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She imagined the soft tickle of its hair against her cheek and the smell of cotton candy. She approached and it clopped away. Teacher told them to be extra gentle and to stay together. But she only wanted to give it a hug. Maybe a little kiss. And so she followed.

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He paused for a moment to catch his breath.

An ordinary teenager. Small. Quiet. Not many friends. Picked on, yeah, but not too much. Liked to read comic books and play video games. Same as everyone. He knew what they’d say when it was over. It didn’t matter. It was too late.

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D is for Damien who wore a black coat

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The weed that withered in the shadow of the barn
surprised took life when your sun chose to shine.
Too soon the clouds took over the sky and the buds barely blooming took cover.

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When I reach her side with the sippy cup, she’s sandpaper and baking soda. Once velvet and cream with a side of gin and tonic singing show tunes on the piano, now she whispers the croak of death.

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So what do you think?

I smiled and considered the question carefully. Two trains leave the station at 5:15 traveling at different speeds. One is red and one is blue. The sky is overcast.

His arm brushed mine and I wondered where I’d put my chapstick.

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The authorities later told his widow that the driver of the semi was cleared of all charges of recklessness in the fatalities. No drugs or alcohol had been found in his system and he hadn’t suffered a heart attack or seizure. He was in excellent health and had most likely fallen asleep at the wheel. She could now claim the body.

She slumped into a chair and wept. He’d worked too many days in a row. She knew it and he knew it. He always told her they’d be together soon.

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She hadn’t touched herself since the divorce. She could barely even look at herself. Not in a mirror, Not naked. She was the unwanted ex undesirable without desire of her own. A locked door.

The discovery was a shock.

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She’d found it in the third pew on Sunday before choir practice and knew it was something dirty. A tattered book with pictures of close-up images and far out events. With every turn of the page, she felt her stomach tingle and her cheeks grow warm. Someday her picture would be in this book. She imaged herself the oldest, tallest, fastest, smartest or hairiest and tucked the Guinness Book under her mattress.

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The twelve sat and stared at their hands. One spoke up. One wondered why.

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The shimmy shimmy shake she’d thirsted for
left her dry
The lightning in her brain and
the zipping in her veins
was gone
And she heard your voice
He was yours

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He exhaled with a cough and a chuckle. Features. Everyone wants to be in features baby. But you ain’t earned it yet. You’ve got to be seen and noticed by the money men first … and they’ve seen cheeckbones better than yours. Believe you me. Mischa Barton is snuggling up to the geek from Saved By The Bell right now and hitting her marks. So get your sweet ass out of bed, doll, and put on your sneakers. I’d run if I were you.

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There’s nothing a young starlet loathes more than a buzzing phone disturbing her sleep. She can hardly be expected to hit her marks or punctuate her lines with blurred vision and bags under her eyes. She was cranky and she told her Agent so. Who cares if she misses an audition for some crappy sit com on the WB starring the geek from Saved By The Bell? She’s meant for features and he should know that. Has he seen her cheekbones?!?

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In the end, the police busted up the rumble and collared everyone left standing. Both of them. One Swell and one Stiff. The rest of the two gangs nursed their wounds in the morning.

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I received your letter and I wish you well.

I have one son, Aaron. He’s my heart and soul and more than enough for me. As far as what happened at St. Margaret’s on the date you mentioned, I know nothing about it. I was told all records would be sealed.

Please don’t contact me again.


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She knew it was time when the blade pierced her flesh and twisted inside. She shrieked from the pain and watched the blood gush. Scared and alone, she bled. A woman.

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He dipped a toe in and winked. Then grabbed my hand.

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A spray of red hailed over the crowd and splattered on her perfect package. The cameras flashed. She shrieked and wiped the paint from her face and hair. The mink was ruined.

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Lavender made him sneeze, he’d said. And it reminded him of his Baba’s cookies which always came out burnt.

She’d frowned and sprayed the bottle in his face. You’ll miss it when I’m gone. She’d winked before dashing across the room.

Smelling it now, he smiled and reached out his hand.

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The Truth or Dare game always ended with me looking like a fool one way or the other. But bowing out was not an option with Megan and Brittany and Josh beaming their blue eyes and white teeth like spotlights on the red carpet and me caught in the glare wearing last year’s fashions and lip stick on my teeth.

“Um … dare. I guess.” My mouth was so dry I wasn’t sure I hadn’t just eaten a box of zweiback.

Later I was glad I’d was born ambidextrous.

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Esme opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Just as she suspected, it was red and raw. So much licking, she thought. Too much. She smiled.

Slipping on her house coat and mules, she edged the door and snaked her way out. Bandit, her money cat, was fond of slipping past whenever the door was opened and he liked to explore. Sometimes he’d be gone for days and Esme was not in the mood for hollering her meow-meow-kitty calls all night to see him home safely.

She scuffled over the damp grass to the mailbox and placed the envelopes inside. With a quick prayer to the sweepstakes gods, she raised the red flag so Jasper would know she had letters for him.

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We nestled then wrestled then snuggled and slept and snored and surrendered under the dark and the cold in a sleeping bag meant for one.

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An inhalation of breath
an intention
the sound of fire flies on the lawn in June
a blush and exhalation

He walks away

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Billy was one of those boys who got my goat so much I’d do anything to top him. Every sentence he uttered began ‘I’ll bet you anything I can beat you at …’ and finished with a challenge. Arm wrestling, swimming, running, frog catching … on and on. He thought I’d back down because I’m a girl. Jerk. After we married, I confessed to the months I spent learning to master the Rubik’s Cube awaiting his challenge. It never came.

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He kissed baby’s cheek
with a wink to the mother.
Will she vote for me?

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Just walk up, smile, and act like you own the place. When he checks the ID, shift your weight to the left, like you’re impatient. Never lower your eyes. And if he’s looking at the ID for more than a second, pull out a cigarette and light it. You’re not nervous. You belong in this club. You know it and he does too.

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Amid the chaos of Mindy’s move to her new home, the bed bugs took shelter in her Roget’s Thesaurus set. 14 volumes. Plenty of room.

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Benedict wiped a single tear from his cheek as they led the mare away. Pretty Puffin placed last in the Derby, 6th in the Preaks and third at Belmont. He knew his daughter would miss her friend but business was business.

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She glanced in the rear view mirror at Ava, snoozing in her car seat when the song came on the radio. Wild Thing. Only a few short notes before the sweaty hands reached for her calves. The smell of sweat and beer filled her nose. The hoots and whistles filled her ears. Her clothes felt tight and she nearly reached to the gas pedal for the two-dollar bills.

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Chippy knew there was no actual proof that Santa kept a list of every naughty or nice boy and girl around the world. Was it possible that he could watch every kid while also reading letters, dictating tasks to the elves on toy-making, tending to the reindeer, visiting malls and keeping himself plump? Chippy was skeptical. He figured it was just one of those things adults say to kids to scare them.

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