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After church, I had a lot to think about. I wondered why God would refuse to allow my Uncle Art into heaven just because he loved another man. I wondered why God would refuse to allow my Aunt Mabel into heaven because she’d had an abortion after her rape. I decided to spend as much time with them now as I possibly could since I wouldn’t be seeing them in heaven. And I did.

Everything changed in a few short weeks.

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Dear Madam,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Little, Brown and Company Publishing. Unfortunately, we are not interested in ‘Blood Lovers Part One: Vampire’s Masquerade’ at this time. While we feel it has potential, the theme is similar to other successful titles recently published and we’re looking for more original and cutting-edge stories.

Good luck.

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Finally, after three years carrying on with him, I convinced myself that I was Marilyn and he was Jack.

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For some reason, Heather wanted one of those angel’s wings tattoos on her back. So over, so unoriginal, I thought. But there was no talking her out of it. In the end, she only had enough cash for one wing. She’s saving to have the art completed. But for now she’s a half-angel. Guess she hasn’t earned her wings yet.

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When B realized she was pregnant, she imagined what it might be like to have friends, acquaintances and even total strangers admiring her glow. Gushing and smiling. Asking about her bundle of joy and the blessed event.

She scheduled the abortion for next Tuesday.

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I knew it was time to pull the plug on karaoke night when I found myself singing ‘Danger Zone’ from Top Gun for the second time.

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I spent hours after the deed staring at the dials on the watch I snagged from the dead guy’s wrist. It says Cartier on it and it’s gold colored and real shiny. It’s kinda big for my arm but I figure I’ll just keep it in my jeans pocket. Safer there. Anyway, I’m no genius but the Greyhound station clock says 3:30 which is what this watch says on the big dial. The other dials say 9:30 and 6:30 which must be what the time is somewhere else. Weird. The dead guy must’ve been fascinated with time zones or something. I’ll just have to remember to only look at the big dial.

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After his stint in the Peace Corps, T closed up and turned off. Used to be we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Now, whenever he uses the word ‘want’ it’s followed by other words like dearth, paucity, famine, drought, medicine, contraception, death. So many words like that! Like death. I get that there are starving people out there, but, christ, what about me?!

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Pam wakes every morning with a clear conscience. She knows she isn’t a floozy, a tramp or a slut. Oh, she’s been called those names. But, in truth, she’s an educated woman who discovered early on her one unique talent and she reckons it’ll take her to the moon one day. She banks on it.

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Bonnie Parker removed her glasses when she spotted the nice looking gentleman downstairs. It was the natural thing to do, she thought. Later, she found it odd when he suggested she should wear them before they strode into the bank.

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Good morning. May I help you?
Who’s this?
Excuse me? To whom do you wish to speak?
No, sir. This is not Nancie.
She there?
No sir, she is not here. And, for future reference, the proper etiquette used in conducting a telephone conversation is for the callers, that would be you, to identify themselves first and then ask for the party with whom they wish to speak. Do you understand?
When’s Nancie gonna be there? Can you give me her number?
No I cannot give you her number but I will take a message for her if you like.
Yeah, ok. Tell her I called. Later …

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She watched as Business Suit orders a drink from Red Head. He is clearly a man of substance, she thought. Rich and refined. Red Head probably has kids at home and works here strictly for the money. She has potential but never seems to smile. I wonder why? Must be the kids!

Red Head delivers a drink to Business Suit. He downs it and smiles at Red Head. depositing a quarter on the bar.

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5:30. The clock’s alarm shrieked and invaded my dream. I awoke confused and hungry.

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Carrie beamed as she shuffled through her back pack to retrieve her math quiz.

“That’s good, daughter. A 95 … so what did you get wrong?”

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Dear A,

If you’re reading this then you know I’ve gone. I took nothing but the items I brought here and the Francoise Hardy record we bought together. You never really liked her much, did you?


I’ll always remember the moment you smiled at me on the bridge …

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Mother asked me how I felt about what she’d been saying. Didn’t I agree?

