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Charge…how do you stop an elephant from charging? You take away his credit card. Since I do not have any credit cards…I will talk about elephants.
Elephants are amazing animals who are very intelligent and have incredibly long memories. They live in communities and care for their young, almost like humans.

» Posted By Terri On 02.12.2011 @ 1:36 pm


I used to have a wrench in the tool kit but it got lost. It eneded up somewhere on the bottom of Big Star Lake when we were putting in docks. It’s not that I can’t get another on but that one was special.

» Posted By Terri On 02.03.2011 @ 12:11 pm


I once had a darkroom. I was quite the freelance photographer, I sure got around. My pictures weren’t great, but it was a creative outlet that really let me free my spirit. My young twenties were years of crazy parties, adventures, and lots of blurry photographs.

» Posted By terri On 02.02.2011 @ 2:39 pm


I love cooking with recipes :) They make sure you create the perfect meal. :) I dont know what this thing will tell me after I write about recipes…maybe it will say how old I am. That’s why I wrote like a ten year old. I even added smiley faces for some dramatic effect. Now I get to write double because I fucked up. Oh dear…pause. I really have nothing else to say about recipes, this thing is ticking me off. WHY WONT YOU END. JUST END!… I think recipes symbolize shakespeare class. IT SHOULD JUST END… now….or now…

» Posted By Terri On 01.18.2011 @ 3:38 pm


Sports, sports, sports. My entire childhood was filled with sports. And I hated it! I had three brothers and one sister and they were all very active in various sports. I, on the other hand, preferred reading a book or playing with my dolls. I hated having to go watch them play all of there stupid games, sometimes 3 in a week.

» Posted By Terri On 01.17.2011 @ 10:18 pm


I am one person who truely enjoys the action of discovering new things. It is a journey toward a bigger mind. To discover is to open new worlds. Discovering in growing.

» Posted By Terri On 01.07.2011 @ 9:37 am


Is something that everyone strives for and few think they achieve. Success comes in all forms large and small.

» Posted By Terri On 01.04.2011 @ 7:15 am


He squatted on the balcony, peering intently at the small gas grill, trying to see if the meat was done. It would have been easier to tell if he had a light, but he was stubborn and didn’t like to take her suggestions, didn’t like to admit she might have a good idea.

» Posted By terri On 05.11.2009 @ 1:57 pm


remember the 5th of novemrber, i can never remember the rest of that thing not sure why im doing this cas i cant not think about waht im writing although i can not spot spelling mistakes

» Posted By Terri On 02.01.2009 @ 5:15 pm


Sober, lazy I dont know

» Posted By Terri On 07.17.2008 @ 5:33 am


This corner is safer than that corner. Warmer, drier, and it even has food.

What are you doing over there?

My corner is better than your corner, because it has resources and is sustainable. We’ll never die over in this corner.

But look at you, over there, struggling to make your way in such a small, unforgiving space.

Why are you not doing it right?

Somebody needs pitying here.

I think it is you.

» Posted By Terri On 09.12.2009 @ 7:22 pm


I never meant for your life to turn out this way. I truly did what I could to make it good. The damn bipolar beast seems to have won, for now. As I will never give up hope my son. I meant for you to be successful and happy and whole.

» Posted By Terri On 01.04.2009 @ 11:56 am


The tear in her eye glistened in the sunlight. As she quietly sobbed her story to me. I was unsure how I felt about her at that moment, but I knew my presence was important. It was likely the most powerful moment in my day, so far. I would be telling this story to my family later tonight.

» Posted By terri On 07.05.2009 @ 7:30 am


there is a tiled background on my homepage featuring the tarheels, whom i love

» Posted By Terri On 07.30.2009 @ 3:55 pm


The word at the top is level. Level means that all things are equal. It means neither side has more than the other. Level means that all sides were considered upon evaluation.

» Posted By Terri On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


I hate acting the way i feel. I believe it to be undignified. I prefer to be more reserved with my emotions. So i guess in a way, I’m always acting. Acting according to how I prefer to be perceived rather than what’s inside.

» Posted By terri On 11.14.2009 @ 2:12 am


we galloped across thes sky with lights floating all around like jupiter on fire we saw futures that were close and far awayand dreamed of each other every night…

» Posted By terri On 11.10.2009 @ 4:20 pm


As I sit by the phone, I wondered which number I should dial. Sometimes at night, when I’m all alone, I often think of the friends around me, and ones I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Wondering how they’ve been, where they are, and what they are doing at that very moment.

» Posted By Terri On 12.09.2009 @ 10:57 pm


heidi klum used to be pregnant, but she gave birth to a daughter today, or so the papers say. i bet she’ll be blond and tanned and beautiful with grace and style and music in her blood. what a lucky little girl. I wonder who she was the last lifetime to pick such a one this time?

» Posted By Terri On 10.13.2009 @ 5:46 pm


Her shoes were tight but the shape they gave to her calves was unbeatable. Her date would be floored.

» Posted By Terri On 10.28.2009 @ 6:17 pm


i held the microphone tightly in the distance eyes gleamedslits like snakes waiting for me waiting quietly and silently like a cold wind coming in and then i…began.

» Posted By Terri On 10.27.2009 @ 12:56 pm


is always striking me in the weirdest of times always opening new doors and bringing me to a higher state of understanding. Im thanful for intuition.

» Posted By Terri On 10.25.2009 @ 5:30 pm


there is only one aspect we can view this situation in. from one aspect we can say it is a positive situation; another aspect is to think as it in a negative situation. the aspect i see is usually the psostive aspect.

» Posted By terri On 10.22.2009 @ 9:45 pm


Sinking. I’m going down, down down and I can see the bubbles disappear into the light as the weight grows above me. I dont know whether I’m grasping for the light, at this point it almost feels safer to just keep sinking.

» Posted By Terri On 02.04.2010 @ 6:47 am

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