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I met my Friend Daniel in May. He is fourteen years old and he is into alot of stuff i am into such as, music, anime, and we are both the same age.

» Posted By rachel On 01.06.2017 @ 9:51 am


I don’t like this word. It makes me think of all the bad things that happen to people. It actually makes me feel bad inside. I really hate it when people get upset. Especially children. Although, I have started realizing that I can’t care when everyone gets upset

» Posted By Rachel On 08.21.2016 @ 6:55 pm


Feeling like you’re losing touch is the strangest thing. Like your head was above the surface for so long.. just bobbing up and down. And then the storm comes. The waves bellow menacingly over you, and the all too familiar experience of sinking envelopes you once again.

» Posted By rachel On 08.06.2016 @ 5:43 pm


My heart bursts, you see, Henry, thinking of you. Little fragments that scatter across the floor like the marbles you bought me once. I don’t know where the marbles are now. Hidden in a box somewhere in a drawer I haven’t looked in since I was nine. I hid everything away after you left. I hid them so that I would never have to find anything again. There are pine trees outside and they remind me of the ones we used to climb, me using your shoulders to stand on. When I stood on your shoulders I felt like a giant, I felt ten feet tall, I felt like if I stretched my hands out they would brush the sky. I felt like your little brother.

I remember that thing you did with your hands in your pockets and your rolling your eyes if I said something stupid, and I wish I didn’t have to remember. Why did you leave, Henry? They tell me your coffin is made of pine. I don’t know if pine decomposes. We didn’t learn it in biology. I only knew the things you told me, like how pulp fiction was a documentary about oranges so that I wouldn’t watch it, or how tears were raindrops and everyone had their own cloud, and how clouds blew away eventually. My cloud never did.

» Posted By rachel On 07.20.2016 @ 12:04 am


Once upon a time I had a blue scooter. It was cool and had fluffy handles. My mom handed it down to me because I turned 8. My brother stole it once, but his friends laughed at him (because you know, fluffy handles). The end. PS. I don’t know what happened to it. I think it went to my uncle.

» Posted By Rachel On 05.06.2016 @ 10:07 am


Buddha is a sacred thing people like to rub for good luck. Either his bald head or his belly. I have a small Buddha figure that I got from a fair. It wasn’t too expensive, just a few dollars.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.19.2016 @ 10:21 pm

Buddha is a sacred thing people like to rub for good luck. Either his bald head or his belly. I have a small Buddha figure that I got from a fair.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.19.2016 @ 9:43 pm


Her education did not end after school was over. She looks back at her high school diploma, still in mint condition, and laughs to herself. The place where she learned the most would not be issuing a certificate of completion, nor any acknowledgement of valor. The stories she has told throughout the years have escaped from her lips and dissipated, mixing with the thin wisps of smoke still lingering around her. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a sigh, and most importantly, sometimes with a slight tremble.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.15.2016 @ 3:07 am


she didn’t know anything about him except that he wasn’t in fact a tall dark stranger, he was fair and only an inch taller than her. when she wore heels she towered over him which made her feel powerful, and when they went out on valentine’s day she hoped that he noticed when strangers turned to look.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.13.2016 @ 7:59 am


Anything is possible. This is something that parents have told to their children for generations. Is this really true? Is anything truly possible in the day in which we live? I don’t think the possibilities are endless in this day.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.07.2016 @ 5:33 am



» Posted By Rachel On 03.18.2016 @ 6:46 am


I wanted to burn out every memory of you, to take out the parts of me that wants all the parts of you especially the impure ones the dark things crawling behind your eyelids looking out and waiting for the right moment.

» Posted By Rachel On 03.13.2016 @ 4:01 am


In your arms, it’s different I feel, to any other kind of embrace. The warmth that your touch brings and the tenderness of your arms around me makes me tingle with happiness knowing that I’ve finally found where I belong.

» Posted By Rachel On 02.20.2016 @ 12:44 am


What a shame. The whole world falls apart after one break, after one crack. That’s all it takes, that’s enough to destroy the world. Some would call it a disaster, I call it an opportunity.

