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She watched in horror as the wave rose up, higher and higher above her little town. At the very peak of the wave, she could see the neon trailer where the hockey player she had once dated lived; beneath it, cows, barns, a firetruck, and several houses. She had never thought a tsunami would reach Saskatchewan.

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he said we were meant to be together, something about our souls being “connected”. i didn’t quite understand what he meant at first but as our time spent together lengthened i began to realize what he said was true, we were not as we were separately, together, we were one being

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He connected the plug to the lights, and the whole shimmering tree lit up. Amie’s face lit up too. I watched him, and thought of how far we’d come.

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Iron rocks rose up from beneath his skin, pushing the rivers of his blood to the surface in veins that jumped towards the audience. His muscles were abominable, but beautiful. A feat of strength, to lift those weights: but he was fit for the challenge.

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The skin off the heels of his hands was shredded off, droplets of blood bubbling up in the cracks.
“See,” sneered his father, ” I told you that you couldn’t do it.”
And he lay on the pavement wishing with all of his might that he could kill him.

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I am just so obsessed with those shoes. They are like, to DIE for. Did you see they yellow piping? and the detailing? I just love the silhouette. But maybe the soles should be more of a taupe than a beige?

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She wore lime green and orange zebra striped socks with a beige tutu that had plastic cows hanging off of it. Her shoes were black, shiny, and larger than basketballs with all kinds of facets. And her shirt lit up and sang. She also wore a cowboy hat that was three feet tall.
Needless to say, she made a statement. I don’t know what it was, but it was one.

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I wondered, as I watched, what it would be like to be him. Exhausting. Tiring. Devoted. But that feeling, to move with the music, to be graceful and soaring and expressive and finally to be applauded, to have people wish they were you, even when you’re just an average looking 14 year old boy who really knows how to dance….
and I thought to myself, where is your talent? Your passion? For shame.

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The bee weaved through the air, thick like butter in the summer midafternoon. All was well, the smell of flowers in the air, the sun bright but the breeze just barely cool.
A gunshot rang out.
The bee fell to the ground.
“Nice shot, Graeme.”

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He sobbed, catching in his throat. Her face, her lovely face, was turning a gentle shade of blue. The eyes that would never sparkle, the lips that would never smile… he could feel an ocean of tears welling up inside him.
Then her eyelid fluttered.

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The trumpet blaring, the saxophone moaning, the singer crooning, the smoky club full of young men.His sharp suit, grey, cut just right, the way he looked at her so she couldn’t look away. Her magenta dress, just new, tucked in at the waist. A new pearl necklace. “You swept me off my feet,” she said.

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“It’s about setting an example for the little ones,” she said, her bronzed, bruised legs tensing for the jump. “So they know not to be afraid of anything.” And with that, she leapt over the edge of the building, almost missing the ledge of the neighbouring one.

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I can’t believe it. it’s gone. i’ve lost. Everything is chaos. No matter what I do – there’s no rules anymore. i can’t hold onto anyone. Anything. God wrote the universe in the language of mathematics. If I’m not mathematical – precise – exact – in control – do I even exist? Am I still here?

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In the darck room there stood a small girl, who had alwasys dreamed of owning a skeleton, just the majestic look of it made her happy, she couldn’t help it, sorry. Do you know what else she liked?

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She sat awaiting at the alter. All her life she had been told this was her destiny, but she never came to terms with it. She never wanted this; this change, this absolute necessity to life.

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The man stood at the alter waiting. He had no idea that all the years of fighting and love making and shopping and family visits would lead to this. He was standing here waiting for her to walk down the isle. But she would never come.

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do you remember those days
long days
when people moved more slowly
do you miss those days
long days
when writing moved like the clouds
slow, thoughtful
as humans,
We all Fall Down
and somewhere up above,
an angel wonders:
What would it be like to fall?

» Posted By Sage On 12.18.2010 @ 8:51 pm


my dogs are lousy stupid animals. i have never met a more dumb dog than them. my friends dogs are all super-smart, but nooooo my dogs HAVE to be so stupid. i cant beli

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I decorated my room because i felt it needed a new look. you can redecorate a lot of things, like rooms, and houses, and yourself even. Like, if you decide you want to do something new, you redecorate and suddenly, it’s not the same anymore. It’s an entire different thing.

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the plane was light, and the windows small, but the impression still lingered
city lights glowed from beneath me, all to the sides and angles, and i felt like if i could only reach out through my window, i could brush my hand into the crisp intricacies of space.

» Posted By sage On 03.20.2009 @ 10:21 pm


i remember on the Muppet show the lab guy would go meep so it reminded me of bleep or my mom sticking up the middle finger and going bleep bleep as to censor it lmfao i love my mother <3 ilu

» Posted By Sage On 09.05.2009 @ 6:39 pm


i watch photo galleries when I sit on the toliet while flying into the space atmosphere on the martian moon high above the art gallery when I looked at the painting it caused me to break down into tears

» Posted By Sage On 08.09.2009 @ 7:54 pm


I fall into the abyss, completely outside of my control. Nothing I can do will defy the laws that I don’t even understand. We all must obey, even if we don’t understand.

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So my friend, baslasha decided to use a disc to install software on his computer, he asked how cds worked, so I said it was many bytes and stuff and it puts it on the computer, that’s called installing.

» Posted By sage On 02.23.2009 @ 3:39 pm


i need to stop these thoughts that come like a train ticket bought without a care. i cant believe myself for thinking i could let it all go. i’m stuck here in the air. your air.

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Hilltop- on the hilltop we sat. We sat on the hill staring out into the sky. We put our backs against the cool grass and let the sun warm our bodies. We didn’t touch, just relaxed. Our hands just inches apart. I couldn’t imagine reaching out to touch him. It’s not that I was scared- it’s just that I didn’t want it to end.

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There is something deeply troubling about seeing very large flocks of birds flying overhead where the group of birds fills the sky from horizon to horizon like a harbinger of something that is uncomfortable or unwelcome.

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when i was little i used to get birthday cards from this guy. i found them last year and bawled my eyes out – he was exactly the same as i want to be.

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my brothers name is lakota. but i have 2 brothers actually. lakota and garett :) i love them both. i wish they lived with me though. i also have a sister. which is the exact opposite of a brother. duh. but i love my brother. brother had 7 letters.

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Is always appropiate. Things are meant to happen as they do, which means that the timing with which one thing or another occurs is of course exactly as it’s meant to be. there is no cause for concern or alarm over something like “bad timing”. there is no bad timing. Only timing. the timing that is is exactly as it should be. It is perfect. so really, it’s almost a redundant thing to talk about..

» Posted By Sage On 02.02.2010 @ 3:18 am

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