December 5th, 2010 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “admit”

  1. people admit their mistakes. the admit their sins in hope that being honest will save them. admiting their lies will redeem them. no admiting is just the first step to forgiveness. to be forgiven is not just to admit, but also to do something about what you have admit.

    By Frosty URL on 12.05.2010

  2. I admit that i have always loved you. I am sorry we fought so much and i regret every second of yelling at you. I love you and I think about you every day, you mean the worldto me and I am terrified of losing you. I love you and I hope you love me too. Thank you.

    By Erin on 12.05.2010

  3. I have to admit that I don’t know what I want right now. I’m looking for someone to like, really like. But I think I’m afraid to be too commited. Whomever I may choose in the future I think will be the one for me.

    By Kevin Krooks on 12.05.2010

  4. I admit. I admit to the bad things Ive done. DO you? I do admit. I admit to stealing. I admit to cheating. I admit. will you admit me? MOst people wont admit it. I will. you will too. Admit admit admit. Please, ust admit it. did.

    By Olivia on 12.05.2010

  5. I have to admit it, I love chocolate; a lot actually. I will find just about anything to put it on, even cheese, weird I know.

    By Be URL on 12.05.2010

  6. I admit to everything. Everything I’ve done is my fault. It’s that simple. Yeah, I regret a lot of what I’ve done, but I’m also proud.

    I’m proud of who I am. I’ve made it far in this life.

    Even if it’s filled with regret.


    I regret what I’ve done. I regret what I’ve done to myself. I regret what I’ve done to you.

    By Iceman on 12.05.2010

  7. there are a lot of things toadmit to yourself. you should always be honest with yourself and never compromise. if you do not admit to yourself, then what are you? fake? plastic? not real? partly real? i want to know some of the hardest things people have ever had to admit. there are a lot fothings iwant to admit, but at the same time i don’t want to. oh well, i guess i will just have to wait for the right time.

    By ryan burns on 12.05.2010

  8. I admit that I can’t see past the limitations of my mind. The edges, peripheried and blurred by the place of reason. Surely, it is a formidable area. Push. Pull. Everything in between happens at the cusp of the moment. Move your fingers–dance.

    By Jacob on 12.05.2010

  9. “i have to admit,”the image continued,”that i always knew it would end this way.”he sighed,”i guess that’s why i’m making this.”he scrunched up his lips,”well,anyway,Jess,light,fire,clothing and access to your phone are all contained within your belt.tap the playboy bunny icon three times real fast to get it,”and the image was gone

    By The Fake Dann URL on 12.05.2010

  10. i really want to admit that i like you. i really do. but that’s just not going to happen. admitting it would mean putting myself out there, and putting myself out there scares me. it scares me even more that you could possibly say no, that we wouldn’t feel the same way. it always scares me, uncertainty that is. with you, i’m more uncertain than i’ve ever been. i think i have to admit that it’s time to let you go.

    By Weisi Kang on 12.05.2010

  11. I would like to admit to my bad-doings
    I would like to share with you
    WHy these haunting feelings
    are sticking to me like glue.
    I will admit that I am not content
    and that I wish I had better
    But i will not admit
    that I am happy

    By Olivia Jean URL on 12.05.2010

  12. I’ll admit, I don’t like to tell people how I feel. Admitting to my fears, and telling people what it’s like to be me, just doesn’t work sometimes. I’ll admit, I have a problem. But it’s not the problem you, or anyone else is thinking about. I’ll admit that you’re wrong, and I’m right. But I won’t admit that you’ll never not be wrong.

    By Ash URL on 12.05.2010

  13. The hardest thing to do in life is to admit not just that you are wrong but that your point of view, your point of reference is off base. Being wrong about something is human but being off course in your thinking is a problem to be fixed.

    By peaceable URL on 12.05.2010

  14. i admit that i’m wrong. i admit that i never should have said or thought those things about you, i admit that i;’m not that great a person that i always thought, and i admit that i think i might love you. will you find it in your heart to let me in please?

    By Mika URL on 12.05.2010

  15. you have to admit it. admit you were wrong. admit defeat. admit affection. admit gravity. admit love. admit someone into your life. allow entry. welcome. truth.

    By Rivers Bukowski URL on 12.05.2010

  16. I’ll admit that I never thought that it would come to this.

    Who would have thought that one harmless lie would blow up into something this big. I thought I could get away with it, you know being the new girl and all I thought that no one would find out.

    I was sadly mistaken, my one little lie would turn into one huge scandal.

    By mandy URL on 12.05.2010

  17. I hate to admit it, but I am not an amazing writer. sure, you’ve been buying my books all these decades, trying to figure out what I saw in a deep philosophical way all these years, looking for meaning in your own lives. But in reality, I’m just pulling it out of my ass.

    By Sid McHenry on 12.05.2010

  18. “I just wanna be okay today,” I admitted. I looked down, ashamed, but his hand rested on my shoulder. “One step at a time; one day at a time. I just wanna feel something today.” I laughed, even though I knew he was telling the truth. And it was my fault.

    By Marissa URL on 12.05.2010

  19. I have to admit, this didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. I had things planned out for the complete opposite, actually. These people, these surroundings; they are all different from what I had predicted. I am not completely lost or confused, I just wish you were here to guide me.

