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I overuse this word in my writings sometimes. It’s just so much more exciting and dramatic to have something happen suddenly. A sudden revelation, a sudden plot twist, a sudden moment of action amidst the lull of everyday life… After all, it’s what we all hope will happen in our lives, isn’t it?

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” ‘Twas a gift. Keep it.”

His archaic language, coupled with his twinkling eyes and charming smile, always made me adore him. But now, it was time for him to leave, and I began to break down as he handed the trinket back to me.

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It was the most calamitous moment of their fragile, pampered lives. I had, in a moment of carelessness, knocked over their treasured red-and-white vase (they annoyingly insisted upon pronouncing it “vaass”) and shattered it into pieces on the cold marble floor. The wife even burst into tears. I could never live this way.

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“Commit to quit!” read the billboard that shadowed over the street he was walking on. He smirked, dropping his spent cigarette on the ground and crushing it purposefully under the heel of his boot. We’re all dying anyway, and dying fast, he always said. Why not have some fun along the way?

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She was just one of those girls. Strutted into one of my science classes in college and caught my eye with her beautiful, natural Eastern-European bronzed skin and sharp, clear eyes. I was hooked.

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It was going to be tough, no doubt. The two mob bosses had a handful of henchmen on each side, totaling almost two dozen people in the building. All we had was four men, a couple of guns, and the element of surprise. It’d have to carry us through this situation.

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The way he rubbed his hands together perfectly suited the mental image I held of him in my mind. He was an oily businessman, a schemer endlessly conspiring to climb a few steps higher in the ladder of life, even if he had to use other people’s bodies as the rungs.

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It’s a cycle, really. We’re born, we grow up, we generate offspring who do the same, we become grandparents and care for our cooing grandchildren. Everyone goes through it — is there really ever uniqueness in life?

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“Grr,” growled the baby bear. It then proceeded to grab on my finger and gnaw on it playfully. Soon, though, that gnawing would be less playful, once the beautiful cub in front of me matured into a terrifying tower of muscle, tooth, and fur. But that loss was what I had signed up for, entering the field of veterinary medicine.

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Mm, a word with no real vowels. Tasty. It really rolls of the tongue, sounding almost like someone saying “mist” with a lisp. And its meaning is simultaneously epic and enigmatic, giving it an unshakable air of mystery.

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It was certainly going to be a leap of faith, moving straight from college into the workforce. But I knew this was the path I had chosen when I entered journalism, and I intended to stick with it. It was just all a little bit daunting, thinking that I had no idea where I’d be next week, let alone in a couple of years.

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It’s interesting, how that contraction of a specific group of muscles on the face of a loved one can send one’s spirits soaring. Even on the face of a stranger, it brightens one’s view of that person.

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Muscles along her legs, arms, back, and neck would periodically spasm, as if begging for her attention and demanding that she leap forward, running away from this situation and all the complexities that surrounded it.

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Ah, that’s a good song. I really can’t imagine anything else when I see this word on the top of the page, other than a vivid memory of the sea of stars that lay above me when I visited the Himalayas, free from light pollution and the other vestiges of civilization. Just a wildly beautiful skyscape.

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It’s interesting to think about how much I’ve changed over just the past few years. I used to think that one song, 100 Years, by Five for Fighting, was just sort of overly cute and happy-sounding, but now I really like it. That probably seems insignificant, but to me, the shift is massive.

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“Unwrapped” was the title of this one show we watched in Home Ec class in in middle school. It was sort of interesting, learning about how foods are made and what ingredients go into them, but I think the guy’s voice sort of annoyed me. He tried too hard to be inflective and sound like a commentator.

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He shifted his neck uncomfortably and pulled on his collar while waiting outside the door. The shirt, now crisp and white, had been bleached and starched the previous day for this very special date. He exhaled. Better not mess this up.

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“Take a bow!” everybody was yelling. The child stood, rooted to the ground. It was as if he was a tree, unable to unnaturally bend himself at the middle of his torso. The nervousness gripped him uncontrollably, even though he had just finished his outstanding performance.

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“Just imagine there’s a string tied to the ceiling,” my mom had said so many years ago. “And the other end is attached to your head. Imagine that it’s pulling you up, and then you’ll just have to stand straight!”

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“Blast” is the first thing that comes to mind. Blasting off into the stratosphere, strapped to a sturdy rocket, its tumultuous roar of gasoline providing the propulsion you need to reach high into the sky. But then it runs out. What then?

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“Make me a sammich!”

Somehow, that’s the first thing that pops in my mind. That phrase is surprisingly common nowadays, though of course it’s always used in a joking tone. I fear that it’ll soon become overused, even trite. Or perhaps it’ll sink into our day-to-day lexicon, a humorous remnant of the days when it could have been taken seriously.

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They swirled and danced above our heads, brightening the already flawless summer sky with their colorful quadrilateral shapes and the fluttering noises they always make as they whizz past overhead.

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Ah, balloons… Such a symbol of happiness, with their bubbly appearance, their uncontrollable urge to rise upwards into the sky, whether it is a jubilant summer blue or an overcast winter grey. I wish that somehow, I could absorb their joy.

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“Let’s take a little detour.”

There was no reason not to. After all, we didn’t have any specific destinations in mind, no deadlines to meet, no annoying relatives to stay with. This was the first road trip in my life where we had just hopped in the car with some basic provisions and some cash, and hit the road. The freedom of it was intoxicating. I wished it could all last forever.

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It was odd. When we first sat down under the tree, doused in the darkness of the night, there only a few of them twinkling around. But somehow, as the night went on, they began to swarm. But it wasn’t like the unpleasantness of any other insect swarm. This swarm was a delightful light show, incandescently brightening the entire glen until I swore it was practically daytime.

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Bubbles is such an interesting word. I don’t know what it is about it, but it just sounds extremely positive, and effusive, and… bubbly. Perhaps it’s the repeated “b” sound separated by an “uh”. I guess I should go study linguistics so I can better understand this sort of stuff.

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“What an industrious fellow!” remarked the tweed-encased British gentleman as he walked down the cobblestone sidewalk brandishing a thin black cane. Adjusting his monocle, he continued, “Perhaps we should invite him to join us for crumpets and tea, then play croquet in the garden.”

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It’s interesting how, when we grab hold of a doll and move it with our hands to make it ‘come alive’, we make it bounce to and fro on its feet to emulate a normal person’s gait. That waddle is hardly realistic, yet somehow it produces an impression of vivacity.

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Ah, this word should bring back memories of better times, but nothing comes to mind. My life is surrounded by so much yearning, so much impatience for the future, that I am entirely unable to contemplate the jubilant memories of the past. Plodding forward is all I can think of.

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Whenever I glance at a reflection of myself, I feel an urge to destroy it. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m so fed up with myself and my inability to control my own emotions, so reflections, an embodiment of myself, are abhorrent to me.

» Posted By vish On 04.18.2010 @ 8:16 am

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