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His hand appeared to have been replaced entirely by a sharp iron hook. It was odd, really – I never thought anybody actually did that. I could not see the practicality in having a sharp metal object in place of your hand, though I suppose it would be useful in picking up fruits and other items of food.

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I’m not sure what I was doing there, just laying down outside under a tree. Some odd inclination had forced me to stand up from my computer, put on my shoes, walk out the door, and go to this specific tree to lay back and meditate. Its branches swayed in the wind as the leaves made the rustling sound I love hearing in the spring.

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Somehow, that’s the sound I always think of when I push a thumbtack into a bulletin board. It just seems so fitting. The corky material of the board yields to the tack easily, getting pushed aside by its sharpened tip.

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The timing was perfect. After observing the oscillations of the pendulum for a few seconds, I had estimated its period to be approximately thirty seconds. I even trusted myself enough to close my eyes then make the jump. Landing safely, I began climbing up to the next stage of the obstacle course: the forty-foot rope climb.

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