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The knot in my stomach tightened. I’ve never been a good liar, so I was amazed that I had lasted this long during the interview. Somehow, I had managed to maintain my facade flawlessly. The interviewer seemed to have bought into my story completely as the interview ended, then leaned forward and whispered.

“We know who you are, Mr. Anderson.”

Suddenly, everything went black.

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Wait, I’ve definitely written about this word before on this website. How uncreative of the owner. I suppose he wanted people to see how different their reactions to the same word on different days could be. Clearly, that plan failed since I recognized that this word has been used before. How disappointing.

» Posted By vish On 09.08.2009 @ 12:17 pm


Hahaha… Keep going. Keep pretending like your anxiety is all that matters in this world, as if nobody else has any responsibilities or problems. Keep rattling off the list of things you have to do, complaining about how much time each one will take, whining about how much your life sucks. It only amuses me.

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The wannabe playboy popped his collar, then strode purposefully into the nightclub. He emerged four hours later, inebriated to the point of delusion, with three women draped on his arms. They all climbed into his fancy car and drove off. They only survived a few minutes on the road.

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I was watching one of my favorite shows the other day, when I realized that several words were bleeped out. Words like “freedom” and “liberty” were now replaced by a jarring beep that threatened not only my eardrums, but also the entire political system of this country. If a word is wiped out from our minds, can we ever really remember the existence of the concept it represented?

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You spin my head right round right round, when you go down, when you go down down…

Gah. I hate having random songs stuck in my head. I don’t like how they sound, I don’t like their lyrics, I don’t like anything about them at all. But they’re catchy. And they latch onto my mind like some sort of a leech. A leech that sucks out any productivity I have and replaces it with the constant reverberations of inane music.

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I was sitting on my couch, reading the newspaper on a Saturday morning as my pet kitten rolled a ball of yarn all over the living room. I glanced up momentarily to make sure she wasn’t wreaking too much havoc.

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Torn shreds of paper litter the ground in my office. A trail of them leads out the door and into the parking lot, where one can see the spot where I had parked my car. Obsidian tread marks indicate that I left my office hurriedly, perhaps in anger. An examination of the torn shreds of paper reveals the cause for my angst: It is an eviction notice.

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I grinned as I set up the last surround sound speaker, right behind the entire entertainment system. It was complete. I had seventeen speakers situated strategically throughout the room, and even had four subwoofers that guaranteed that no explosion in a movie would go unheard. I sat back and turned on the TV. The ensuing explosion of sound made half the roof collapse.

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The golden sunshine that had illuminated the sky during the summer months gave way to the cloudy sunset that now painted the sky a brilliant orange. This orange matched that of the leaves scattered all over the ground, the leaves that crunched underfoot as I strode along the road. Ah. Autumn was here.

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I snatched the ticket out of the cashier’s hand and ran onto the train. They were after me, and I couldn’t afford to waste a single moment. I leaped onto the train right as the door shut behind me and turned and wave at my pursuers. I was safe for now.

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The drainpipes open, and the room began to fill with the disgusting, mucky sewer water. I knew I was trapped, and that there was no way out. As the small cubic room filled to the top, I swam up, took a deep breath, and went underwater. I began to suffocate. Every second seemed like an eternity. Then, I saw light.

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The librarian expertly filed through the book index, then located my request.

“Ah. It’s in the Fiction section,” she said in the hushed voice that seems to be mandatory in any library.

“What? The Bible’s in the Fiction section now?” I asked.

“Yep,” she replied. “Personally, I can’t say I disagree with that decision.”

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I can’t remember much of what happened last night. There was a crazy rave going on at my friend’s house, and everybody was wasted out of their minds. I know that there must have been a stereo blasting some pretty loud music, because when I woke up this morning in a pool of my own vomit, I could hear the beat still reverberating in my head.

Thump, thump, thump.

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I grabbed a stick of licorice and handed it to my daughter to appease her during the drive home. Ever since my wife left, my life hasn’t been the same. I’ve been forced to become an only father, a man who has to raise his two children entirely on his own. It doesn’t feel right. And I always find myself wishing she was still standing at my side.

