January 15th, 2012 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “accordion”

  1. An instrument that is very hard to master. Often used in old folk bands. Can be used in selected genres of music. Half keyboard, turned sideways.

    By Kara Evans URL on 01.15.2012

  2. A man once ate an accordion and made weird noises for the rest of his life then he choked and died, because he ate an accordion.

    By Sophie on 01.15.2012

  3. In and out, makes the air blow. Through the pipes, tingling with music; vibrating with life. As if this street corner needed another pumping, dancing man, pushing out meter and order onto and otherwise beautiful and chaotic wooshing of the wind.

    By mattlock URL on 01.15.2012

  4. It didn’t sound as awful as the word sounded. I sat and listened to grandfather as he pumped and pulled his accordion. I never knew that music could be so beautiful or have so much meaning. It was shrill. Whiny, like my brother. But beautiful. Like my grandfather.

    By Carrie on 01.15.2012

  5. This is in old cartoons and they always looked so geeky to play. I always secretly wished that I learned how to play one because it looks like it took some skill….and it sounded like an old ragtime song everytime someone played it.

    By Sam on 01.15.2012

  6. He plays the accordion? The other had never noticed, but now as he did, he watched diligently. Pale fingers stroked the keys, strong arms moved gracefully, in and out in and out, the rhythm made him want to sleep. The noise did not. How could such a loud instrument suddenly be so attractive?

    By Naomi on 01.15.2012

  7. She played the accordion with abandonment, lost in her thoughts, the pleasure visible on her face as the music flowed through the air and sang a beautiful melody.

    By Sheila URL on 01.15.2012

  8. On the steets of Paris I run,
    Searching for the music that teases
    My ears from drifts of wind
    And a passerby’s whistling.
    I can see him in my mind;
    A man dressed in clothes
    Once elegant now worm by time,
    His fingers dancing along the keys,
    And a smile in his eyes.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 01.15.2012

  9. Squeezysqueeze, bend your knees.
    Press the keys and make it all a breeze.
    toward the back, you seem them cringe, your skills much too awesome
    Mastery of music and tuning about town

    By Jess URL on 01.15.2012

  10. Accordian music is surprisingly popular into today’s music. Not in the sense of it being popular with brain dead Americans, but many spanish music stations constantly have an accordian player on the air as part of the band, I messed up and meant to write about tv.

    By donaldo on 01.15.2012

  11. He breathed, in and out, in and out. His breath became shallow. Not much air left. “Please,” she cried softly. “Do not leave me here alone. There is no life worth living without you.”

    By Eponine24601 URL on 01.15.2012

  12. White and black keys, ivory of course, adorned the musical instrument that Hugo had his eyes on.

    He stared at it longingly, mother would surely allow him the privilege, father though, he was not sure.

    Father was not a fan of muggle devices, despite the fact that he himself is married to a muggleborn, solely to the fact that his own father was a great fan of them and spent much of his time and energy on muggle automatons.

    He exhaled.

    Soon, he told himself, soon he would show his father the beauty of music, and the thought consoled him.

    By hazirah URL on 01.15.2012

  13. The faint sound of an accordion played in the background, but as I closed my eyes, it became louder and louder. From a whisper to a hum. To a scream. When I opened my eyes everything stopped.

    By Veronika URL on 01.15.2012

  14. The accordion player kept playing seemingly oblivious to the hush that had fallen over the festivities. No one said a word as the sentence, “But I don’t know that I ever loved you.” Reverberated throughout the room.

    By dedo URL on 01.15.2012

  15. According to the accordion, accolades are gordian.

    By Marianne URL on 01.15.2012

  16. My friend plays the accordion. He’s a pretty cool dude. I met him through marching band. He’s like my big cuddly teddy bear! Oh Tony.

    By Lor-n URL on 01.15.2012

  17. you squeeze in and out and
    don’t let go, it’s hard to erase
    the past, erase(her)
    — breathing hard, still,
    harder fasterstrongerican’t
    leave it darling,
    leave your emotions

    By Linette URL on 01.15.2012

  18. Al recibir la palabra Acordión como inicio de mi escritura, solo puedo pensar en el Tango, y al mismo tiempo en Piazzolla. La magia que guarda el instrumento es el espiritu de la música que produce.

    By Patricio on 01.15.2012

  19. Marci plays accordion and so does Kirsten. Then there’s Ted who plays for a local zydeco band. They’re pretty good. I never gave much credibility to the accordion, but now that my friends play that instrument, I like it now.