    By Gigi Romano URL on 12.05.2010

  20. Admission is a state of being that sits idly in her blindspot, everytime she nears the threshold of revelation she squeezes her eyes shut and opens them to a more plausible reality, a space she does not have to confront her inner poverty.

    By fafine brown URL on 12.05.2010

  21. humble yourself. admit what you’ve done wrong, admit how you feel, admit your secrets to someone. Admitting something can sever ties or create a new relationship or feeling. just do it.

    By Victoria on 12.05.2010

  22. I didn’t do it, you know? I mean, maybe I wanted to. Maybe I was tempted to. Maybe it was something that appealed to me. But that doesn’t mean I did it. You can’t pin this on me. You can’t assume I did it, just because I wanted to. Don’t pretend you know me, or the situation. That isn’t how it went down. I won’t admit to doing something I didn’t do, no matter how much you may want me to.

    By Fion L. URL on 12.05.2010

  23. I love him. I knew that after 3 minutes talking to him. I don’t think I could admit this to anyone… I feel I should.

    By Julie on 12.05.2010

  24. I admit that I’m just a fool for you. You make my heart race like I’m on cocaine, I love you so much that it drives me insane, and without your love, I’d never be the same. Please, stay.

    By Angel on 12.05.2010

  25. I admitted one time that i stole a candy bar from a gas station. The word admit has multiple implications. You admit this, you admit that, and yet, what do we really admit? Is it an excuse for lies? What is it?

    By Juan Salamanca on 12.05.2010


    By Amahdi on 12.05.2010

  27. I want you to admit it
    why did you throw me around like an old baseball?
    why did you expect me to always roll back to you when you threw me so far?
    you wanted me back but you never held on tight enough
    admit to me
    did you ever love me?

    By roya on 12.05.2010

  28. I have to admit, I am rather insecure. I am constantly worried about how I look, eat, dress, talk, sing etc. It’s afwul. It makes me feel awful.

    By Becky Lieshout URL on 12.05.2010

  29. I want to just spill, to tell you everything, but I doubt that I could. It may take too much of me, to tell you the truth.

    By RyanJames URL on 12.05.2010

  30. Thade looked at Ja’k, his eyes were sullen and empty. Ja’k frowned, concerned that he’d just prodded at a beehive of emotions that had been repressed so carefully. “No I won’t admit that. Ever.” Thade turned on his heel and strode away with steps harder than usual.

    By heather URL on 12.05.2010

  31. He had to admit, the prospect of entering the dark and endless abyss was all too tempting. The consequences would be fatal, no doubt; still, he felt the irritating pull at his mind as he gazed further into the depths of the tunnel.

    By arturo on 12.05.2010

  32. i admit i admit i admit i admit i admit i admit i admit and again i admit—–did i tell you i admit?

    By she53lly URL on 12.05.2010

  33. Nobody wants to admit to doing something bad.
    But what about when something good happens? Who will admit to things then?
    Do people really care about telling the truth? Or does it all come down to what they will get out of it? People who admit to good things and not bad things are selfish, I think. If you’re going to admit to doing things that you will get rewarded for, then I think you should admit to doing things you will be punished for as well.

    By Ally Pratt URL on 12.05.2010

  34. It’s hard to admit the truth all the time, everyday. I don’t know how to admit the truth to you, especially. There isn’t a day when you pop up in my mind; come to think of it, every time I confessed my feelings to you, was it the right time? What did I do wrong? I cannot admit to myself that I’ll never get over you. fuck you. Who knows where you are now? You could never admit to me what you truly felt.

    By A.M. on 12.05.2010

  35. I mist admit, getting that many adventurers into a single room with that little fuss, in Faerie, no less, is rather impressive. No one was killed, maimed, exploded, or worse. Hell, I even managed to get out in as many pieces as I went in with. Information was exchanged, on one butted heads too bad….I had to admit. I didn’t think it possible.

    By Phee URL on 12.05.2010

  36. I’ll admit that i have a problem with admitting when i’m wrong. i don’t like the feeling of disappointing anyone. i don’t like the idea of disappointing myself. its not something i’m good at. its probably the hardest thing for me to do.

    By Marie URL on 12.05.2010

  37. “Just admit it! Why is it so hard for you to say that?”
    “Because… she– she doesn’t feel the same way, okay? I already know the answer I’d get if I told her.”
    “Hearts can be broken by words left unspoken.”
    “Really. What about the words you *do* say?”

    By JujYFru1T URL on 12.05.2010

  38. Admit to the dismissal of morality, America.

    By Jhosy URL on 12.05.2010

  39. It was impossible for him to do sometimes. To make such a honest internal confession to a group of people he had never even met before would be humiliating. No, he wouldn’t-couldn’t-tell them anything. Not yet anyway.

    By Nick URL on 12.05.2010

  40. It takes a lot to admit anything. To admit that I love you, to admit I’ve been lying. I think everyone is a box of secrets just waiting to be admitted. It’s impossible to imagine the things that no one ever admits, imagine the secrets you don’t know. Just admit it, whatever it is.

    By lilly paradiso on 12.05.2010