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He was lured to her door by a thought that somebody else had put into his head. “I can’t just show up after all these years. What am I going to say?”
“The truth.” his friend hat answered. “What do you have to lose?”
And back then, it had sounded convinicing. It had been years since he had last spoken to her.
But right now, he found himself on the brink of a heart attack. This was it. This was how he was going to tell her. This was how he’d find out if there really would be a chance for the two of them. He raised his hand to knock, when he heard laughter from behind the door.

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He looks shaken, as if he had just been to hell and back. His face is all pale, his breathing uneven and though he is shivering, it seems as if he is sweating.
“What’s the matter?” I ask. “What’s going on?” somebody else wants to know.
“I can’t say it. I can’t. It’s just… it’s bad.They will tell you in a minute. I just can’t be the one to..” he says and walks on.
We didn’t understand, then. What was going on?
Then they told us.

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Going to church was something he despised. He did not believe in god. Religion was just people trying to accept their mortality. And since they were afraid of death, they made themselfes believe that after it, they would have another chance at life, or they would find their way into an immortal life.
He was okay with the idea of death. His life just ending, without something else starting again.

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He looked up at the moon inte the vast night sky. It lightened up the dark sky and dominantly outglowed all the other stars. Even if everything else failed, he would always be there. Well, at least as long as he lived. After that, he found, he could stop worrying.

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He didn’t want to be one. He never intended to hurt the boy. But because of his sheer imossible rage, he couldn’t think straight. When he came to his senses, Charlie was lying on the ground, bleeding and he was standing over him, with blood on his hands. He didn’t know who started running faster – Charlie or he.

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It felt like his life hadn’t changed at all for three years now. And the funny thing is, that he only just noticed. He was okay with it five minutes ago. Before all of his high school friends told them what they were up to now. Damn them.

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