    By Patricia Thomas URL on 01.15.2012

  20. i never played the accordion but is seems like something interesting to learn i would be fun to make music with such a silly looking instrument

    By taylorp URL on 01.15.2012

  21. We expand and contract
    Fight and surrender
    We come and go
    As we please
    We understand the bond and
    how the music should sound
    We are instruments of
    Our love making

    By AudioPicasso URL on 01.15.2012

  22. that one instrument where you can just hit any key on the side, squeeze it as hard as you want, do anything and you will still make a beautiful noise.

    By wally on 01.15.2012

  23. A musical instrument- I assume, my knowledge in this area is very limited. An instrument with little people with the ability to play well, but one that reminds me of old jigs and dancing.

    By Kas Stephenson on 01.15.2012

  24. I never really learned how to play my accordion. It just ended up sitting on the shelf, only even being used once or twice in a year, when a friend would spot it and pick it up. It was a present from someone, long forgotten. a tired little toy, who never got played.

    By Walli URL on 01.15.2012

  25. I already wrote about an accordian. I thought this would be more of a word gnerator and not a daily fixated assignment. I don’t know what I think about this at all. I don’t think it’s too impressive

    By Donsense URL on 01.15.2012

  26. What was his name? Arthur Walsh. His belt was fixed with an accordion belt-thingy. I had called the number listed on the ad at Haverhill Music Centre for directions and drove there that day.

    By Roxanne on 01.15.2012

  27. It wasn’t Jonina’s idea. I wanted something for her. I wanted to give her something, you know, a symbol of our love on the twenty-first anniversary of our marriage. An accordion, I thought, would be exactly what she needed. It wasn’t.

    By emily on 01.15.2012

  28. Her arms pumped in and out as the accordion bag inflated and deflated. The notes she created were bright and festive. Almost cheeky, like a confident girl dancing without a care.

    By Peter on 01.15.2012

  29. expandable attraction breathing in and out
    music and dust
    live carnies circus freaks
    according to me to who?
    friendly lion

    By Lisa on 01.15.2012

  30. I accordion fold my heart and put it in my pocket. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. Out of sight out of mind, right?

    By Melissa URL on 01.15.2012

  31. The last one on the mantle. Grandpa’s old accordion. His beloved. He could never part with it.

    “What should we do?” I wondered as I stared at it, now coated with dust as it had not been played in years.

    “Bury it.” Brother said. “Bury it with grandpa. He loves it, and thus shall it stay with him even in death.”

    By Shin on 01.15.2012

  32. The German came around with his accordion . I wish he wouldn’t, but there was something about this that soothed my mother.

    “I used to play this when I was a little girl,” she said softly. Her eyes teared up.

    “What the tune?”

    “No, the accordion. When your great grandfather died, I swore I would never play it again. And I haven’t.”

    By Mel URL on 01.15.2012

  33. This expanding file folder reminds me of an accordion. Only my notes are scribblings of ever-evolving to-do-lists, interview materials, and invoices.

    Time to go get lost in a good book.

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.15.2012

  34. The accordion sandwich sat on the checker clothed picnic table. It dripped with honey mustard, turkey spilling out for flies to feast on. The accordion sandwich never got eaten.

    By Jessi G URL on 01.15.2012

  35. My childhood fear. Seriously.
    I had an uncle who always played an accordion at dinners and parties but I never liked the sound of it. It’s like a mixture of cries, woes and dysfunctions.
    I understand that this box-liked instrument is famous mainly in Europe and I respect it.
    But the sound bothers me.

    By alyssa rae on 01.15.2012

  36. an accordion was strapped to the back of a man walking down the street. Jessie stopped and stared at him. He thought about how strange the sight was, but saw a fascinating beauty in it. There are things in the world that we don’t understand. There are still mysteries. The problems will come when humans can know everything.

    By Candice URL on 01.15.2012

  37. A wonderful contraption all folds and buttons and magic. I imagined myself learning some day when I was a child and growing up to become one of those sweet smiling park performers.. Perhaps another think on that ever growing bucket list which is doomed to go I completed but sure makes a good talking point.

    By EmilyJ URL on 01.15.2012

  38. A wonderful contraption all folds and buttons and magic. I imagined myself learning some day when I was a child and growing up to become one of those sweet smiling park performers.. Perhaps another thing on that ever growing bucket list which is doomed to go I uncompleted but sure makes a good talking point.

    By EmilyJ URL on 01.15.2012

  39. She took a roll of paper and began folding. She would crease on side perfectly and flip it back to create yet another fold. She had no intentions for this accordion-like paper, but she lost herself in the repetition.

    By Haley URL on 01.15.2012

  40. She folded her paper program into a makeshift accordion fan. It wasn’t at all proper for such a formal affair, but they really shouldn’t have held such a formal affair outside in the summer heat.

    By wretsky URL on 01.15.2012