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Some people dream of a TEMPORARY departure from their life but very much want also to keep their current life securely tucked away so they can go right back to it when they are ready. They want to experience exciting, new things but have no intention of diving fully in, because they ultimately do not want it to interfere.

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Sometimes, the worst thing can simultaneously be the best thing…. I suppose life would be boring if it was simple.

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Jealousy has never been one of my common faults- likely because I learned very early on as a child to suppress my wants. I wouldn’t just give up what I wanted, I learned to feel okay about it (although, maybe not subconsciously). I got so used to it that I didn’t even notice when it happened; it was like breathing. Then, someone seemingly saw through that and helped me to see through it also.

I am dealing with jealousy now, and it is very confusing. In this situation, the jealousy is not originated by insecurity or mean-girlness. I do not feel compelled to make her lesser than or push her down in any way. I am not trying to win or take something from her. It just so happens that what she has is special and cannot be replicated or shared. Although insecurity is not what fuels it, it does sneak up, especially when it seems clear that she is in the right place.

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She was intrigued by dreams. The mind can do amazing things without our awareness, and she believed your subconscious can use dreams to help guide your ignorant consciousness. Dreams can make some things clear to you even if it’s just a feeling and not a completely thought-out concept. She believed a person’s subconscious sometimes tries to bypass making mistakes in the real world by offering wisdom through dreams. Dreams can feel so real. It can give you a very real idea of how you would feel in certain situations.

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She knew it was inevitable for things to become heated, so she tried to avoid certain situations altogether. She knew it didn’t fix the underlying issue, but what else was she supposed to do?

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At a crossroads, you wonder what will be in store down the different paths. Sometimes, your desires can cloud what options are actually open to you. The first step is to figure out what options you actually have to choose from. Everything you want will not always be within your grasp regardless of your choices or sacrifices. You have to find a way to come to peace with those things and find a way to let them go. Then, you can look at the paths more clearly and decide which way you want to go.

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It is fascinating to me how one small incident can spiral so quickly into something massive with a seemingly unstoppable force. One lunch lead to so much. She wanted to avoid it at the time. Avoidance was her strongest go-to move when it came to emotions after all, and this topic was tapping into her truest fear. However, she finally had a way to act against the greatest monster of her life. She was usually paralyzed and could take no action. It made her a nervous wreck, but she had to take the opportunity to confront it for his sake and for her own. Afterward, she was glad she had stepped up to the plate, but now it was time to go back to avoidance…. He used to be an escape (a fun distraction) for her, but now she was going to push him away like she did with everyone else……. That was the plan anyway………. Much to her surprise, he somehow grounded her. He tried to help her stop avoiding and looking for escapes. He helped her get a grip on her reality so she could live there instead of always wanting to fly away.

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Don’t stray from the right path… It seems like a simple enough concept……. but determining what the “right path” is, can be intensely complicated and difficult.

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In the moment, she didn’t know what to do. Her internal world was frantic but somber at the same time. She desperately wanted to seem fine, but she was afraid she wasn’t pulling it off and that everyone could see right through her. Everything in her wanted out of the situation. She wanted to avoid it altogether. Avoid the sadness, the want, the dying hope that seemed to never die completely, the insecurity, the images in front of her, the disappointing certainty of her reality. But she was stuck there, so she smiled, danced, and went for another drink and another, hoping it would eventually help her escape one way or another.

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Sometimes, he makes me need a drink.

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Everyone always believed she was so in control, completely in charge of herself. She used to believe it too. She was seemingly successful at whatever she tried. She liked to keep her mind and body active, and that drive lead to success in different ways. But was she running toward something or just staying busy enough to run away from something else?

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Caring is what leads to the greatest joy, and caring is what leads to the greatest pain.

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Tomato Soup with basil…..yum.

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A person’s private pharmacy/medical information should be classified. They should get to choose who that information is shared with. A person should not be required to have their coworkers handle their prescription needs.

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For an inquisitive person, teachers can be found everywhere.

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It’s easy to think it would be best to live with no fear, but being scared means you have something to lose. Living with no fear is exhilarating but ultimately empty. Being consumed with fear means you play it too safe and avoid living. Fear has a place; there has to be a balance somewhere.

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No thanks.

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There was one shade of orange that she loved. She put on a fun, coral summer dress and walked out into the ocean breeze. Feeling her hair and dress dancing in the breeze gave her a sensation that is incredibly hard to match.

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Once a year, we would make the long journey to visit my grandparents. During those short visits, I was taught how to sew, bake, quilt, and crochet. My grandmother did it all; she quilted blankets, sewed fabric for clothes, cooked homemade meals every day….. Times had changed so much, but at their house it was still like the old days.

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Sometimes, the scary person that is seemingly trying to hurt you is actually the person trying to help you.

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“Tires” might seem like a boring word….. until you drive a fun car in the mountains.

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Some people think regulations fix problems. That is never true by itself. The effective implementation and maintenance of smart regulations can fix problems. The manipulative implementation or lack of maintenance of regulations can be a far greater threat than the initial problem.

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Sometimes, it’s best to look in places other than where the spotlight is. While everyone else is looking at what is being shown, you could be searching for something with real meaning and truth. Look further than what is easily right in front of you.

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When self-reflecting, there are always going to be blind spots that you miss. Sometimes, those blind spots suddenly become visible by seeing parts of yourself reflected in another person.

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The only way to avoid the pain of being deserted is to stop caring or become the deserter.

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Tea means sweet tea. -southerner

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Why is it that life made so much more since to me when I was a kid? I was so insightful and had a knack for understanding situations and how the world worked. It was almost as if I was sitting back and watching from the outside looking in. Today, things make much less sense. Now, it feels like I’m on the inside looking around, but my perspective is no longer clear. Perhaps, I am doing this wrong; it seems to be backwards.

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There are many possibilities in life to embrace. Embrace truth, embrace your reality, embrace faith, embrace love, embrace failure, embrace hope, embrace someone, embrace the future…

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Capitalism creates opportunity. Crony Capitalism ruins it.

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Lighters remind me of a time when someone got mad at me…. They refilled an oil lighter while in the car and then lite the lighter. For a brief second, his jeans caught on fire. What was I supposed to do, not laugh?

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