» Posted By Rachel On 02.19.2016 @ 1:17 am


pain dripping waterfalls gushing thick muddy red sweeping from the wound with the cleaver still protruding from the wound

» Posted By Rachel On 01.08.2016 @ 8:03 pm


Together we stand at the gates of our hell. Fed up with the anxiety. Whether we die or live on, this day will always be remembered as the day our courage stood strong. No matter what be on the other side, the ones beside us are stronger.

» Posted By Rachel On 12.16.2015 @ 3:49 pm


I’d like to take ghost moments back in paper form and fold them into origami flowers and cranes and beautiful creations and then shred them with my teeth.

I would also like immunity for snitching.

» Posted By Rachel On 11.24.2015 @ 11:11 am


I’m captive. Captivated by you. Captivated by my feelings for you. You’re definitely the first boy I loved. You’re the first person that made me feel like this. But you’re gone and I’m still held captive. Why?

» Posted By Rachel On 10.18.2015 @ 2:56 pm


You use is it in science. Its an equation. You can use it in math . It helps you find the answer to somthing.

» Posted By Rachel On 10.09.2015 @ 6:01 am


My father was a great man. It was wonderful to be his daughter. He was a respected engineer and designed rockets. He was also a great family man and took time to play with me and my brother.

» Posted By Rachel On 09.15.2015 @ 3:21 pm


A scene is a setting, something that creates a moment. It is the backdrop for any situation and it tells so much without having to say anything. A scene

» Posted By Rachel On 09.14.2015 @ 7:09 pm


Her hair was a nappy, tangled, mess, but once it was braided, she could feel somewhat the same, like she fit in. it was calming. Her wild curls didn’t stand out in the crowd when they were braided back.

» Posted By rachel On 09.01.2015 @ 9:34 pm


I found that the word I was looking for was derived from the Greeks. Why was it derived from the Greeks? I mean I’m trying to remember the word for a vegetable that is grown in Peru. Is it a pepper? I’m not sure. Now I’m wondering what the Greeks were doing in Peru.

» Posted By Rachel On 08.12.2015 @ 7:32 am


Turn around, and you would enter a world with no sounds. Instead a salient hum, a tinker of acceptance and a break from a world which spouts meaningless words attempting to make meaning. Dictionaries can never define words and serve their purpose. What is love? What is hate? What are all these emotions reserved for individuals? Coming into a world without sound solidifies meaning into the undefined. And this building of silence is deafening and defining.

» Posted By Rachel On 05.31.2015 @ 8:41 am


Emotions, forever I am entwined. Never ending depression and anxiety, no matter how hard I try. Constantly tripping over the vines of my own mind. I am trapped in a forest of regret and I can’t get out.

» Posted By Rachel On 05.12.2015 @ 10:52 am


winning is everything to me. I’ve never had the courage to admit it before but it really is. It’s amazing that winning can be so integral to my life, yet the resistance I feel to put the work in is still there, still pushing me back into my cove. Why does not winning sear at my identity? Why am I obsessed with being the best at everything I do?

» Posted By Rachel On 04.22.2015 @ 12:08 pm

It’s the main goal isn’t it? To be on top. To have an adversary and beat them or overcome your obstacles. Kind of objective though. I could say I won a challenge by not tripping as I walked down the hallway. Kind of basic, but a victory none the less.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.21.2015 @ 11:29 am


You were always my outlet. You were the place I let it all out. I never felt exhausted or upset until after I left your side.
You were the place I plugged in and charged up. But I only did that so you could drain my battery dry. So you could suck my life-force out. But no worries I can always come home and plug in.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.14.2015 @ 2:32 pm


I don’t know what life would be like without the family jacuzzi. This is where we have all of our deep talks and contemplate the fate of the entire world. It is also where we have some of our greatest fights many a night have we gone to bed angry and seething over something said under the stars. I don’t know what life would be like without the jacuzzi.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.13.2015 @ 11:10 am


The kids in the classroom were very diverse.

» Posted By Rachel On 04.02.2015 @ 6:17 pm

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