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I like rewards, but I never feel like i deserve them. i dont really think some people deserve rewards that get them but it feels like whenever you speak up you’re trying to undermine then. or at least thats what it looks like. I hate that. makes me feel like a bad person.

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sun sparkles radiates pretty face dewy love happy warm happy kittens being full from food sun sun sun after tanning in the sun tan bronze beautiful happy in love natural

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this is a hat. a very little hat for little folks. Big fols weaqr sombreros. I am a big folk. Do you like tacos? I eat Tacos in my big sombrero.

» Posted By Sammy On 07.17.2008 @ 6:12 am

this is a hat. a very little hat for little folks. Big fols weaqr sombreros. I am a big folk. Do you like tacos? I eat Tacos in my big sombrero.

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She closed both fists, imagining the two pennies. In her left hand, an old wheat penny, in her right, one with the Lincoln Memorial. Well, they were both old now, she supposed. Reaching her hands out over the railing of the building, she opened her hands, letting the coins fall.

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Vacation. What more pleasure can there be than relaxing in the sun – or the shade of a tree when it’s blazing outside – and opening up a book?
Some prefer an old favorite, a dog-eared paperback with torn pages and refurbished memories. Some prefer a crisp new unknown. I don’t mind either, as long as I get to read.

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I trudged up the stairs, opened the door to my apartment, dropped my bag inside and went into the bathroom. Stripped off my karate uniform, got into the shower and let the heat run over me. Oh, that felt so good, loosening up all my tight muscles.

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He glanced around furtively for a second before depositing his note into the knot of the old oak tree by the playground. He was pretty sure he’d shaken off anyone who might’ve been following. He’d been like Billy from Family Circus! Hands in his pockets, he strolled away, whistling. Being a spy sure was fun!

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I am wanted for everything. Wanted. It’s a simple phrase, I want him. He doesn’t want me. Wanted. We are all wanted for nothing, nothing at all. I want to run forever and never look back. I don’t want to be wanted, I want to be loved. Wanted.

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a course is a path you take to do something. it could be a race course, or the course of your life. it is also attached at the end of ofcourse. i really like that word. it is used a lot to make people feel like they are supperior to others. people do that a lot these days.

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The stereo beats
past my heart
into my soul
leaving nothing but
a satisfied smile.
I look at the time
half past 10
And the beat fades away

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She looked upwards, tall dark walls surrounding her. In the inescapable pit. The sun peaked out just barely and she stared at the one source of light until tears streamed from her eyes. But she ignored it. Here, she remained trapped.

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I want to grab her, hold her in my arms, kiss her. My fingers twitch, itching to do so, but I hold myself steady. I won’t betray her trust like that. Even if it hurts to just stand there and watch her. Watch her beautiful gray eyes dance in the light. Watch her red lips turn upward in a light smile.

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He lit the match and watched as in a matter of seconds it had fizzled to a black scorch with a nasty aroma. “This is life,” he thought to himself. You burn and then you burn out. He grabbed the lighter from his coat pocket and lit a cigarette. “Nah,” he thought, “This is life. You burn shit up and you throw the case away.”

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Waiting. Always waiting. Why did it always take her so long to finish her makeup? Sigh. The engine was idling. This was wasting gas. He knew it. He also knew it was going to take her at least ten more minutes, but he always kept hoping she would hurry it up this time. She said she would after all. He looked up from the text on his phone – wow. Gorgeous.

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Flat, shiny white covered the floor of the large oval room. He stared. What was this substance? Not tile, surely. There were no lines. And not plastic either…there was just something about it that didn’t seem right. Experimentally, he touched it with his shoe. It was rather slippery. Hmm…

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I like to say I’m not shallow. I don’t think I’m shallow, really, but when it comes down to it, I probably am. I’m probably just like the rest of them. I think I care, but mostly it’s just empathy, sympathy even, for myself. That’s shallow in some ways. I just like to pretend I’m not…

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He hesitated. There was a thirty-second pause during which she simply stared at him. Why wasn’t he answering? She gestured at him as if to say, Well, get on with it. Finally he opened his mouth and replied, “Yes, I slept with her.”

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She lay staring at the ceiling of the room, musing at how this had come to be. How she had come to be here, in his bed, this morning. They had spent an amazing night together, finally settling down to sleep, arms and legs twined.

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i do it everyday and it may not be a physical aspect but it is always happening. It’s hard sometimes and easy others, but you never know when you are growing. you see others growing all around you and you never stop and look at yourself

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Seraphim gliding above the clouds, too bright, too powerful, too…good to look at. It hurts to see that goodness and remember who we are, only human, prone to sin.

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As she stares at the spaces in her house, the spaces in her kitchen, her bedroom, her hall, she sinks to the floor, crushed with the realization that he finally left her.

» Posted By sammy On 03.02.2009 @ 5:25 pm


warm, and cosy, gentle is your mothers hand when healing a wound, gentle is your dads voice when comforting you, and gentle is a lovers touch on your cold skin,

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It was hot when she touched it. “Ow!” she exclaimed as she tried to pull out the souffle from the oven. She quickly scurried over to grab some pot holders; she didn’t want to burn the souffle. The oven wouldn’t open no matter how hard she jerked it. When she finally opened it, a magnificent sight awaited her- orange mush splattered all over the walls.

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The frog hopped onto the lilypad. It was a miracle he didn’t fall through. A big thing like that, jumping, full force, onto the most delicate of pond creatures? It seemed to deny all physics and properties of the universe. And although he was warty and unattractive at first sight, there was something graceful in the way the frog moved- like an acrobat, almost.

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There was something invisible between the two of them. An unspoken shield. They could not speak; nor could they touch. Who knew if it was because of what had happened that night, so many days ago, or because of who they had become. But it because impossible to say anything without disrupting the flow of the world. It was like nothing would work.

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She didn’t know who she was. An angel, trapped in the fires of hell? Or the other way around? Her identity was in crisis. She felt sometimes as if this were the perfect place to be, and others like she was the outcast among outcasts; the most perfect pariah. But who would tell her? Identity was an ever changing matter. She couldn’t know what her true identity was. Maybe it was what she thought it was.

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a fun instrument. I think of dueling banjos in the movie don’t remember the name, but it was one of the most remembered movie scene I’ve ever seen. Other than that, it’s not really an instrucment I’m familiar with. Should I write about it, I’d be

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propellers… blowing in the wind, to create energy

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