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He drew in the last puff from his last cigarette, then casually dropped it to the ground and crushed it under his heel. Stretching a little in his stereotypically badass-looking black leather trenchcoat, he strode forward silently towards his target with a hidden blade in his hand.

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It’s a constant struggle – the fight between stagnation and progress. For whatever reason, the natural human reflex is to favor that which we are already familiar with, that which is nonthreatening and common. However, remaining in a static state with no change whatsoever is unacceptable. We should always be moving somewhere, and moving forward.

» Posted By vish On 08.31.2009 @ 12:50 pm


What is my fate? Is it to succeed or to fail? Can I really change any of it at all? If the actions I am about to do are determined by the balance of chemicals in my brain, and the current balance of chemicals in my brain is based on the actions I did a few minutes ago, do I really possess any “control” over my future and my destiny? Regardless, the only thing I can do is try.

» Posted By vish On 08.30.2009 @ 5:09 pm


“Teacher, teacher! Billy spilled his orange juice on me on purpose!”

I could never stand being a teacher, at least not for any grade level below 10th or so. A college professor’s job seems easier – you are free to be aloof in your aura of academicness and aren’t required to make people succeed when they really don’t want to. Just let them fail as they deserve.

» Posted By vish On 08.28.2009 @ 3:58 pm


It’s like being trapped in a cage — not physically trapped, but mentally. I feel like the guy from 1984, a guy whose only safe haven is his own mind. Outside, it’s impossible to find a sentient mind who can understand who I am or what I want from life.

» Posted By vish On 08.27.2009 @ 1:43 pm


Everything begins with an assumption. “I think, therefore I am.” Is that really true? Isn’t that just a bold, outright assumption? Do we really know anything about anything? Regardless, without having any assumptions at all, our head would probably just explode in a spectacular and gory fashion, and nobody wants that.

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Ah-choo. That’s all it takes to get yourself splattered with a disgusting salvo of mucus and bacteria, which can then easily enter your body and infect you with an illness that will stay with you for anywhere between a couple of weeks to the rest of your life. That’s why I insist upon meticulously cleaning everything around me. Some may call me a germophobe. I think I’m just being smart and practical. They’ll all learn when they get miserably sick later on in life.

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I was in my natural habitat. Stepping off the subway, I looked around at the sea of people rushing around frenetically. Taking a deep breath of the city’s automobile smog, I smiled and walked forward into the fray. I was home.

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He slammed futilely against the iron bars of his jail cell, again and again and again. His pleas for escape went unacknowledged by the stoic guards outside, and he eventually collapsed to ground in dejection. Looking out the window, he saw that the sun was setting and that night would descend upon him soon.

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I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed to the gym. After a grueling workout, I was ready to go back home, drenched in sweat, when I realized my car keys were missing. They had fallen into a storm drain nearby, and I had to spend the next thirty minutes removing the iron cover and retrieving the keys.

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I’m traveling along a road, stumbling through the darkness with no destination in sight. My path leads forward, but only into the shadow of uncertainty. Hopefully, one day, a flare of glorious light will illuminate the trail. But until then, I can do nothing but blindly shuffle on and on.

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The countertops were a nice, shiny, cool chrome. She ran her fingertips along their polished surface and looked around. The apartment was charming and modern, but she had always been more of a traditionalist, favoring the wooden cupboards and panels from her youth. Unfortunately, her student’s stipend was all she had to live on.

“I’ll take it.”

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I heard the hammer pounding steadily, repeatedly into the wooden walls around me. Each strike was another nail in the coffin. My coffin. Each of the hammer’s methodical strikes was another obstacle barring my escape to freedom.

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Is the word onomatopoeic, I wonder? Gooonnngg… Sounds like it.

Damn, I would’ve written some story about a Buddhist monk on a mountaintop sounding a gong to call everyone to prayer, but it looks like I’m out of time.

» Posted By vish On 08.18.2009 @ 4:53 am


Of course! Of course I’ll do it! Of course I’ll always love you! Of course it’s that easy! Of course you’ll succeed! Of course everything will be okay in the end!

Of course, I’m not really sure about any of this.

» Posted By vish On 08.16.2009 @ 11:38 am

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