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He swore that one day he would try to be more confident. But today is not that day. He sees her and she sees him and at the back of his mind, the question, tantalising and seductive, does she really SEE me like I really see her.

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He felt dizzy as he crawled out of the alleyway, barely able to support himself on shaking knees. The stab wound in his side hurt like hell and it his vision was deteriorating as he was walking. He knew there was little hope of reaching his apartment before collapsing and he could already feel himself losing consciousness. He slumped against the brick wall, vaguely registering the blood soaking through his shirt as the world turned to darkness around him.

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I remember looking at her hurt. I would see her and immediately look away because all I saw were memories that would never happen again. Memories that were just that. Something only in my mind.

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wings soaring through the sky. Unbound by human cares. Can’t be tamed.

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Killing someone because of their act of harm in society.

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There are houses built with brikcs, but also people named after them, in my language that is. Bricks are made in all kinds of colours and sizes. They are in different sorts, there’s actually a whole industry of them. But more I can’t say.

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i will power through this day, my life, and anything in it
with the power of a force that has never been stopped
will never be stopped
except for when i will it

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I kept the memories of you, as much as I wanted to forget, I couldn’t bare to let go, to completely forget. I never let go of the hope that it would go back to the way it was, that you would come back to me, and never leave. But I was wrong.

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The weather was fairly harsh today. The weather can effect the ecosystem. Cold weather is often better than warm weather. Humid weather makes it more difficult to breath.

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when i was an young girl i had played the piano. it was very fun and i was a bit to talkative to my piano teacher. so my mother made me quit and then play tennis.

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The aura of the room was glorious, I found myself taken aback by what she had done. Everything was perfect, I couldn’t wait for our life to begin.

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Walking down this empty abandoned road, i do not know where i am heading towards. The things on my back are the only essential things that i will need. As i keep walking it gets hotter and hotter. Sweat beads down my face and i cant seem to keep going.

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The clearance aisle is full of cheap things and cheap people who feel they are worth nothing better than cheap.

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empty the closet. its full of reminders. It clears your head.
It clears your heart. Every item in there is cheap and worthless. Empty it all.

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She sat on the sidelines watching her team fly about the gymnasium floor, there sneakers squeaking with every movement. Jill the bully from her school stared at her with a smug look, next thing a ball rocketed into her face.

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it’s round
full of people
i wish i could go around it and just visit every place
i wanna discover things, places, meet new people
maybe i’ll find my soul mate somewhere around you know
it would be a perfect life

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i want to soar above the clouds like an Eagle. The breeze and sights to heighten the senses. looking down at the world and seeing the little ants scurrying around living their busy lives of mundane receptiveness.

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The man walked through the chaos with the air of someone wandering through their own home; at ease, comfortable, completely unperturbed with the fight that erupted everywhere. He wasn’t bothered about the occasional hit to the shoulder or the face, the blood that poured down his face, trickled from his mouth, wasn’t any concern of his; this body was rented- he didn’t mind returning it a little damaged.

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It was like the world had just…stopped. Everything around her slowed for several moments, before suddenly rushing back to her in fast forward; Summer, Danny, Levi, Bri- Danny..
It was devastation. All over the floor, in the buildings, in her chest. Devastated. That was all she felt now.

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They held hands as they faced the light, fingers locked and shaking.
“You ready?” He asked, looking to his shorter companion as the light danced in her sombre hazel eyes. She looked up at him, and smiled.
“Yeah. It’ll be a clean slate for us”
The two stepped forward, and together readied themselves for an adventure in a new world

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this means strong in French. It also means a military stronghold. Like fort Henry. Or the one that Isaac Brock was at. Might be in Niagra Falls. It’s interesting that I thought of the French world first.

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The shop that was nestled in the very centre of the city was normal enough, until you went inside. Then you see the toadstools it sold- big and small, every shape and size, poisonous and safe. No one knew why it was there or what it was there for- but everyone who entered the shop couldn’t remember it when they left.

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It was so quiet. No one was talking. No words, no arguments- I would rather everyone was screaming rather than this. Then, he looked up. Smiled. Let me know it was okay.
“You don’t need to look so worried”
All I did was cry.

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The group was so regal, so intimidating looking that Seth couldn’t believe he was one of them.
“We are the Embassy of the five continents” Micah announced, sat at the round table in her long robe, and Seth nearly fainted. No one ever saw the five leaders together at their table, not unless it was some sort of mistake or you were about to be arrested for trespassing. But Seth was there- looking at them all with childlike wonder in his eyes because he was some sort of equal to them now; he’d done something so good that they wanted him on their side.

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Ooie, gooie, it stretches, it’s chewy. I don’t really care for it alone, but with chocolate it is a dreamy snack.

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My thoughts are cyclical. I keep thinking the same things over and over. Maybe I should write some of it down. Will I keep writing about the same things? My life is dull.

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He knew if he took one more step he wouldn’t be able to keep his grip on the tree. He couldn’t falter, she was almost within his grasp. She whimpered and it was all he needed to reach out, “Hold Daddy’s hand” and she stretched her small one into his big hand. He grabbed her and slowly and steadily pulled her up to him. Thank God he thought as he held her close. She continued to cry and he stroked her hair to calm her, “I got you baby.

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i got sticches a couple of times once on my wlell twice on my chine trying not to us the backspace wos this link of test will need some stictches too.

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accomplice is something that you finish I think but I don’t care what it means.

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I have no idea what that word means so its kind of hard to wright about. I think it means you finish something you are doing.

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