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But what if I mess up?

» Posted By okayfine On 07.12.2018 @ 12:43 pm


She was good with details and had a great memory, so she was good with tedious projects. However, the tediousness eventually drove her crazy and made her want to jump off a bridge (attached to a bungee cord).

» Posted By okayfine On 07.10.2018 @ 6:58 am


In a world where you can walk a short distance from one air conditioned space to the next, heatwaves are not as much of an issue. Before you even start to sweat, you start cooling off in the next air conditioned space.

» Posted By okayfine On 07.09.2018 @ 6:58 am


Sometimes math can be tricky. It can be pricey to your GPA if you can’t solve equations: what if p=t and i=a?

» Posted By okayfine On 07.06.2018 @ 9:28 am


He said, “At least I was always honest with myself.” I couldn’t understand the significance of that until I finally stopped lying to myself. Now, I see that the most damaging type of liar is the one who lies to themselves.

» Posted By okayfine On 07.04.2018 @ 11:54 am


I appreciate beauty and art, but I have no artistic talent. I envy artists.They can take a few different greens, blues, and reds and create something stunning.

» Posted By okayfine On 07.03.2018 @ 8:25 am


There is a premium that comes along with believing in fairy tales.

» Posted By okayfine On 07.02.2018 @ 12:04 pm


Messengers have something to say, but that doesn’t mean it is accurate or important.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.29.2018 @ 8:49 am


Working tires are easily taken for granted.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.28.2018 @ 10:35 am


I would love to travel the west coast by train. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a room on a train and spend a few days taking in the sights.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.27.2018 @ 6:32 am


Insanity was always one of her greatest fears. She depended on her logic for everything. It was her safety blanket. Emotions were too much; they were complicated and painful. Logic was simple and comforting, and the thought of losing it absolutely terrified her. She watched it happen to someone she loved and knew that it could happen to her also.

She watched a movie based on a true story about a woman with split personalities and developed a new irrational fear. She was intrigued by everything psychology, but veered away from the topic of split personalities. She didn’t want to expose her mind to the possibilities because she feared that it could happen to her. Perhaps deep down, she recognized her own issues with dissociating from parts of herself were a little too similar.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.26.2018 @ 8:34 am


He threw his clothes in the washer, and hopped in the shower. No matter how much he scrubbed, he couldn’t get the paint off his hands. He was frustrated but decided the updates to his car were worth it…. And then decided, hey, some ladies like when a guy is willing to get his hands dirty.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.25.2018 @ 11:38 am


She took the keys and went up to her motel room. She lied on the bed and let the silence feed her thoughts. Her mind was churning through every possibility. She thought the silence would help…. Maybe vodka is what is missing.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.22.2018 @ 12:51 pm


A lawn is where a kid should get to be a kid. It is where imagination is born and a child’s first adventures take place. Trees are climbed and dragons are defeated.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.18.2018 @ 11:40 am


Being given only a small piece of information to an important issue can send my brain into orbit, circling around trying to piece together the rest of the puzzle.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.15.2018 @ 2:32 pm


The difficulty with this construction was that this building could not be demolished and started from scratch. It was a conflicted building, full of sections that needed to be torn down and full of special sections that needed to be protected and handled delicately. The initial reaction was to demolish the whole thing and start over, but while the building as a whole could no longer exist as it was, some of its parts were too important to loose. The first step was to determine which parts to keep and which parts to demolish.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.13.2018 @ 7:44 am


I imagine extreme wealth is overrated; it becomes a burden. But I don’t see anything that could go wrong with being fairly wealthy. (•̀ᴗ-)

» Posted By okayfine On 06.12.2018 @ 7:37 am


This case hit close to home for her. She received a tip that a company was manipulating and stealing from people who were elderly or disabled. The red flags were subtle so the person who called in the tip felt that she was his only hope; no one else believed him, and he had absolutely no concrete proof.

As a PI, she did not have to abide by the same rules and red tape as her detective friends. She would investigate hunches that were not evidence-backed because she believed strongly that a person’s gut instincts sometimes comprehend the big picture of a puzzle even when their mind cannot see the specific pieces. She didn’t think this way because she believed invisible forces can show you the way. She believed it was the science of how a brain works; the difference between a person’s left hemisphere and their right hemisphere. She thought it was careless to ignore hunches, even though there is no exact science to them and they very well could be wrong……. They could be right.

She needed someone tech-savvy for this next part. She went back and forth as to whether she should call him. She knew he had the skills and would be willing to help, but their relationship was complicated. He thought she was fearlessness and was impressed by her resolve in hazardous situations, but he also cared about her and had a strong compulsion to keep her from harm. Her initial reaction was always to call him, but she was conflicted much like he was. She loved including him on her adventures, but she also cared about him and didn’t want him to worry or to create any problems for him. He was a detective bound by rules and red tape, and she didn’t like putting him in conflicted situations.

