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Quiet sanctuary. Love abounds. Dust swirls. Incense rises. Hymns sung. Prayers muttered. Souls gathered. Hope lives.

» Posted By Sam On 04.03.2014 @ 2:51 pm


I’d rather be first or second than third; but I’d rather be third than fourth or otherwise. Actually, it depends on what the list is.

» Posted By Sam On 02.07.2014 @ 5:26 pm


Disco lights flashed around
Giving the entire room the psychedelic translucent glow
That was already reflected in her eyes

» Posted By Sam On 01.22.2014 @ 12:18 am


i’m sitting at the bar with this psycho. he has a big patch over his left eye. greasy black hair slipping across his face.

“another one!” he shouts at the bartender.

a bourbon comes sliding down the wet bar and lands in his palm.

» Posted By Sam On 01.09.2014 @ 2:10 pm


Walked down … turned around… i saw you, standing there… i went out and it was so cold.. it was freezing… i couldn’t even feel your warmth.. it was like if everything had gone down the drain, the memories, the love… all gone.

» Posted By sam On 01.07.2014 @ 7:56 pm


I wanted to get out. I wanted to be free. I had my mission, my duty, my quest. I had my inspiration. I was ready to go. I would no longer be held back like a leaf in the rain. I wouldn’t be told to slow down, or to stop. I would be me.

» Posted By Sam On 12.23.2013 @ 12:45 am



» Posted By sam On 11.30.2013 @ 3:58 pm


The stencil of the bird iss so hard to place on the paper. I just try my best to paint inside the lines, and try not to curse whenever it gets blobby. I just need to keep my cool while i’m at my mom’s work at preschool. She’ll kill me if the kids hear a curse word.

» Posted By Sam On 11.29.2013 @ 1:51 pm


She derived the… Hell i don’t even know what this word means anymore. Sorry guys but I’m gonna go on an angry rant because I hate it when I feel stupid and my vocabulary sucks. Sounds kinda like drive though…

» Posted By Sam On 11.26.2013 @ 8:52 pm


The shoes were lemon colored. The hat was lemon colored. The coat was lemon colored. It seemed that today, even the sky was lemon colored. On the one day that Raymond actually had to do something important, everything was ugly.

» Posted By Sam On 11.02.2013 @ 8:55 pm


Sensible shoes are brown, and women seem sensible if they dress with suits and handbags, like Mary Poppins.
I just wish I could do something with my hair besides this stupid bun for my costume cos jesus it’s stupid looking, really.

» Posted By Sam On 11.02.2013 @ 12:01 am


I am impure water.
But you come at me with your fire
Making me breathe
And I wish that you could be water like me,
Because I know that if you were
It would make more sense for me to be drowning in you

» Posted By Sam On 10.01.2013 @ 11:02 pm


Mothering is what mothers do and that is comforting you and making sure that your always going to be your little boy.

» Posted By Sam On 09.30.2013 @ 8:41 am


it wasn’t quite enough. almost made it. it had promise and tried its best, but no cigar (or something like that). anyway…it needed help. so i put it in a basket.

» Posted By sam On 09.12.2013 @ 1:34 pm


something surrounding like jelly. something noticed only momentarily. something that isn’t something at all.

» Posted By sam On 09.06.2013 @ 1:12 pm


The ancient totem pole was a historic monument that the hut people valued. It had meaning for the ones that they had lost and the lineage continued.

» Posted By Sam On 09.02.2013 @ 7:07 pm


I noticed a beautiful flower while on my walk. I knelt down, pulling it from the ground. As I held it in my hand, I noticed a welt on the other side. But it was still beautiful, this I knew right away.

» Posted By Sam On 09.01.2013 @ 11:22 pm


Infinite reasons why he loved her. The way her hair smelled, the way she looked when she was reading her newspaper in the morning, the way her face scrunched up when she realized she’d burnt the coffee. But he couldn’t tell her those reasons. He sat in silence, wishing he was capable of speech.

» Posted By Sam On 08.18.2013 @ 9:44 pm


I’m not even sure what this word means, and I’m tired. I will continue to play candy crush till a different word comes up that I am comfortable with my intellectual grasp of the meaning of the word.

» Posted By sam On 08.21.2013 @ 9:07 pm


The clock ticked, as he pounded away on his old keyboard. One line down. Now two. Ah, back to one, the second wasn’t very good anyway. So much for an easy paper. It’s three now, he still needs another page. He sighs, exhaling with melodic tap of the clock.

» Posted By Sam On 08.23.2013 @ 6:28 pm


I love photography. Although I know I am not the best, there are few things that make me happier or inspire me more than taking pictures of nature. I often stay up late at night only to take photos of the moon outside my window, or the thunderstorm keeping me awake. I often take my best pictures when I least expect to.

» Posted By Sam On 08.24.2013 @ 8:06 pm


Darn, I really wanted waffles but I got plaster AHAHAHAHAHA I don’t know if my body is sick or not what’s plaster I think it’s that thing with walls or something but it reminds me of plastic which is pretty cool I guess plastic can suffocate babies and I don’t know what to write about Toast I hope you love me for this because I’m just typing a really long run-on sentence for …done. xD

» Posted By Sam On 07.26.2013 @ 5:56 pm


Their form was still a shadowy dot on the horizon. We were at least three miles closer now, but still, no shape, no clear semblance of sympathetic life. Except the occasional spark of brilliant light whizzing up above the group, before stillness settled again.
I paused and leant forward with my rucksack as support to try to make sense of the shadows. There appeared to be movement amidst what my dry, aching eyes told me must be a group of them, six or seven maybe, and I held up my hand in a firm, clear wave. Maybe they waved back. If they were a ‘they’. Maybe I’d just caught sight of the billowing of a discarded bag.
I turned to the rest of the group, reacting as I realised they were looking at me a little warily. Waiting patiently for the next instruction. Mutely concerned.

» Posted By Sam On 07.26.2013 @ 3:27 am


The cat was sitting on the window sill, basking in the sunlight. It was an unseasonably warm October day, the sun was shining through the orange leaves, and the wind was light and comforting. He stretched out his back and yawned. His nap was quite satisfying, and not even the chirping sparrows could spoil it for him.

» Posted By Sam On 07.22.2013 @ 2:04 pm

The cat was sitting on the window sill, basking in the sunlight. It was an unseasonably warm October day, the sun was shining through the orange leaves, and the wind was light and comforting.

» Posted By Sam On 07.22.2013 @ 2:03 pm


His life was very wistful he never understood why it just was and he didn’t want to change. He was lonely but that’s all he knew.

» Posted By Sam On 07.07.2013 @ 6:05 pm


See, I’ve always wanted a collection of CDs, especially a collection of MaRIAH CARIEY’S CDS. Goodness, that would be the greatest because of the tangible aspect of having my childhood’s soundtrack in my shelf ready for me to touch and flip through all over again. See, digital downloads just don’t cut it for me.

» Posted By Sam On 07.07.2013 @ 12:21 am


the ship rolled in the waves bright and calm and a beacon. swimming towards the surface was a struggle in heavy clothes and shoes but the hul was visible and if he was close enought to the side he could pull himself up.

» Posted By Sam On 07.01.2013 @ 6:16 am


It happened in an instant. As quick as a fox, faster than a speeding bullet. When it happened, she wondered,”What exactly is an instant? Exactly how long is it?”

» Posted By Sam On 06.29.2013 @ 4:10 pm


being blamed for anything sucks. even when it was your fault. damn.

i dont have much more to say…

thanks though.

» Posted By sam On 06.25.2013 @ 10:54 pm

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