December 5th, 2010 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “admit”

  1. I’ll admit it. I think I might love you. FUCK. This is going to be a problem isn’t it? You’re going to be my biggest problem. fuck. sigh. Oh well.

    By Morgan on 12.05.2010

  2. i admit your love has me sick
    sick i wasted time with any other
    sick of all the time we spend apart
    you are the medicine to heal my sickness
    with your loveand tender kisses
    you make my heart glad to be yours
    treat me well and your needs I wont ignore

    By Tina URL on 12.05.2010

  3. I dont think i would admit to much ive done. I think thats the essence of the word, that it carries this accompanying sense of shame. For example i would never admit the poor spelling and capitalization ive displayed thus far. admit ad

    By Dylan Edwards on 12.05.2010

  4. I have to admit it; she was right. It nearly killed me to not say anything I still didn’t, because that would have made her more right. She’d have been right until she was so full of her own rightness that there wouldn’t have been any room in there for wrong old me. So you’re right, too. I didn’t say anything.

    By Al on 12.05.2010

  5. Admit nothing, keep everything inside a bottle and watch it eat the bottle until the bottle cant even be eaten anymore. the bottle wont quit, the bottle wont care, the bottle was there to keep something inside so that the outside could go about its business. the bottle has purpose, but admitting that is the first step to seizing the purpose from the bottle.

    By joe on 12.05.2010

  6. I admit that I have no idea what to type in this box. I should be forgiven for this transgression since I had no idea what word would appear up there.

    By Emma on 12.05.2010

  7. Admit. Like to accept. That’s tougher than confessing, I think. It takes security. You can throw yourself to the dogs with a confession and languish in your own guilt, taking whatever punishment you get. But admittance takes the balls to ask, and it takes the guts to give whoever and whatever a chance.

    By Trevor on 12.05.2010

  8. guilt, there is a lot of guilt in the word, however no one is willing to admit to any of it. The responsibilities of the lot end up then resting on the shoulders of the few who can’t not get out of being the scapegoats. This sort of sloughing off of guilt and responsibility is how we end up with the classes system, and the entitlement of the rich.

    By Adam URL on 12.05.2010

  9. i admit that life has been a struggle. I know my past and I am unsure about the future. God is my only stonghold now and I pray that he carries me through to the end. I admit I have made mistakes, but i refuse to be held down by them. I live my life according to what I know and what I have learned.

    By Cearah Wardhaugh on 12.05.2010

  10. I tend to always forget to admit to having lost in life. To admit to my mistakes is something I’ve yet to fully understand and accept doing. But I still admit that I’m human and can ALWAYS go wrong. Blah blah blah.

    By Miguel on 12.05.2010

  11. admit that you have already given me the word admit twice and i will admit that the first time i did it i tryed to spend too long trying to use a word i didnt understand, but also that i didnt see the timer and that it had finished ages ago, and tha what i had written the first time was WAY better

    By Dylan on 12.05.2010

  12. there’s a lot that everyone needs to admit to. and then, there are things that should be admitted but aren’t, and things that shouldn’t that do. admittance is such a strange thing. everyone holds a different meaning for it that everyone else, and get upset over the things that are or aren’t said.

    By starcrosser URL on 12.05.2010

  13. We had to admit it to ourselves eventually. This torrid affair was not going to last. We were outcasts, we were twin souls, we were not – however – meant to be lovers. For every passionate romp between the sheets we had an equally passionate argument about differing political or social ideologies.

    By Schweiz on 12.05.2010

  14. Go ahead and admit it…you love me don’t you! :-)

    By peaceable URL on 12.05.2010

  15. I admit, I wish I had told him the truth. I wish I had said everything I wanted to before I got in the car and drove across the country. He never would’ve admitted anything to me, and maybe there wasn’t anything to really say. But I, I should have. I loved him, plain and simple. But I never admitted it to myself, until now, which is probably why I never admitted it to him in the end.

    By l URL on 12.05.2010

  16. I should’ve admitted it when I had the chance. I loved you, more than words could’ve ever described. I was too scared to say it out loud, too scared of how it would sound: empty, hollow, rolling around the room like a wounded animal. Here we go now, since you’re already gone. I loved you Dad, still do even. I’m sorry I could never admit that to you.

    By l URL on 12.05.2010

  17. I’d hate to have to admit I was wrong. It seems most times I’d rather lose a friend than a fight. But here’s this ticket, it’ll take to you a place where I’m sorry and sincere.

    By bella elaine on 12.05.2010

  18. I admit that I have done several wrong things within my lifetime. But I will never admit to regretting a single thing. Everything that has happened in my life has happened for a reason, effecting someone in some way in some form outside of my power. People perceive things differently. I could have helped someone in their own way.

    By Megan Willis on 12.06.2010

  19. I admit I’m a little paranoid. I admit I’m a neat freak. I admit your seeming inability to maintain good personal hygiene makes me not want to be your roommate. But I still admit that I’m glad we’re friends.

    By Caroline URL on 12.06.2010

  20. I admit, I can be quite the bitch sometimes. I don’t mean it in the least, but he just pushes me over the edge. I hate him. Every fiber of me hates him. And then I can’t take it anymore and I fall victim to this cycle. I admit that I can be quite the bitch sometimes, but he’s an ass who deserves it.

    By Shannon URL on 12.06.2010

  21. Admit it, we’re all weird. I’m weird, you’re weird, your significant other is probably a weirdo. We all have quirks and special talents. Deal with it. Suck it up. Use those talents for good instead of hiding them away.

