September 23rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “afraid”

  1. I am not afriad anymore. I will not shy away from those things that make me cringe. I have seen the worst in people so there is no longer a need to be afraid. Its a sad thing when A girl doesnt know how to be afraid.

    By sunnie on 09.24.2012

  2. She glances around the room, her heartbeat increasing in her chest. The anxiety begins to build as the sense of dread increases, her mind stumbling as she tries to comprehend the situation. Why was he here? Why was the knife in his hand? In that moment only one instinct was driving her: run. She ambles to her feet and moves towards the door, trying to avoid her clumsiness increasing as she tries to exist, despite the fear she was feeling.

    By Jade on 09.24.2012

  3. Afraid? No. No, not at all afraid. Not afraid, perhaps uncomfortable, but not afraid. Not so much fearful as dreading, but not afraid. No, no. Those footsteps, like smashing woodlands. Not afraid, not me. Cold, not cowering. That knock on the door like cannon-fire. Afraid? Me? Perhaps.

    By Barber URL on 09.24.2012

  4. I am afraid that this guy won’t actually like me as much as I like him. I am afraid that I will fail in college and disappoint my entire family. I am afraid of the typos that I am making. I am afraid of wasting time. I’m afraid of judgement even though I’m the harshest. I’m afraid of so many things.

    By Angie on 09.24.2012

  5. afraid to go on cause i was in another place where i dont belong so i presume i was okay but i wasnt so i kept going on with things going on my head without even thinking it through properly so i had to make a decision to make but that decision was too scary to make

    By Khairi on 09.24.2012

  6. when i’m afraid it’s almost like i’m falling into a pit of darkness. like i can’t move, like i can’t see, like i can’t feel. like there’s nothing. I just fall and fall into the darkness and there’s nothing there but there’s also something. I can’t ever get away and it will follow me at the same distance. there’s never any escape and there’s never any finishing.

    By Emma on 09.24.2012

  7. to be scared alone lost to fear something thinking you’ll lose having to show bravery the only time one can be brave happens to us all don’t be afraid we all get scared the only thing to fear is fear itself your phobia is in the mind

    By sarah on 09.24.2012

  8. I think dont be afraid be very afraid, cliffs are dabngerous, they fall down at night. I wish I had nicer underwear. I can’t stop to think cause the webpage told me so but im struggling. I’m afraid thats it. Well I would like to see the winter gardens. Rats cause fear, and spiders.
    Also dead bodies. I dont mind the former two.

    By Louise on 09.24.2012

  9. living afraid of life and what’s around the corner isnt living at all. play it safe, watch from a distance, make sure you never get hurt. Watch me laugh and scream and bitch. I breathe, great big gulps of energy and emotion and activity, throw myself into the fray, where it’s all at. And you? You’re alive, but barely living.

    By Kim URL on 09.24.2012

  10. Afraid.

    They say life’s too short to be afraid, but sometimes the risk is too big to take.

    By Chrissie on 09.24.2012

  11. I’m afraid of failing again so I’ve set my mind to working hard but there are all these.. distractions.

    And I’m afraid of being hurt again needless to say. I need to do the right thing and not screw up again.


    By michelle shwe URL on 09.24.2012

  12. when i think of the word afraid i think of the ocean. mostly killer whales
    i hate killer whales
    i the water, bottomless water mostly
    i dont like to think about what could be underneath me
    it could be a killer whale
    killer whales haunt my dreams
    the are usually men that turn into whales in the water and try to drown me
    they lure me like sirens into the water…

    By paige on 09.24.2012

  13. I were so afraid the other day when my next door neighbour dog got away and attack the postman as he were delivering the mail. We tried everything to stop the dog from biting him, but it was futile.

