September 23rd, 2012 | 347 Entries

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347 Entries for “afraid”

  1. sometimes im afried when i lie awake at night and think “shit, i have that due tommarow” and i only have, like, half of it done, so i have to get up, and mind you its the middle of the night and im having to finsh this paper. and mom walks in and shes all “what the chiz r u doing hannah and im all “homework :)” and shes

    By stargirl on 09.23.2012

  2. I’m afraid of college. As much as I want to run towards it, it seems as if my heart or my head or my something is constantly pulling me in the opposite direction. I’m afraid of change, of everything being new and different. Of me being the new and the different instead of the old and the confident. New beginnings are so bittersweet.

    By Julia M URL on 09.23.2012

  3. I am afraid of loss I am afraid of my boss. I am afraid of illness, weight gain, loosing you closest

    By Aneesh Agrawal on 09.23.2012

  4. Horror and Thriller movies don’t bother me, but reading de Sade’s book reminds me how ignorant people were (and still are). How in the hell did no one ..

    By Joy Anne Baker URL on 09.23.2012

  5. Ich habe keine Angst vor Spinnen. Vor Schlangen nur, wenn sie giftig sind. Einem Löwen oder einem Leoparden würde ich mich nicht gerne ungeschützt nähern wollen. Dann schon eher einem Elefanten, aber auch nur, wenn er ruhig und gelassen ist. Ich habe Angst vor Verkehrsunfällen, vor Flugzeugabstürzen und ich meide nächtliche Parks. Ich habe Nasenklopfen, wenn ich allein in einen dunklen Keller gehe.

    By Eli URL on 09.23.2012

  6. “I’m afraid. I admit it, okay! I-I’m scared of you.”
    He stared at me for a minute, trying to find a loophole or way I could get out of it. Satisfied, he grinned like a shark, showing his teeth and simply beaming.
    Jerk, I thought.

    By jelly URL on 09.23.2012

  7. It was the first time Jason had truly felt afraid.

    What if he wasn’t smart enough, snarky enough, nice enough, understanding enough.

    Good enough.

    Tim deserved better than this, but he chose him. Him of all people. Jason freaking Todd, Red Hood, outlaw vigilante. Tim insisted that this is what he wanted. And Jason knew that Tim always knew what he wanted.

    Jason refused to show it.

    But for the first time in his life, he was truly afraid.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 09.23.2012

  8. She sat in the corner of the room, pulling her knees close to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. A crystalline tear traces her cheek and lands on the side of her leg. A loud cry fills the room, the sound of the heavens screaming. She jumped in fright and her body began to shake. Suddenly the room was filled with blue light, giving her a glimpse of the bookshelf and the book laying open on her bed.

    By Hannah URL on 09.23.2012

  9. many people is afraid of everything and i´m too for instance i´m afraid of becoming and English teacher since i might be not capable of achieving the goals many expect of me, but then when i think i´m afraid of many other things too, the media also plays an important role, everyone is afraid

    By mariana on 09.23.2012

  10. I looked over my shoulder trying to desperately to see my follower, my breath was hard and loud and my feet pushed harder and harder as I tried to make some headway.

    By Lucinda on 09.23.2012

  11. Fear and pain, pleasure and absolution, these are the thoughts of a dying man. He lies still in his tomb surrounded by beeping instruments and contemplates his entire life. Useless, he thinks, tired, he whispers and his head rests on the pillow. Don’t be afraid old man, he quietly sobs.

    By Elias Pacheco on 09.23.2012

  12. I’m shaking as I move down the hallway. My insides feel like ice, and my knees don’t seem to want to hold me up. My lungs are having a difficult time pulling and pushing air through my system, and black spots are swimming in my vision.

    A firm hand grips my shoulder from behind. “Don’t be afraid,” he whispers into my ear. “Remember who you are, and hold on to that thought. Don’t let them take you – overcome them.”

    And then he’s gone, as quickly as he had come.

    By Abbey URL on 09.23.2012

  13. I’m afraid that my dreams will never come true. That everything I do will have all been for nothing because it just wasn’t enough. I’m afraid that at some point I’ll do something that will mean I will never fit in or that who I am is fundamentally wrong and one day someone will discover that.

    By Lucinda URL on 09.23.2012

  14. Break through the veil/ unto the course we see/ anew cooling braids/ afraids fading for neil

    By Joe on 09.23.2012

  15. I’m alone, it wasn’t fair. Why am I the only one who was all alone, in this darkness. They were everywhere, though, here in the dark, watching me with their eyes. . it was a frightening thing to know. I want to cry so badly. Someone help me. . . .

    By Brieanne on 09.23.2012

  16. Afraid. What makes you feel afraid? A spider, a snake? Or maybe it’s not even an animal. Maybe you are afraid when someone gets mad at you. Maybe you’re afraid when you realize you have to go see your grandparent in the hospital, where they’re stuck on a ventilator. Maybe you’re afraid when you start life in a new place. So really, what makes you feel afraid?

    By Morgan URL on 09.23.2012

  17. I am afraid of not fulfilling my potential. Or not taking advantage of all the opportunities life sends my way. And of my friends and family dying. But no, not really afraid of death. Perhaps if I were dying I would be though.

