February 16th, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “ants”

  1. the most hardworking soldiers with no agenda but to be. be a community. be integrated. be for all, naught for one. they need no hard knocks, no loud yelling to get them moving. they exist simply to co-operate and be. love them.

    By shirlock URL on 02.16.2012

  2. I used to burn ants with a magnifying glass when I was little. I would put some crumbs out side and come back later to find a to of ants

    By AJ URL on 02.16.2012

  3. There are ants crawling up my legs. What should I do? Three. Four. Five. Six. Fuck. Eleven. There are eleven ants crawling up my legs. Dammit… those aren’t ants.

    By salix URL on 02.16.2012

  4. Ants are tiny critters. They’re everywhere, In every corner and every crease. Alone, an an is small and powerless. Like a person. In a group, however, they are a force to be reckoned with.

    By Nicholas on 02.16.2012

  5. Ew it’s a bug except I used to have an ant farm but then I got scared that they would get out and get in my pants so I freed them outside. In my old house they used to come through my wood floors thats why I wanted to move. Used to spell my aunt carols name ant carol LOL

    By Caroline Dixon on 02.16.2012

  6. Oh my god ok so we were in English and we were watching this show from TLC about this couple that just got married but they were each others first kiss and someone commented that they look like ants or birds or something and it was really gross and Garry said “well what state would you be from where you’d be bad kissers?” and, totally ignoring to 10 seconds ago she told us she was from Ohio, I shouted Ohio and everyone laughed and it was soooo awkward. The end :-)

    By Jackie URL on 02.16.2012

  7. This is actually really funny because I found a ton of ants on the floor of the classroom during my forensics class. It was really gross and people freaked out. Comical really.

    By Chris URL on 02.16.2012

  8. Ants make me think of summer. Sitting in my backyard on the lawn. My dad is barbequing (sp?). The family friends that are always over are here for dinner. Did we even invite them? I feel like they just show up sometimes. Whatever, I’m still enjoying myself. Ants are crawling up my legs and back, but I couldn’t care less. It’s summer.

    By ape224 URL on 02.16.2012

  9. Ants can’t even think about this word ants I mean the only thing that comes to mind is a sandbox. In sandboxes there are some ants oh how I’d love to pour a sandbox in my other teachers room ugh how much I can’t stand her I think I would laugh if she got red ants in her pants.

    By Graxx URL on 02.16.2012

  10. Crawling. All over. Tiny little feet attached by multiple legs to circles that compose a body. Crumbs. Little soldiers file out to save their population.

    By naghs URL on 02.16.2012

  11. Ants, ants there are ants in my pants. Ants everywhere I swear. They make me wanna wear and tear. Oh those ants.

    By MFeldman URL on 02.16.2012

  12. They scurried on the ground as if possesed by some animal spirit. I was disheartened, to say the least, as i flew over my old hometown. War was now it’s only content resident.

    By David URL on 02.16.2012

  13. Creepy, crawly red dots scattered along the concrete patio. Makes me not want to sit down but I have to to reach the plants.

    By ceeeees URL on 02.16.2012

  14. Ants are little tiny things that bit at you. You fidget and brush them away only to have the whole colony return. Kind of like the worries of the day, or week or year. Sometimes, you just need a good killer spray.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.16.2012

  15. little crawlies
    dark or red
    cleaners, biters, aerators
    good and bad :)

    By Doc S URL on 02.16.2012

  16. Ants have it easy. They don’t have to love. They don’t have to judge. They don’t have to go through terrible things for the people they love. They live. They carry food to their hill. And they die. Envy? Yes.

    By Tkot on 02.16.2012

  17. Trailing, leading, following. Who blazes the trail, and who simply follows, and does it really matter. In the long run, all that really matters is that one goes out, and one comes back. An endless stream of the community, each doing what they do best.

    By Alana on 02.16.2012

  18. She sat on the red and black buffalo plaid blanket we received from my uncle in Seattle and she kept taking enormous bites from a thick quartered slice of light pink watermelon. The clear juice from the melon was running down from the corners of her mouth and dripping from her chin onto her light blue bikini bottoms. She looked happy and pretty.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 02.16.2012

  19. the first death I have ever seen was an ant. We were camping and it came by my bedside. I did what I saw everyone do and I crushed it with a shoe. I saw the struggle the ant endured and I never killed again.

    By Annabelle Trokey on 02.16.2012

  20. oh my I didn’t know it would start so fast. there was an ant in my dream, caught in amber, and given to me as a gift. I felt so bad for the ant. the amber was lovely. golden, glowing. that didn’t do much for the ant though. that was the end of that. and strange because it was all alone, never see ants alone…

    By lisa URL on 02.16.2012

  21. can’t imagine that anyone would be repulsed by cinnamon but i’ve heard this is a common way to rid you. killing an ant where i come from is 7 years bad luck. for me, not having access to cinnamon would kill me. how similar things cause opposite reactions.

    By meluca URL on 02.16.2012

  22. thursdays always make me feel like a busy little hardworking ant. scurrying around campus, completing all that needs to be done before my last class starts at 6pm. i put everything off till the fourth day of the week always, i’m sure ants don’t do that.

