012

  22. crawl and jump and play and frolic in the sand while curious bees stand in awe and wonder at the dangerous work of those who cannot fly and are stuck to the ground. Meanwhile, ants laugh at the foolish tumbling of the flying things that know not the safety of the ground and the comfort of working all day with family only to go back home and see more family! They work alone.

    By Luis Machado on 02.16.2012

  23. In my pants. Picnics, it’s too damn cold for picnics right now. I’m hungry. If I leave now I can still get a table at Silly Goose.

    By Heather on 02.16.2012

  24. look down, try not to step on the ants.

    By t URL on 02.16.2012

  25. when i see ants i think of small little creatures who really have great bodies and can lift weights up to 10 times more than their own weight. people really hate ants, especially me too, because they crawl around and usually don’t bring good news.

    By dra on 02.16.2012

  26. I had a front-row view of the scene. I watched as a whole camp of my discriminated people were attacked viciously. The soldiers, in their dull outfits of cotton and kevlar, marched towards the tents in neat lines like little beige ants, and scattered, row by row, as they reached their destination. Although not at all powerless, my people stood little chance against the Celestian armed forces. I had to watch as friends were separated, and see the look on the faces of mothers as their sons and daughters were slaughtered as they defended their home. My mind was flooded with thoughts of how I was too far away and too late to save those friendly faces, and how even my dear friend, the very queen of the beautiful planet my people and I grew up on, was unable to stop this un-just massacre.

    By Chabo URL on 02.16.2012

  27. ants go marching
    to the rhythm of the axis spin
    around the giant blade of grass
    to the stores in the nest
    and back to he scent of their need

    Lord make me forget the life of ants and live far from need

    By Heidi Howes URL on 02.16.2012

  28. A slow fever moving through her makes her antsy. The delirium? No, no, it couldn’t be that. He was safe! He was cured from love! She would be too, soon. There was no harm in meeting him that night. Maybe he wasn’t flirting, he could have just played nice to her obvious attraction to him.
    Oh god, she thought, was it obvious? Please let him not know.
    Please let him be Cured.
    She couldn’t afford to fall in love when her vaccination is so near.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 02.16.2012

  29. crawling over me. disgusting. i kill them, then feel absolutely horrible.
    how bad is it to destroy something that freaks you out?

    By ThatSammyChickk URL on 02.16.2012

  30. ohmygosh! I love/hate ants. I mean, I really think they are cute and really interesting and important but… WHY DO THE HAVE TO INVADE MY ROOM? It’s just not fair, man, not fair.

    By isabel on 02.16.2012

  31. red orange segmented leaves sticks, teamwork, one word answers? happy, solid, green

    By Melodie on 02.16.2012

  32. Crawling in my pants doing a dance

    By Greg on 02.16.2012

  33. She sat enjoying he lonely picnic on the dreary may day when all of the sudden the blanket started moving. She looked down to see millions of angry ants whisking he away to their underground home.

    By Tessa on 02.16.2012

  34. I let them crawl on my skin, wondering if my pores would fit them. The thought of having insects claim my insides as their territory both horrified and intrigued me. The sensation would be unique and undiscovered. I needed something for myself.

    By Ruben URL on 02.16.2012

  35. The ants in 15 out of the 20 colonies were dying. 3 more were dead already. The nanites were killing them. But the rest were graying and strange. Changing. Adam watched them every night, unsure whether to be afraid for Douglas or ecstatic. The ones that were flourishing moved at odd times, and in certain slants of shadow seemed to glow.

    By ArzieDee URL on 02.16.2012

  36. Little creatures that flow in an endless river I wish to rid myself of. Throughout the day and the night as well they crawl around my bed causing me to shiver. Cinnamon though is my savior.

    By Yuki URL on 02.16.2012

  37. ants are tiny creeping little things i was going to say creepy but their not really creepy just creeping, creeping round the house, the yard and sometime, when i get that tickly feeling,, up my leg.

    By yoyo on 02.16.2012

  38. marching in scurried lines
    lava hot
    carrying weights bigger than their bodies
    hailing to the queen
    building homes in the sand
    of areas where children play
    come to the rescue
    of their colony
    when intruders attack
    marching on and on and on

    By ellie griffith on 02.16.2012

  39. Ants are apparently an energy tonic in Chinese Medicine and a good source of protein. Excellent team players and hard workers they will stick it through with their resilience. Many can accomplish what one cannot.

    By Marie-Eve on 02.16.2012

  40. Like ants marching into a freshly-crushed anthill, so we all walk into an unknown future. There is no past, no future, there is only now. There are former nows and future nows, but we shouldn’t let who we once were be held against us.

    By agloe on 02.16.2012