    By Shay URL on 12.06.2010

  22. I want to admit to you, that I love you. But I cannot. Because these words have yet to build upon themselves, give themselves time. I am a creature of wandering, a creature like fog. I travel about willy-nilly to avoid bad memories and times. But, I want to admit to you, that I want to be with you. But I am afraid, so afraid that you will hurt me. That, to you, this is a game for you. And that in the end, regardless of my tears, there will be nothing. So I sit, and wait, and cry to myself, wondering how I got myself into this mess again. But I want you. I want to be with you and that is what hurts a lot.

    By Spark URL on 12.06.2010

  23. ill admit that this is a threat – im not sure why i always feel better after admitting – except the time i admitted i stole something from a host – i still feel bad about it

    By mikko on 12.06.2010

  24. I admit that i have been the worst friend and the worst daughter anyone can ever ask for but I’m trying. can’t anyone see that? I’m trying so hard to be everything that i know i can’t fulfill. I know I’m strong but sometimes, being strong just doesn’t cut it. I need a shoulder to cry on. I need someone to be there to know that I make mistakes. More mistakes then anyone have ever known. I can’t hide it anymore. I can’t pretend.

    By Fanaa B URL on 12.06.2010

  25. Admit. The one word no one can ever come close to other then acceptance. We live in a world where everyone lives in denial. In pretense. That’s how life is, admitting a certain fact about yourself. Admitting your flaws. Admitting the fact that you are no better that the person beside you. No one wants to admit it. At the end of the day, we are just a carbon copy of another copy.

    By Fanaa B URL on 12.06.2010

  26. I admit that I’m an asshole. I admit that you’re an asshole. All of you are assholes. I admit it. But I won’t be admitted. Cause I’m not crazy. Yes, Maybe I’m too smart but I admit. I’m a crazy asshole. But not too crazy to be admitted. Get it?

    Are you retarded? Or Am I? We’ll see. And no, I don’t mean literally retarded. I mean, metaphorically.

    By Dallas URL on 12.06.2010

  27. there are a lot of things Id like to admit to, but I’m afraid I can’t. I can’t simply take credit for all the evil in the world. But I’d like to. no doubt about it. Then at least there would be someone to blame.

    By Lizzie Morris URL on 12.06.2010

  28. The one world is the place we all human being are living. It is shared by variety of every kind of features. No matter which kind of creature one is, it has still right to have the place in this one world we all are placed.
    One wolrd has different meaning depending on from is asked. But for sure if the question is asked from me personally, I will answer that one world is beautiful place. Only problem is that not everyone is able to see the beauty of this world, but being blind for it.

    By Maria on 12.06.2010

  29. I’ll never admit it, not if the angels burn my bones in their wrath, not if the devil’s violent smile is at my door, not if the universe itself ends and we all fade away in a blaze of bright light and empty gazes, not even if you walk away.

    By firebugg URL on 12.06.2010

  30. I admit that I’ve done worst. Worst than people can ever imagined. I admit life’s not perfect either. I mean people. That includes no one. Even you.

    By Nurul Fauzah Amir Hamzah on 12.06.2010

  31. admit to all the faults that u have made. i got admited to the hospital yesterday. he admits that he was wrong. i admit that i have made many mistakes in my life. So now im repenting it. I wish i didnt do some of it.

    By Jovinson duarte on 12.06.2010

  32. I will admit… I miss him dearly. He was a great boyfriend and all, but in the next breath, I understand that the distance is what’s tearing us apart slowly. I have never felt this kind of attraction to anyone before, and will probably never feel it again, but perhaps this is the one thing that is going to send our already doomed relationship over the dge.

    By cambria on 12.06.2010

  33. I lied. I fought. I cried. Possibly not in the right mind, but let me get this straight. It’s about time. I have to admit, its about time…

    By khairul amir URL on 12.06.2010

  34. i admit that sometimes, i’m not the best person in the world, as anyone i commit mistakes, but i don’t regret of anything in my like, if somethings happen it’s because of something.. to achieve something greater and happier…

    By andres cacho on 12.06.2010

  35. I admit that I do like you, and maybe I’m obssessed, but only a little bit. It comes as a surprise to me that you did not know that I had feelings for you, I made it so obvious. How could one be so oblivious to another’s reaction towards themselves? My friends call me a stalker, but that’s not true. I just happen to go to places that you go to. Do I love you? Maybe… But I’m not going to say all this to you just because I want you to know that I like you, obviously, I’m expecting you to like me too.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 12.06.2010

  36. “i admit it,” he said. “i’ll admit that i love you.”
    “you’re a damn idiot for ignoring it this long,” the other man breathed, and without much time for either man to think, their lips connected at a bruising force.
    “no. damn idiot for ignoring you.”

    By Erin on 12.06.2010

  37. “Admit it, you had fun tonight.”
    I glanced at her quickly and then turned back to my mug of beer. “Maybe”, I grunted. “Felt like an idiot though.”
    She laughed. “You looked it. But it’s a memory I suppose.”

    By jacqui URL on 12.06.2010

  38. admit the truth coz secrets make you go crazy, right. shut up. your hot. like that iuf yousee someone ho is hot you know

    By stella on 12.06.2010

  39. That you’re done. That you can’t feel your legs anymore. That you’ve got nothing to stand on but your stomach and your head and your heart. You can’t move, but there’s substance there. A lump of nonlocomotive brilliance.

    By Margot on 12.06.2010

  40. Jack would never admit he was in love. He’d wait for Yusei to admit it first. Since they were teens, Jack had known. He was to be the dominant who’d be submitted to. Always. Yusei was his to be.

    By Admit URL on 12.06.2010