    By Abra URL on 02.16.2012

  23. small and black. creepy and crawling over the grass and dirt. moving in a row, fast yet slow. looking for? food, somewhere better to be? maybe they might want to climb a tree? don’t try and crawl on my food, yuck.

    By Heather on 02.16.2012

  24. “The ants went marching one by one, hoorah, hoorah!”

    “Griffith! That’s not a nice song to sing while the ants are going straight toward the boric acid!”

    Griffith wrinkled his pug nose and shrugged. “Well, you’re the one who thought about poisoning them in the first place.”

    His sister, Lindsay, sighed. The whole bathroom had been infested with the buggers for a week, and the spray hadn’t worked. She felt that she had to go to the extreme.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.16.2012

  25. they think we are God.We are like ants to God. Is there a god who thinks our God is like a single small ant I wonder? life is just a telescope, but which end do we view it through

    By scratchy URL on 02.16.2012

  26. Staying up and waiting for this new song to come on the radio and then dancing around like flying ants that don’t light up. That’s what the music is for, I feel lit from within when they play my favorite song.

    I forget how it goes. Wait, they’ll play it again in the next hour.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.16.2012

  27. I’m small.
    But I am stronger than you.
    I’m small
    But I have obligations, and I fill them through.
    I’m small
    And this is all true
    I’m small,
    What it will all do.

    By Xelliana on 02.16.2012

  28. “From up here, everyone looks like little ants!” The small boy was holding onto his mother’s hand and dragging her towards the edge of the platform, his free hand reaching for the rail. A wide grin split his face, proudly showing off his missing front teeth. His poor mother was pale with fright, and she was leaning back, away from the rail so it seemed her son was the only thing holding her up. I had to wonder how on earth she’d managed to make it all the way to the top in the first place.

    The things we do for kids, eh?

    By SpSquirrel URL on 02.16.2012

  29. I remember our picnics from the old days in the city of Los Angeles. The outdoors always drew our family to the city parks and I will always remember the smells, the feel of the sun, and the comfort of close family.

    By Fran on 02.16.2012

  30. Allergic.
    Benedryl required and a good nap.
    So industrious
    Must get rid of those in my yard – AGAIN!

    By ShannonC URL on 02.16.2012

  31. The ants were everywhere, marching two by two. In my tea, on my scone, crawling across the checkered table-cloth. Ants climbed the stalks of the roses in the pretty little vase and skittered along the pages of my novel.

    By Jessica on 02.16.2012

  32. Creepy Crawly. Tiny with the Giants. Strength and might they push forward.

    By Carla on 02.16.2012

  33. standing on top of tall buildings people seem like ants. ants work hard all day and night, i wonder if they ever rest. the difference between ants and aunts is that you can squish one when you become annoyed with it.

    By brittany frakes on 02.16.2012

  34. Sherlock stood for a moment at the edge, swaying slightly as he peered down at the busy roads, more than three stories below the front of his shoes. Moriarty’s body lay crumpled and empty behind him, but the genius criminal’s master plan was still in motion. As much as Sherlock hated to cave in to the lies, he nearly stepped away from the edge to flee down the staircase.

    The crowds below him continued about their busy day, oblivious to the turmoil in the darkly-clad man atop the roof of the hospital around which they all made their way. From so high up, Sherlock mused, they hardly looked like more than so many ants, crawling from food to queen and country. These were the people whose opinion he was so concerned with?

    From the swarm emerged another little ant, paused in the middle of the well-defined pathways. The fair color of his hair, his shorter stature, the shape of his jacket, Sherlock could immediately identify the little insect as the only person in the world who really mattered to him. He reached for his phone.

    By floppybelly URL on 02.16.2012

  35. I love to watch ants. So productive. So industrious. What are they doing? They could take over the world you know, it’s only a matter of time. Shhhh….don’t tell them that. They just might. And then we’d all be in TROUBLE. We’d be under their rulership. What do you think a king ant would look like?

    By dontbruisethegin URL on 02.16.2012

  36. The funny thing with ants is that we never pay much attention to them but they are known to be the most industrious and we are asked to take notice in scripture by Solomon. SO today we should all take note of an ant and learn to work more efficiently.

    By Michele Cedo on 02.16.2012

  37. they are there, on your face, black spots, covering your beautiful bone structure. when i touch them. they do not escape. they stay there. the ants, that spread through my body while you kiss me. do not shave them, the ants. I like your rough look. it contrast your sweet kiss, and paced voice. i miss your ants.

    By hermosa URL on 02.16.2012

  38. The marching of the ants has always been a mystery to me. I mean they don’t really march, they are just walking. We are imposing our “march” on their poor little lives. We do that a lot to animals. Dress up dogs like children, force them to eat canned food, give them names. Let them be the canines that they really are.

    By s on 02.16.2012

  39. ants are great soldiers. They are strong family builders and they work hard to accomplish their goals. They work as team players. The great thing about them is that they fail to become free loaders. Everyone in their family unit has a task and they follow through with them.

    By Shakisha on 02.16.2012

  40. I don’t know a whole lot about ants. I know that they survive by working as a team, and that they are governed by a queen matriarch. There are worker ants, soldier ants, and probably other types of ants as well. I tend to get my ant facts confused with my bee facts.

    By Scott on 02.16.2012