Maybe she would go online and try to teach herself the necessary tech skills. But that would take too long and she would never be able to cover her tracks as well as he could. This case was too important to botch. If her hunch was right, these were the worst kinds of people. They would strategically get close to a person posing as a home care aid, learn their secrets and weaknesses, make them feel safe, and then take them for everything they own without ever being caught. It was normally easy for her to remain objective throughout a case and just follow where the clues lead, but now she found that she had to continually remind herself not to jump to conclusions and to focus on the facts. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking of her mom in that scenario- being deceived and taken advantage of. Her entire body was overtaken by anger within seconds. Without thinking, she picked up the phone and called him.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.11.2018 @ 8:42 am


She had been sculpted since she was a little girl to be the perfect weapon. She had learned to conform to each person’s idea of perfection, just like they intended. Now that they had molded her into a useful tool, they would send her on missions. She would get close to her targets, gain their trust, make them fall for her, and then line them up for the people pulling her strings. This was not a happy life, but it was all she knew.

But her next mission did not unfold like the others. Her newest target would sometimes take her completely off guard, but not in the normal way where she could just adapt, recover, and keep the facade going. Normally, people only saw the image that she portrayed, and she was an expert at altering the image as needed, but he was different. He didn’t seem to care as much about the image. She felt that he wanted to know her (the real her); he would encourage her and spend time trying to get her to think about what she wanted. No one in her life had ever done that, and it created a terrifying vulnerability that she had never experienced. She had been in some pretty dicey situations with her line of work, but this vulnerability scared the hell out of her- partly because of how she felt about him and partly because she finally understood something heartbreaking about herself. Growing up the way she did had somehow separated her from herself, and she had locked up the “real her” long ago.

She wanted to reveal the truth to him and confess that she was there to steal from him. She played it in her mind a thousand ways. She thought of trying to play it corny to keep it light and say something like, “I came here to steal from you, but you stole my heart instead.” Every scenario she imagined made her hate herself. If he thought she was a terrible person and could never forgive her, she would hate herself. If he was totally understanding and forgiving, she would hate herself because she believed he deserved more than a broken thief.

» Posted By okayfine On 06.08.2018 @ 7:43 am


When she allowed herself to dream, uninterrupted by pesky reality checks, she would dream of being right in the middle of the action. She would imagine herself piloting a helicopter to fight raging wildfires. She would make crazy, daring maneuvers because she believed in her gut she could pull them off. Strangely enough, she felt most in her element during life or death situations.

Then, she would snap back to reality and continue investigating her new lead. For now, her PI cases would have to save her from boredom.

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She parked her car in the shadows and walked around the back of the building without making a sound. She was on a mission, and she had a hunch. Maria was the most effective kind of PI; the one no one would expect. She was charming and attractive and could effortlessly gain people’s trust. She could hide in plain sight undetected because it seemed like wherever she went was exactly where she was meant to be. Even though she was a natural in the light, the excitement of following her instincts and sneaking around in the shadows was still her favorite part.

As she got to the window, she saw him leave through the entrance door. She mumbled “shit” and ran as quickly as she could to get back to her car before he drove off. She slide into the driver’s side just in time to see his car turning the corner up ahead. She knew she could catch up to him if she hurried. She started the car, pressed down the clutch, put it into gear, and it stalled! She grinned and tried again. She was unusually competitive with herself; she viewed failures as challenges. This time, the car did exactly what she wanted, and she took off after him.

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He had a stern grip of her arm as she dangled from the bridge.

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The absolute best dining experience is feeling the breeze hitting your warm skin, watching the moonlight ripple on the water, sipping a tropical mixed drink, and tasting perfectly seared scallops.

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One side of the cone says “Terrific!”. The other side says “Terrible!”. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

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Dave was an eager guy who believed he could conquer the world. He had a strong confidence that created such momentum that it seemed like he was unstoppable. He was not born with opportunity, but he refused to let that deter him from achieving whatever he wanted. He did not lie, cheat, or steal, but he put complete confidence into his actions and made decisions fearlessly. This combination took him far. He would have his empire built in no time.

Along the way, he met a guy who was born with opportunity, and they became close friends. Although his friend was born with the opportunity Dave fought so hard to achieve on his own, no tension or pettiness arose from their differences. Instead of trying to one-up each other because of pettiness or jealousy, they would do it as a challenge to push each other to strive harder.

Then, Dave and his friend’s sister fell in love. She could look at him and instantaneously make his heart race. He dove completely in- just like he always did with things he wanted. They supported each other and would constantly push each other’s buttons (usually in a playful way and sometimes to push each other to grow out of their comfort zones).

They decided to take a trip to the beach for some relaxation and then planned to go back to work recharged. With the view of the sun lowering closer to the water, he lied with her on a hammock and forgot about his future empire. He loved a challenge, but in this quiet moment, he was blissfully happy.

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He felt like he always had to drag everything out of her. It was maddening and exhausting to him. She felt like she was incredibly open, and she voluntarily offered up a lot. It was incredibly frustrating to her that he seemed so oblivious to that, especially after she had attempted more than once to be very clear.

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Sometimes, her self-destruction seemed unstoppable, but she had fight in her. Her opponent was invisible which meant her normal strength would not help her prevail. She knew she would make it through, it was just a matter of figuring out how.

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Hmm, what should I write about? This 60 seconds is unstoppable. Wait! I just got started…

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He never grasped the radical influence he had on her.

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She staggered through part of the way and rode in a wheelchair for the rest of the way, but she completed the challenge.

» Posted By okayfine On 05.18.2018 @ 11:49 am

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