    By victor URL on 09.24.2012

  14. First I was afraid I was petrified. No one likes being afraid but sometimes we like feeling alive, fear helps us to breathe because we remember how to catch our breath. Air is nice, I’m not afraid of air…

    By natoh on 09.24.2012

  15. Being afraid means more than just fearing something. Being afraid can being not being ready for something in the future that might occur. Something you are do not want to happen. Something you know will, or something that you have never expected. Being afraid can mean many different things to different people. For example, people have different phobias. I personally am afraid of spiders.

    By Kaya URL on 09.24.2012

  16. im not afraid
    i used to be, but not anymore. fear is no longer an important feeling in my life. im brave now. im done being surrounded by scared little people, whom are afraid of everything – im ready for them, and for me, to be spectacular. a.f.r.a.i.d. – no more

    By kat on 09.24.2012

  17. “I’m not afraid!”
    Trent looked at the rope bridge swaying lazily between the two cliffs. He looked down the hundreds of feet into the ravine and placed both hands onto the rope railings. He swallowed. This was the last thing he had intended to do today. If his father saw him now he’d be grounded for weeks…provided he survived.
    “Come on, man,” Chip sneered, “You a sissy?!”
    Trent studied the worn ropes and shabby, torn walkway. This was not a good idea.

    By Cim URL on 09.24.2012

  18. This word represents all the is reality. It is our best fuel. Animals in coners. Reaction. Inspiraion. Moms lifting cars off kids. Explorers crosing oceans. Love, Chance. A child going down slde for the first time. The unknown. Asking for your first slow dance.

    By Jovan Mays URL on 09.24.2012

  19. I am so afraid of this assignment. I wish I could not have to do it. Help! My teacher is forcing me to write for 60 seconds. I am so afraid!!!!!!! Beware the teacher with a new website.

    By michael on 09.24.2012

  20. Time passes, and so, the more of my darkness you will see. I am seeing yours too. It is hard to find light, when your head is full of fear. I am afraid of us, sometimes. Afraid of what I am, what you are, and what I can so easily lose. Keep trying, I hear. Try harder.

    Let us fight until the dawn then.

    By genahtastic URL on 09.24.2012

  21. “I’m afraid of the dark..” Her voice trembled, a heap of blankets shaking on top of her bed.
    “Why? Why are you afraid of the dark?” Her mother soothed her and gave a comforting smile. The little girl looked back up at her mother, eyes wide with anxiety.
    “Because cookie monster lives in the closet…”

    By Laura Riddle on 09.24.2012

  22. Do not be afraid to open the door and step out into your newfound freedom. It may seem daunting . . . but move. So many choices.

    By Karen Robinson on 09.24.2012

  23. Once, for a long time, in my youth I was afraid. I was afraid of places without light, for in the dark I believed a creature always grew, the same creature, a monster whose face drooled down like black oil and whose features withered away into that of horror. In whose eyes crawled maggots and whose hands could rend.

    My fear nowadays is that of something more mature. I have conquered the fear of mortality but not that of failure, for my fear of mortality is dependent on that of a higher purpose and should I *know* that my purpose is for nought, both would return in crippling strength.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.24.2012

  24. “LIGHT ON! LIGHT ON!” come the frantic cries from the nursery, barely discernible from the frantic sobbing, the hysterical crying. What did the two year old see, what fevered dreams in an imagination so nascent? “LIGHT ON!”

    By Ara on 09.24.2012

  25. fear is irrational to be afraid doesn’t make sense however people, animals and any living creature do it anyway. it’s part of life.

    By LuckyNo.13 on 09.24.2012

  26. choking back the pleas of a fearful heart. don’t leave. don’t leave. don’t leave. stay for me. foundation crumbling. you bring me to my knees.

    By brittany URL on 09.24.2012

  27. I am often afraid… Well let’s rather say I used to be afraid all the time. \but it seems pointless, because there are not that many scary things in this world… And if you don’t go jumping off windows, then there’s nothing to be afraid about. Fear is the enemy of change and comfort… Don’t be afraid, it will be ok…

    By nathalie on 09.24.2012

  28. I am afraid. My mouth met yours and I felt it. I felt the electricity that I’ve mentioned before. I didn’t know this way going to happen. It was in no way planned. But, nonetheless my mouth met yours and I am afraid of losing that feeling again.