    By Alexa on 09.23.2012

  18. I am not longer a little girl, cowering under the blankets from the monster in the closet. I know those monsters aren’t real. But there are other monsters who are real and can do harm. But I am older now. I am not afraid. I can stand tall.

    By delilah on 09.23.2012

  19. I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid says Eminem but everyone’s afraid. I’m afraid of sharks like a 5yo girls, it’s scary, big and dangerous. I’m 17 and I can’t do anything with it
    Cuz I’m afraid of being ate, only the animal it self scares me, I don’t even know why, even in the shower. I think we all have something we’re scared of, it’s obvious cuz being afraid is human

    By April on 09.23.2012

  20. Afraid of many, many things. Mostly of the wrong decision. No time to make the wrong one. With all of the potential dreams already gone.

    By Rhonda d on 09.23.2012

  21. i am so scared of being alone.
    that is why i had to leave him. i couldn’t bear the thought that he would leave me. i feel awful but i was just so afraid. you have to understand what its like to be so scared of something you have no control over. It’s terrifying. It takes you over. I couldn’t stay. I just couldn’t.

    By taylor URL on 09.23.2012

  22. Of college, moving away, loosing you, loosing everyone at home, spiders, heights, knives and becoming an alcoholic.

    By Kenzy Culbertson on 09.23.2012

  23. I was afraid of everything that I saw before me.
    Everything that I thought was true was crashing down in front of my eyes. The very land that I stood on was to be questioned.
    I was afraid of him.
    I was afraid of myself.
    I was afraid of life as I knew it.

    By Lindsay on 09.23.2012

  24. I am afraid of darkness but try to think of something else. also im afraid of huge spaces like for example the universe, things that have no end or begining, mainly water and big spaces. big empty spaces, like falling and never stopping to fall, a well with no end

    By María Eugenia Terragno on 09.23.2012

  25. Im afraid of a lot of things. Im afraid of small heights, of the dark, and of not knowing. And somehow, somewhere I grew this other fear. This fear of people. Its seven years worth of reasons, and two more in the making. Its a current story and one thats been gpoing on for years and its one that is coming into play right now, all the time.

    By dizzier on 09.23.2012

  26. Scared, terrified, afraid. Like every person she experienced that feeling. And exactle at that moment it was more than justified what with the train going off the rails and hanging precariously off the bridge, stumbling, searching for a fragile balance. She felt it calm down more or less (finally) and started getting through to the exit abandoning the precious seeds

    By Tacent URL on 09.23.2012

  27. afrad

    By Isabella on 09.23.2012

  28. some call it worry… i’m worried about that… oh i worry about the kids… we’re worried about the bills…. worry??? really??? why not just admit you’re afraid… we all go through it from time to time… although it is not a place you need to live in… put your trust in God… God is love and His word says perfect love casts out fear! don’t live in fear… cast all your cares on the Lord, for he cares for you… no fear… no worries… don’t be afraid!

    By Michael on 09.23.2012

  29. I am not afraid of you and you are not afraid of me so then why are we afraid of each other?

    By teeda URL on 09.23.2012

  30. I am afraid of what’s ahead. Every day is a struggle. Why? Everyone I love seems to leave. I am afraid to live the rest of my life. My bed is the only thing that brings me comfort anymore.

    By Lucy on 09.23.2012

  31. Children are afraid and they think they’re the only ones afraid. One day they realise that everybody is afraid too. Scary…

    By Ml on 09.23.2012

  32. the dark a ascary place. being alone is a worst fear of mine. i dont even know what to be scared of anymore. how can i fall in love? this is crazy. what will i do for the rest of my life? what if i never figure it out? how does that work?

    By Sam on 09.23.2012

  33. I was so afraid. Afraid of what might happen next. That fear overcomes us all though doesn’t it. Fear of the future. Fear of what will happen next. I try not to be afraid anymore though. I try to accept what will be.

    By minka52 URL on 09.23.2012

  34. If only we weren’t

    By Jasper Heaton on 09.23.2012

  35. of death. Or of living?

    By Inez Hickman on 09.23.2012

  36. To be afraid is to fear. To fear something means you are worried about the outcome this “thing” might bring about. Could it hurt you physically? Mentally? Harm one of your loved ones?

    What we fear most tend to be the things we don’t understand, like other people, cultures, religions. They can also be creatures we don’t understand. I’m afraid of spiders.

    By Keith on 09.23.2012

  37. To be afraid, to be cowardly. One and the same? I think not. Fear is programmed in us, is a part of us, built as an innermost level of protection. Cowardice, not.

    By Cassidy URL on 09.23.2012

  38. The strongest fear is that which accompanies love.

    By Cafune URL on 09.23.2012

  39. I’m not much,
    but it’s my everything;
    what i’m ‘fraid of,
    what i’m made of,
    are not my limits,
    and I refuse to accept them as such.

    By Andre Toscano URL on 09.23.2012

  40. I am afraid of many things including some frightening to others and some not so frightening. first i am afraid of snakes, spiders, bats and all those other typical things but i am also afraid of things like hate and death and tragedy that many are also afraid of but do not always recognize it.

    By Mary on 09.23.2012