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gargantuan statues to flesh must be excised from my face. they have grown for years, no one knows where they came from, but they come back again and again. stealing the life from my flesh and taking my sanity and vanity away with it…

» Posted By steph On 05.15.2009 @ 8:45 pm


i once ran a meter. i don’t think i cou;ld right now. my stomach really hurts, you see. because my boyfriend hit me. On accident. He was trying to tickle me. Which i dislike anyway. Jerk. Um. Potato. things. Stuff. this is a long 60 seconds. Dee dum da. La La.

» Posted By Steph On 05.13.2009 @ 5:44 pm


We were the only ones in the forest, bathed in the moonlight. We thankful for the harvest. We were natural.

» Posted By steph On 12.22.2008 @ 9:34 pm


when we used to hold hands everyday

» Posted By steph On 01.31.2009 @ 7:42 pm


I like to dance because it makes you feel so free. It gives you a way to feel beautiful and healthy at the same time. There’s nothing like a good dancing excersice around your house by yourself to lift your spirits! There are alot of different dances out there, my favorite is probably the Jabawakis! ABDC FOREVER.

» Posted By steph On 01.19.2009 @ 10:48 pm


how much money actually makes a person wealthy? CEOs are wealthy, what about people slightly below them? Can someone be wealthy by means other than money?

» Posted By steph On 01.06.2009 @ 2:45 pm


It was round and hard and it sure wasn’t coming off my leg, no matter what I did. Best to simply hack off my leg. So I did just that, feeling a little trite since I saw just this very thing in the first saw movie.
Half way through my leg I began to reconsider. It sure was an awful nice bracelet…

» Posted By Steph On 03.31.2009 @ 9:50 am


What you wear around your neck

» Posted By Steph On 07.17.2008 @ 11:13 am


you’re there to seperate the spaces and mark my places
hold the emotion
build the anticipation

» Posted By Steph On 09.24.2009 @ 2:17 pm


Mercury. The closest planet to the sun. The material found in some thermometers. My eye is currently a very similar color to the redness of Mercury. For this reason, I’m not wearing a contact in that eye and cannot see the keyboard. Also, it’s very dark.

» Posted By Steph On 09.21.2009 @ 4:04 pm


well you see today i was mowing my huge lawn, when the paper boy road by on his little bike. you know me, always being distracted my men on bikes especially when there is other work to be done. i pretty much just stared, and watched in amazement as he rode by.

» Posted By Steph On 09.20.2009 @ 5:08 pm


the expression of the soul is in your hands. all you have to do is let yourself go give in to the muse. let the paint flow let the brush speak. let yourself come through.

» Posted By Steph On 09.17.2009 @ 8:55 pm


always and forever means never to you

» Posted By steph On 09.13.2009 @ 9:00 pm


I wish Iwas a logical human being, in fact I believe that is a logical hope. A bit oximoronic, I suppose but I like it. It shows I appreciate rationality and the ability to contain oneself. To be logical, is to realize mistakes and embrace them, better them. To consider most angles and to create perfection

» Posted By steph On 09.11.2009 @ 6:37 pm


No tears today. Today is my birthday.
Or it could be tear, as in tearing the wrapping paper off of my gifts. I prefer to see it that way.

I’m sunburnt and tired…tearing wearing caring sharing sha la la la

» Posted By Steph On 07.05.2009 @ 11:17 am


My room surrounds me in a blanket of peace.
Dev is texting me again. Gorgeous.
No, can’t think about that. Time is running out!
I wish I had a cinnamon raisin bagel.
It’s wonderful outside…the air is so fresh…I should be outside.

» Posted By Steph On 07.03.2009 @ 11:25 am


He had his arms around her; her neck, and her waist. Her legs were struggling against his hold, her breath rasping in short amounts. The room was small. And dusty, dark, and hoary. Nobody dared enter. She fought for air, and attacked her attacker, she bit him hard.

» Posted By Steph On 06.18.2009 @ 1:42 am


sweetie that i do not like the taste of, can be used on cakes or just to eat on its own. can come in the form of sweets in a packet that are called licorice all sorts and are all different colors and shapes

» Posted By steph On 09.03.2009 @ 3:13 am


I was at the pit on a well and it was completely dark. Constantly wondering how the heck I was going to get out of here. At the pit of this well was nothing but pure darkness and water… I realized I was in a water pit.

» Posted By Steph On 08.30.2009 @ 8:30 am


what i wanna be. teaches young or old. wise.

» Posted By steph On 08.29.2009 @ 4:22 am



» Posted By steph On 08.28.2009 @ 4:45 am


Chrome. The color of the future. I’m not entirely sure why. Everything modern has to be shiny, apparently. Nothing in nature is really this color; it’s very man made. We’re moving further from nature.

» Posted By Steph On 08.20.2009 @ 5:53 pm


why did i get teh word coffin? i have to drive home today in a thunderstorm and that isn’t a very good omen. Seriously. Couldn’t have I gotten “love” or “happy”? No. Coffin. Fabulous.

» Posted By Steph On 08.19.2009 @ 2:11 pm


I think of that dumb show american idol and a golden calf, wizard billy. Giant on a mountain and lovers and men and women and hermaphrodites bowing to it while it sings lovely, glorious, head-banging tunes out of a giant microphone. Love and maybe hell and damnation? Oh shit.

» Posted By steph On 08.06.2009 @ 5:53 pm


stop in a stick shift car in the middle of a dangerous intersection and then miraculously make it out just in time to not get hit by an on coming semi truck. Your life is safe

» Posted By steph On 08.06.2009 @ 7:45 am


I wish we weren’t destroying it. People can’t seem to think about their children, grandchildren, anyone but themselves. The old people are the worst. They seem to not care anymoe. As if everything is out of their hands and they may as well not even try. I bet old people and Disney World are the reasons our planet is as bad as it is…without them we might actually be doing alright.

» Posted By Steph On 08.03.2009 @ 8:23 am


i tried to sit down but there were no spaces left and i felt like a complete idiot. I was late for assembly and everyone was looking at me more than usual. I was sooo embarassed that i felt my legs doing that wobbly jelly thing and i knew i was going to stumble upon my next step.

» Posted By Steph On 03.03.2009 @ 11:32 am


The process of being taught to do something. Usually not seen as a good thing because it discourages independent thought and feeling. Reacting more than formulating a real plan. Regurgitating information that has already been inserted into the brain by someone who has come before you. Usually associated with soldiers and dogs.

» Posted By Steph On 02.26.2009 @ 7:14 pm

trained to kill. an attack dog sits, watching. but why? what if I don’t want to kill? said the attack dog.
what am I on? dogs can’t talk.
I’m quite drunk.


yummy yum yum mojito.

so yeah, train.

a minute was up a long time ago but I had to go through and spell check.

» Posted By steph On 02.26.2009 @ 4:02 pm


neglect is a heart breaking word really. so many people face it in so many different ways. whether they are without food, water, love or toilet paper. neglect is hard. it can make you feel like you’re less than you are. personally, one of my pet peeves is being ignored. why do we do this to each other? we all need attention, affection, stimulation from others in order to feel alive. so many people avoid it though, weighed down by their own neuroses.

» Posted By steph On 02.25.2009 @ 6:37 am

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