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Cinnamon hated her name. Why not Cumin or Turmeric? Living up to such sweetness wasn’t always easy.

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June started to lose it on day one of the camping trip. We found her scraping black grease from the gas cap of Woody’s van on day two. She smeared the goo all over her mouth and smiled. Turns out she’d forgotten her chapstick.

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She stood outside for over fifty years waiting to get in. She’d had thousands of children and saw thousands of her elders die. She’d pounded on the door and banged on the windows and stood her ground outside. Finally, in 1920, the door creaked open. Still, she had to push pretty hard to step inside.

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Fully armed, Missy locked the bathroom door and said a prayer. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, cursing her freckled face, and reached for her weapons. Sand paper, razors and bleach.

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The bus was jammed with passengers carrying shopping bags and backpacks and briefcases. She eased into the only seat available beside a porcine grandmother-type and held her breath. Something smelled and someone coughed. She averted her eyes and caught sight of the tattered paperback her seatmate clutched. The Temptress. Oh, she thought, maybe this sardine can has a silver lining.

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Such a fraud, I thought. His strut to the dais to accept the city’s humanitarian of the year award. His cheezy smile. His sweaty palms lifting the plaque. He presented himself as a philanthropist, a helper of the needy, a doer of good deeds. I knew the truth.

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From the lake to the nostril it frolicked and swam. Up, up, up the dark tickly cavity it swirled and exhaled. Reaching the brain it praised the higher power and fed. Amoeba.

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Marcy bounced higher and higher and cracked her skull on the moon. The introvert wondered why the pogo stick was more popular than Thoreau.

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There it was. One red envelope in her mailbox. She tore it open and pulled out the card. A glittered Santa wishing her a ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’. Exclamation point. Inside, her mother’s scrawl ‘And Happy Birthday too’. Period.

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It was a long night. He’d watched and selected and waited. The throb-throb-throb of the club hammered in his brain a dull ache. The flashing lights knotted his throat. Finally the brunette rose from the table and collected her things. He paid his tab as she hugged her friends good night and then he followed.

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The Senator flashed his pearly whites for the cameras and turned a tad to the left, his better angle. Congress had no explanation for the rapid rise in population nor for the drastic spike in infertility rates. But he’d just been tanning and knew they’d let it slide.

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In the end, Miriam lied to her AA sponsor, the hypnotist and the rest of the group. They were right and she was glad they’d insisted on her participation. Past life regression had indeed unlocked a door to the darkness in her soul and she was ready to forge a new path.

In truth, she’d felt nothing and spent the hour staring at the insides of her eyelids.

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cat hair
toenail clippings
three pennies and two dimes
a green tic tac and a pink pez
a cherry chapstick and a white wine cork and a puzzle piece in blue
two rumors
three dirty secrets
the truth behind Uncle Moe’s incarceration
the contents of my teenage diaries
So many things swept under the rug
I decided to leave them in peace

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The dawn’s pink and orange barely squinted on the horizon but the neon from the Gas ‘n Go lit the path from his car to the plant. He dashed between the shadows still marching in these frigid temps and still wearing their pins from Local 27.

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Geneva could see nothing through the boarded up windows but the yellow flicker of the lighthouse in the cove. She sat and waited for the tea kettle to boil, hoping the chamomile would calm her nerves. Why not use the china? I never do. She grinned and reached for a cup. It rocked from her hand and shattered on the floor when the shore received the waves and all went dark.

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A lady buzzes
She lingers, hovers and lands
Ah! Blood of an angel.

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We have Lucky. He is safe and unharmed. If you wish to ensure his return follow our instructions to the letter.

Deposit $10,000 in 20 dollar denominations in a brown paper bag into the trash receptacle under the statue of the great poet in Longfellow Park at midnight. Wear dark clothing and move quickly. Do not draw attention to yourself. Do not linger but return to your home at once. If you obey our instructions and we receive the bills and are satisfied with your compliance to the rules, he will be returned tomorrow morning between 6 and 7am. Do not contact the police. Do not mention this to the press. Do not mention this to a living soul. Or your little pooch will not be so lucky.

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The twins wore matching outfits and matching bobs.
They shared a room and shared their souls.
Soon they realized they’d never be unique.
Part of a set.

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Doors slam and feet stomp
razors cut pain in the flesh
But still no one notices

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Three months after the funeral, Elliot’s mother received a letter addressed to her son. David Blaine appreciated his interest and wished him well. A signed photo was enclosed.

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Jackson plunged her naked feet into the earth. As deep as they would go. She waited until Nana kissed the littlest toe on her left foot. It took longer than last time. She wondered why.

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She’d spent her life appreciating every piece of paper and every whisp of hair and every mound of dirt. She tried to tell them that every item in her home was a treasure. Every shred was of worth. Every mote was of use. They didn’t listen and forced the door down.

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Against all advice, Malcolm returned to 27 Chestnut Street. He remembered shingling his home last summer and painting the front door a bright red. Hester complained it was too showy but he’d insisted. Now all that remained were cinders and the granite steps that led to the front door. Here he sat and wept for Hester. He wished he’d painted the door white.

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Scuse me Ma’am. You’re not allowed to do That here. Emphasis on the That. People will complain. People? Who? Well, it’s just kind of Dirty! Dirty spelled with a capital D, exclamation point. /scowl/ I’m just feeding my newborn son. He’s hungry. Well, could you go outside. Point. Point. Exit! No one wants to see That! Emphasis on the That, exclamation point.

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I may not be educated like I went to Harvard but I know there’s no PTA meeting that lasts until 11 at night. Stupid woman. I let a lot slide by … like her not cleaning the corners of the floors where the puppy goes or making sure my Yankees cap is hand washed and laid out to dry with three pair of tube socks balled up inside. It’s the only way it’ll keep the proper shape for my head … I’ve told her a thousand times. Tonight she’s lied to me. She must have. And my Daddy told me that is intolerable. He showed me how to treat a wife that lies.

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Since returning, the images bounce through my head and poison my thoughts. My whole arm tingles with the need to hold a gun. And fear plays with my heart.

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Sifting through her hands and flying off in the wind
A powder forever here and nearly gone
of the dead and of the living
in her eyes and in her bones.

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The Swan could sail through chaos without a scratch. The Ugly Duckling licked her wounds, watched and waited.

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After, she inspected her appearance in the mirror. No change, she thought, disappointed. She wiped the white residue from the sink, fluffed her hair, and exited the ladies’ room. She needed a drink and she wanted to dance.

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Etalia had a habit of leaving you hanging and wanting more. Her sentences almost always ended with ‘and so forth’. She’d throw in an ‘and all that jazz’ if she felt sprightly or an ‘ad nauseam’ if she felt cranky.

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