    By Emily URL on 09.24.2012

  29. Be of good courage, God said unto Joshua. God is our strength and our refuge. With Jesus living in my heart, I shall never be afraid. His power is beyond all measure, and He lives in me!

    By Veronique URL on 09.24.2012

  30. She crept out of the tunnel, his teeth grinding and his hands shaking badly. I had never seen her so afraid of something. When she entered the passage she was as happy as always, with that bright grin of hers, but now her face could indicate she had seen death itself.
    It was dark here too, although not as much as it must have been inside the small passage, so it was possible to, with some effort, see each other and some of the walls around us.
    But then, out of nowhere I heard a thud and Sally screamed as she was pushed to the floor by some disgusting and wretched creature. Now I was afraid too, something was attacking her as she kept screaming in pain, but I couldn’t see a thing..

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.24.2012

  31. She crept out of the tunnel, her teeth grinding and her hands shaking badly. I had never seen her so afraid of something. When she entered the passage she was as happy as always, with that bright grin of hers, but now her face could indicate she had seen death itself.
    It was dark here too, although not as much as it must have been inside the small passage, so it was possible to, with some effort, see each other and some of the walls around us.
    But then, out of nowhere I heard a thud and a scream – Sally was being dragged and pushed to the floor by some disgusting and wretched creature. Now I was afraid too, something was attacking her as she kept screaming in pain, but I couldn’t see a thing…

    By Ishimimoto URL on 09.24.2012

  32. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen, because I don’t know what it is… Things come slowly but bite fast. It won’t be so easy.

    By Arnaud URL on 09.24.2012

  33. afraid afeaod afraid afrai scard xcreapy

    By jacy scraber on 09.24.2012

  34. Thinking in a world where no one knows where we’re going what we’re going to be or how it’s going to happen could leave you feeling afraid. But why do we feel we should know , is there power in being afraid ? Is the true feeling were supposed to enjoy fear rather than love? What gives of the feeling of being afraid and why has evolution not allowed us to grow accustomed to it .

    By Madelynn on 09.24.2012

  35. el resquebrajar del ser en la oscuridad, no queda nada, ni tu ni otro ni nada mas que el negro de los ojos temblorosos de un niño acurrucado en la esquina.

    By enara on 09.24.2012

  36. Afraid, what a simple word to come up with. To write about on the other hand- brings up so many emotions. How can you not be afraid of something, anything really. Anything can cause fear. Even just a simple thing like a spider. Such a small word for such a large emotion. Afraid, if only there wasn’t such a thing.

    By maddison on 09.24.2012

  37. “Don’t be afraid, just give me your hand and I’ll protect you. I promise you’re safe with me.” The man said, but the look on his face told me otherwise. I would not be safe with him, I would be safer if I stayed in the black corner of this alley way. No I would never be safe with him, I would never trust him, never again.

    By Imagine URL on 09.24.2012

  38. no
    i’m not afraid!!
    face the suitation .it makes you a better person.we learn things!!
    being afraid makes you coward for life long!!

    By srikanthbandi on 09.24.2012

  39. I never felt so afraid in my life. I stared into the dark tunnel, not knowing what I’d find deep within. Would the walls cave in, smothering me beneath the warm, moist soil crushing my lungs? Would I crawl unbeknownst onto the sharpened and shaved bamboo shafts in a hidden pit? There was no way of knowing, and there was no backing out. All I could do was keep crawling, and hope that I would come out the other side safely.

    By Joe on 09.24.2012

  40. I woke up afraid the other day. I didn’t know why or of what, but I felt the fear. The next thoughts that came were a quick sense of panic. Then I realized that anything I had to fear wasn’t real. It was my mind creating false visions of a world that didn’t exist.

    By Scott on 09.24.2012