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May sat quietly chewing on her nagging cuticle as the other gals chortled and hooted and winked at one another. Book club had never been such a cacophonous affair and never had May felt so out of place. Techniques and methods and styles of intimacy were alien territory. She hadn’t even finished ’50 Shades of Grey’ but now, watching the others, she wished she had. She wished she was normal.

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Removing a tissue from her purse, she wiped the bright red lipstick from her mouth and replaced it with a pastel pink. She smiled at the reflection in the mirror. Nicely done, she thought.

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I dialed the number and watched. He removed the juicy fruit from his mouth and stuck it on the wall just below the elevator buttons as he answered. As the doors closed, I stepped forward and collected the sample in a handkerchief and placed it in my purse.

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Finally, after all the build-up, the primping, the nerves, the pep talks, the crossing of my fingers, it turned out to be the worst blind date ever. The night ended in a cliche. I threw my glass of champagne in the cad’s face and walked. Three steps and I circled back to grab the bottle of the bubbly. It felt good.

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Stella and I met in college during the hey-day of big hair and ‘torn’ acid-wash jeans and black jelly bracelets. I called it Hell. We kept our distance at first. Like Exene and Siouxsie turning up at CBGB and finding out that Iggy had canceled and Madonna was set to play instead. Two out-of-place freaks at the same debutante ball. Y’know? It wasn’t until I heard that she actually owned a boot-leg of Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg that I spoke a word to Stella. The rest is history.

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It was a magnificent morning. I’d risen early to a symphony of gulls and brought my toast and espresso to the terrace to watch the sun rise over the city. The smell of intrigue was in the air.

I could never have imagined that in a few short hours I’d be lying dead on a stretcher.

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Here he comes.

She sipped her Manhattan at the bar and watched him scope out the joint. Nervous. Twitchy almost. The cheesy light-blue jacket and combed-over hair. Yeah, he’s the one. She watched as he jostled onto the stool and opened his wallet.

Ready. She slipped from her spot and sidled over to the space beside him. Smiling, she clinked her glass to his.

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I turned the key gently and entered without a sound. Wow, I thought. Angus went all out. Balloons, streamers, baubles and bows. Even a pinata hanging from the flourescent bulb in the middle of the room. So much trouble for a party in my honor that I would not be attending.

I grabbed a bottle of champagne and left.

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June was like that. Passive-agressive. Self-centered. Bitter. Her world was always crashing. Her friends didn’t understand. The wounds in her heart could not be mended with bandages. Her tea was always cold.

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Nancy adjusted her husband’s tie and let her fingers linger on his chest. My, he looks sharp, she thought. He liked this affectionate routine before an important meeting but today found his mind miles away from his wife. She’d recounted her ominous conversations with their favorite astrologer and trusted psychic, as well as the status of the roses in the garden and Rex’s latest bout with the interloping gopher. Still he looked grim heading to the Oval Office.

“Knock ’em dead, Ronnie!”, she sang as he closed the door.

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I knew his routine so it was easy really. Spending time with him in the same darkened space, breathing in the same air, watching the same film, we were in the same universe every Wednesday afternoon. I’d always sit several rows behind for the best undetected viewing. Not too far back. Maybe three rows back, four chairs to the left. But when he suddenly rose last week and started up the aisle, I know he glanced my way. His brow lifted slightly, his lip twitched. I think I saw the suggestion of a smile.

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Mabel wished the quarters didn’t shine so much. They drew attention to themselves and she thought that might be a bad omen. No one likes a show off, she thought, staring at the scantily-clad auburn-haired cocktail waitress carrying a loaded tray of watered-down cocktails. The red-head glanced at her and continued forth. No worries. Mabel didn’t drink during her working hours. She clenched her jaw slightly and fed the first shiny quarter into the machine. Luck is a science, she reminded herself. Odds, probabilities. She knew she’d hit the jackpot eventually.

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She crossed her fingers and wished for blue. Eyes clenched, she thought of blue birds and blue berries and the deep blue ocean. Anything blue. Sky blue, navy blue, aqua blue. Blue bonnet, blue curacao, blue … She thought of him walking away. She knew what he would think if it wasn’t blue.

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band bind braid tape tie truss
constrain control curb
stifle stop strap
band gear

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