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My eyes slid to the left, then to the right. I glanced around the street through the slit in my ninja headgarb, then swiftly ran across the path of the moving traffic. Afterwards, I leaped onto a ledge, did a backflip through an open window, and walked out the door into the apartment complex. I was in.

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A brilliant yellow canary tweeted in the birdhouse I had built in my backyard. Indeed, this was the reason I had spent hours lovingly carving the wood so it would appeal to mankind’s feathered friends — now, I could lay back, relax, and enjoy the canary’s beautiful singing. Then the ravens came.

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I was folding my clothes while packing for an upcoming business trip when I had a sudden flashback. I was three years old, and my father was packing for his own business trip at the time. He never came back from that journey. The airplane crash-landed in the middle of the Atlantic, and the rescue crew couldn’t get mobilized in time.

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It was terrifying to watch the transparent plastic wrap closing over my face, layer after layer of clingy, stifling plastic covering my face until I couldn’t breathe anymore. Then I began to struggle. Try as I might, I couldn’t break free. I was trapped within, breathless and choking.

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I walked into the darkened room, which was the next stage of this puzzle. A spotlight shone on the middle of the chamber, illuminating a cello and a chair. I quizzically stared at it for a moment, then sat down and moved the bow across the string. Nothing happened.

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Cinderella smiled as she gingerly placed her foot in the glass slipper. Then it shattered. Her foot now had several large glass shards sticking out of it, which were now turning red with blood.

“So much for happily ever after,” she said with a grimace on her face.

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The boy grabbed a knife from the kitchen and scampered over to the front door.

“Ready?” his father asked.

He nodded. The father then guided the boy’s hand, carving out two circular eyes, a misshapen mouth, and a hole on top of the pumpkin.

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The criminals always return to the scene of the crime. That’s what I learned on TV. The character said that he, in turn, learned that same fact on TV himself. Does that mean that the fact is negated? Is that a double hearsay? I think it’s worse: It’s a double hearsay, but one of the “hearsays” is done by a fictional character.

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A fine mist saturated the air and obscured my view of the waterfall. My clothes dampened and began to stick to my skin, but I pressed on into the darkness. Soon, I had stepped behind the waterfall into the empty cave, where I had spent much of my youth imagining I was the leader of a secret band of thieves. The bare rock of the cave had not changed, but my perception of it had; now, it seemed like a dull, boring place.

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The entire town had gathered for the huge “reveal”, as the inventor had dubbed the meeting. Everyone congregated in the school’s football field, which the scientist had procured for the grand opening of his new invention. He brought out some object covered in a red blanket into the middle of the field and, sweeping the cloth off with a flourish, displayed his work to the world.

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I held three brand-new cards between my fingers and, with a flick of the wrist, tossed them at him. The sharp titanium edging on the paper worked perfectly. Three distinct thuds echoed throughout the room as the cards sunk into his chest.

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The sugar poured through her fingers like silt, quickly piling up on the bare countertop in a small white mound. Next to this mountain she poured salt and wheat. She had a lot of cooking to do.

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A cone of fire erupted from the mage’s hand, incinerating his foes and burning the grass in front of him. He cackled. Finally, those foolish bullies who had pestered him as a child were no more.

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The horses, spurred on by their riders and inspired by the war drums beating behind them, broke into a gallop. The thunderous roar of their hooves, like a crashing tidal wave, swept across the battlefield. But the enemies unflinchingly stayed still. When the general saw the enemies smirking, he knew something was horribly wrong.

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The dog was incensed. How could these humans not give him his food? How could they leave him, chained and whimpering, inside a cage while they went outside and frolicked in the sun? He decided that he wouldn’t take it any longer.

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Birds twittered outside as the bright summer sun rose in the sky. I brushed a few stray strands of hair back from my forehead, put on a pair of mittens, and pulled some biscuits out of the oven. I laughed quietly to myself; this scene was quite stereotypical. But still, I enjoyed it.

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I was sitting on a little skiff in the river when I noticed something odd. An emerald frog was leaping towards me, deftly navigating over the lily pads. After his final jump, I caught him in my hands and, naturally, gave him a kiss.

Turns out he was just a frog. Ew.

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The stalwart knight raised his shield to deflect the oncoming blow and, with surprising swiftness, spun around and chopped off the monster’s head. The crowd cheered as blood shone under the midday sun hanging over the coliseum.

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“How certain are you?” asked the general.

“Ninety-nine percent, sir!” the soldier responded. After years of working with this particular general, the soldier had learned to never say “one hundred.”

“All right then. I’ll take your word for it. Authorize the mission.”

The platoon marched out of the barracks, walking unflinchingly to certain doom.

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We all sat down by the campfire as Joe began to strum on his banjo. As he sang soulful country music, my wife brought out a fresh apple pie for us to eat. My sons were playing baseball in a field nearby.

“Ah,” I mused. “I love America.”

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It was twelve minutes into the play when disaster struck. One of the spotlights, which was currently the only illumination for the stage, abruptly switched off. With surprising, ninja-like agility, a technician clambered up the wall, leaped onto the catwalk, and deftly fixed the light. The show was saved.

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I saw that “Racing Stripes” movie last week. Yeah, that one about a zebra that competes in horse races. I thought it was pretty stupid. It’s all based on the premise that you can tame a zebra and force him into horse races, but that’s really not possible. Zebras can’t be domesticated. Trust me. I’ve tried.

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The bubbling tensions in the negotiation finally reached their boiling point and began to overflow. Normally placid diplomats suddenly leaped out of their chairs, pointing fingers and screaming at each other.

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I thought I had a handle on it all. I thought I would be able to manage, regardless of the circumstances I might be placed in. In retrospect, I’m glad I failed so miserably. It was a wake-up call, a reminder that I am not perfect or invincible. And, in a way, I find that comforting.

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Their love was supposed to be eternal and undying, but it really only lasted for a few years. After that, it disintegrated into a contemptuous partnership from which neither party could escape.

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“Isn’t it weird?” she whispered in my ear. “Have you ever looked at your hands? They’re, like, sooo weird-looking.” She was obviously stoned out of her mind, but I didn’t say anything. This was the first time in weeks she had been so calm.

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I was sleepy. After pulling two consecutive all-nighters to finish studying for the upcoming final, I honestly should not have been driving on the highway. My car swerved from lane to lane and threatened to fall off the road at any moment. And then it did.

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The idiot living downstairs dialed up the volume. Even worse than the thrashing speed metal they were listening to was the smell of vomit, alcohol, and sweat rising up the stairway. Every once in a while, inhuman screams accompanied the music. I sighed and returned to my books.

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With my hands, I toyed with the plant stem before delicately slicing it in half with a pair of garden shears. As its leaves fell to my feet, a viscous green liquid came out of the decapitated shoot. I couldn’t help but wonder if this plant was bleeding, voicelessly protesting against the unnatural touch of my steel blade.

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My perpetual goal in life is to enhance myself. Got some free time? Go lift some weights, or read a book, or learn something new about the world. Unfortunately, I generally fail to accomplish this and instead waste my time doing random things on the internet.

» Posted By vish On 12.08.2009 @ 12:40 pm

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