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It was an itch he couldn’t scratch, an itch that had stayed with him for far too long. Usually, when a mosquito stings you, the angry red scar fades away after a little one, but this one lingered on and on. He had to stop scratching it, he decided. He had to let it go, to refuse to let it enter his consciousness for a while. But it was so impossibly difficult, and the urge to scratch his itch overpowered him constantly.

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It was a match made in heaven, everyone said. The groom was a well-respected, wealthy, and handsome doctor who had attended the finest medical schools in the country. The bride was a beautiful, caring, and nurturing woman who would make an excellent wife and mother. Too bad their personalities were abrasively different, and their marriage would wear on endlessly, till death did them part.

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His body was conditioned, like the oiled engine of a massive airplane, ready to take off at any moment, roaring with unmatched power, the power it takes to defeat the very forces of gravity.

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The brutish natives all crowded around their golden idol, falling to their knees and praying to the inanimate object. The high-brow, civilized Westerner was simultaneously fascinated and disgusted by their religion. Surely, they could not be blamed for never having been exposed to the one true religion, the only correct one. It was up to him to bring these people into the light.

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The cat wandered onto the tiled floor outside his hotel. He had just traveled on a 14-hour flight across the globe, and his head was spinning. After a few brief moments outside, he realized the light and heat of the blazing sun wasn’t helping his headache at all. He decided to head back indoors, next to the cool AC.

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Suddenly, the phone rang. The cat scampered over and picked it up, only to hear the voice of his beloved wife, who was unfortunately living separately from him for the time being due to job issues. The long-distance relationship had been hard on both of them, but the spark was revitalized at this very instant, when she spoke: “I think I’m about to give birth.”

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The cat went outside and put on some gardening gloves, then went to work tilling the soil. He always prided himself upon having the most gorgeous garden out of everyone in his small cat community. He had won numerous ribbons for his glorious arrangement of colorful flowers and other flora.

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“Why do I fall when I jump?” the cat wondered. He knew that he and his feline brethren were more adept at jumping than other species, yet falling to the ground after launching up was inevitable. The cat envied the birds, who could always fly out into the sky, free from the confines of the earth.

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The cat woke up the following morning, as sunlight was streaming through the windows. He opened the shades quickly and stretched in the glorious radiance of the rising sun. After drinking some milk from a nearby bowl, he decided to go watch a movie. It was only beginning when there was suddenly a loud crash outside. The cat quickly flicked the pause button.

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The cat was laying on his back and watch television, purring at the commercials that featured nutritious, delicious cat food. He stretched and yawned, then glanced at the clock. Midnight already! He decided to head to bed. Turning off the television with one of his delicate paws, the cat leaped onto the sofa and drifted into blissful slumber.

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The little girl was sitting in the garden, wrapping little sticks together with pieces of twine. She eventually managed to create a small building with all the twigs she had collected and was filled with pride at her work. Then she heard the cracks of thunder overhead and knew that her structure would not survive for long.

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The baby cried.. His teeth were coming in, and he was experiencing some severe growing pains. His mother attempted to soothe it, but nothing could take the pain away entirely.

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The gambler flipped her last coin onto the table.

“Are you sure about this?” the casino worker asked. “You know the odds of winning anything now are next to none.”

“I’m feeling lucky,” she replied with a wink.

The spinner was spun, the dice were thrown, and the cards dealt. And in the end, her luck held out. She walked out the casino doors with two bags full of cash.

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The dispute had heated up. Almost every delegate to the so-called Peace Summit was on his or her feet, screaming at someone else who they disagreed with. I sat in the corner, shaking my head bemusedly. This was ridiculous. Clearly, achieving peace on Earth was a futile pursuit.

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It was a welcoming party hosted by my new employer. Unfortunately, I’ve never been the type of person who likes parties.

I awkwardly shook hands with several of my new coworkers and their trophy wives, all smiling plastic smiles toward me and pretending to be interested. I responded in a similar fashion, smiling like I used to smile when my mother forced me to pose for pictures when I really just wanted to go home.

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I dove down to the Great Coral Reef with you. We marveled at the sheer variety and magnitude of the delicate natural structure, how the scintillating light of the waves above us created a mystical experience.

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For some reason, whenever I bust out the insect spray and use it to kill hordes of ants, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though there’s a swarm of ants all over my bed, crawling over my skin, scratching, bothering, annoying, and biting me. It’s quite odd, really. Maybe it’s karma. Maybe I’m subconsciously guilty for ending so many insect lives with a single push of a button. Oh well. Ants are annoying.

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Oh, yes. Laziness. The death of us all. I just know that a decade from today, I’ll be looking back at these years and wondering how I could possibly be such a lazy piece of shit, sitting around and accomplishing nothing. But somehow, deep inside, I guess I don’t care. I guess I’m just going to go on doing nothing with these precious moments of my youth, squandering it on worthless pursuits that will ultimately yield nothing.

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Bond put on his heat-sensing goggles and took a look at the keypad. Dr. Evil had recently been here, and the thermal sensors in the goggles picked up the key combination that was required. Bond typed in the code, drew his pistol, and charged in.

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The old man in the desert collapsed once again, dying slowly from thirst. He had noticed the circle of vultures winging overhead about an hour ago, waiting for a fresh meal. Gathering up his strength, he pressed on. He wasn’t going to become someone’s meal any time soon.

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A bottle of champagne with a classic taste. A shiny shot glass made of crystal. A smooth, elegant wooden bar, with inebriated women just begging to be picked up.

I am an artist, and this is my canvas.

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Most people look at the night sky and see the stars shimmering in an empty, black void. I see the spaces in between. The marvel at the presence of the absence of light. I am amazed by the empty vacuum that occupies most of the world.

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At that point, I began to realize the utter idiocy of marriage vows. Everybody in the world has broken a promise at some point or another, and marriage vows were no different. They had meant nothing at all to her.

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I walked past a couple ice skating on the pond today. They were lost in their own world, oblivious to everything and everyone in their surroundings. It’s nice to see such youthful love every once in a while. It reminds me of the good times, when I was young and the future seemed to be bursting with limitless possibilities.

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The bodyguard stood outside my cell, a mindless, trained attack dog who lived only to serve his master. Like MacGyver, I fashioned a rudimentary pistol from a paper clip, shoelace, and a pebble, and knocked the guard out cold, then made my escape.

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The stray cat wanders down the street, neglected and rejected by society. Laying his head on his paws, the cat looks up at an advertisement for cat food, in which a well-brushed cat smiles broadly at all the humans passing by.

“Maybe I could be a model in my next life…”

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He claimed to be a man who worked for the heating company, at their doorstep to install the latest system that the landlord had ordered. They let him in. Only later would they realize what a grievous mistake they had made.

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After her father’s death, she became mentally insane. Psychiatrists tried to do everything they possibly could to cure her, but nothing seemed to work. At last, she found a solution for herself, in the form of a noose hung from the ceiling of her room.

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The proleteriat perform the manual labor, while the elites, the truly great minds of society, simply think. They think about how to manage the nation, how to make the plebians happy, how to produce the most wealth. And in that process of thinking, they grow corrupt.

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Ah, happiness. I have spent many a day pondering its intricacies, its complications, and its erratic nature. You see, happiness is a fickle phenomenon, one which can change as quickly as the breeze. A misinterpretation of body language leaves you depressed for days, while a conversation with a stranger switches your mood around and makes you “happy.” So unreliable.

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