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I already felt my stomach churning from kool aid punch and chocolate marshmallow squares when the game began. No way to back out now since I’d been musical chairs champ at Marcy’s birthday last Fall. All eyes were on me.

The needle dropped on the record. Walk carefully, not too slow but not too fast. Easy. Around and around and around. Sit!

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“Wow girl …”. Tyrone hoisted the pitcher of beer and topped off his glass. “You’re like an undiscovered country!” He winked at me. I lifted my glass and think I must have blushed a little. Maybe I was a wee bit tipsy and had turned chatty. So much nicer, I later thought, to be a mystery that might be slowly uncovered than an open book which is easily closed.

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It was around the time Freddie got a job at Subway that our connection began to fizzle. He stopped making coffee in the morning and rubbing my feet at night. He rarely joined me at the Y for a swim anymore. I missed our cuddle when he’d wrap the towel around me. I dried off on my own more and more. And he started watching reality shows on tv and calling himself an artist. Our heart-to-hearts on joy and apprehension and the funniest knock-knock jokes were replaced with babblings on the proper configuration of chicken to bacon to monterey jack to creamy ranch dressing. No more nights did we gaze at the stars picking out the constellations.

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When the wine distributor finally left, Daniel was still swirling the last of the Cotes du Rhone in his glass and jabbering about legs and body and meat and jam. His cheeks glowed pink and his lips were moist.

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When the wine distibutor finally left, Daniel was still swirling the last of the Cotes du Rhone in his glass and jabbering about legs and body and meat and jam. His cheeks glowed pink and his lips were moist.

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The cat’s ears perked and pointed and her nose did the Charleston when the plastic baggie released its fragrant elixir.

I’m sorry I slammed your tail in the door, Sheherezade.

No worries, she purred and pranced and rolled.

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The bullying started on Picture Day in the Fifth Grade.

We were prissy and pretty and we knew it. Our photos would show it.

But Alison Reed was just a loser. When she whirled back her rats-nest hair and smiled her gap-toothed picture grim we all knew what she’d had for breakfast. Poppy seeds dotted her teeth like black pellets of shit. Christ, didn’t she use toothpaste? Maybe her family couldn’t afford it!?!

From then on we called her Seedy Reed and made her life hell. It was fun.

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The minute I turned my back, Missy whooped and kicked my sand castle all to bits. She smirked at me and ran into the surf laughing. It was then I knew I’d never trust my little sister.

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“Oh you clumsy idiot!”, Mother shrieked. She really knew how to lay it on thick, like I’d pierced her heart with an arrow or shattered Daddy’s urn.

It was only a glass. A simple wine glass. Crystal. Still half full with our Christmas Bordeaux.

But it was only an accident.

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With the roar of applause still echoing in her ears, Helene slams the dressing room door. She stands still for a moment, only breathing, and then tears off the black bob. It falls silently to the floor beside last night’s cigarette butts.

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It’s not like I don’t deserve a boyfriend. I’m smart and funny and kind and not that bad to look at … if you discount the age thing. Yeah, 43. Sucks when I say it outloud but I don’t feel bad and I’ve got spunk. Or so I’m told often enough.

Johnny might be 26 but he is such a flirt. And I think when he tells me I’m gorgeous it’s not just so I’ll give him a heavier pour on his Jack Daniels. I’d do that anyway.

The box said to rub the lotion in and wait 2 to 4 hours and the tan would miraculously appear. Seemed easy and I know the wan pallor of my flesh is not overly appealing to the opposite sex. So I wait. And think of Johnny.

Wait. I think I see something. Holy crap. Yes, it’s something of a tan. I look a bit bronzed maybe. Kinda sexy maybe. Not that crazy orange color you see sometimes on chicks at the mall. Except for … yes, it’s definitely orange in the arm pits. Ugh. No sleevless top for me tonight.

Like Johnny would notice anyway.

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