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This is an interesting one. I mean, I think people put too much into what they call deities, and I think that humanity has suffered because of it. Granted, everyone is entitled to believe what they will, but it seems lots of them do things in the name of their deity and mankind suffers as a result. It makes me sad.

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i think about old fairy tales or stories where the heroine or hero goes to the market and finds the witch who gives them the magic potion to save the day but it has a catch and it all ends up going right in an unexpected way

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hamburgers in apaper wrapper yum yum yum theyre best when youre hungry otherwise they’re not appetizing. late night hamburgers oh wow yes, best enjoyed at times you wouldnt normally be eating. never eat them from a cookout ew gross. hamburgers were meant to be enjoyed unorthodoxially. sdjfsdf

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Actual bullets…. they can injure; they can leave scars; they can leave behind a lot of damage. They are destructive in most cases. Words can be bullets, too.

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action movie arnold schwarzenegger bruce willis boom bitch get out the way allah akbar cool guys dont look at explosions thomas cruise terminator nicolas cage brad pitt

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….Why am I commenting??

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I really think workshops are helpful because they teach you so many things you might not have known about before. I would like to find lots of free workshops in my area but I haven’t found much luck finding anything free these days.

I really would like to find one for cooking, that would be super cool. Cooking is the best.

There are also workshops for things like finances and computer classes and pretty much everything! I don’t know why I don’t look for them more often. This website is pretty cool. it really helps just get some words out even if I don’t know what I want to write, this is actually pretty therapeutic. I don’t like that I only have one minute for each word but whatever, it

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“What a clever young thing you must think you are.” she scolded. She obviously did not notice the axe still hanging over her head. ready to fall at any moment.

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The first thing a monster is is a person. I was once told people didn’t want to portray Adolf Hitler in films as a human but as a monster because producers worried of offending audiences by not showing how horrible he is. But it’s actually more terrifying to see him as a human because that shows that humans can become monsters.

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Cannot process. This is too long, too painful. How could they do this. Can’t think, can’t think no more no more. It is so brief, so quick, but so excruciatingly long.

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ringer…. ringer… dead ringer…. looks just like him. He was a dead ringer for the man I used to know, used to love. He looked like him but wasn’t him. That made it worse somehow. Looking like him. Making me remember him. Making me long for what I could never have again.

» Posted By Nicole On 12.02.2015 @ 8:22 am


watch. people watch. it is amazing what people will do when they don’t think someone is watching. its amazing what you would do if you do not think someone is watching. makes you wonder, is anyone watching?

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simple is life. no its not. im not sure why i thought of life when i saw the word. life is the opposite of simple. but one thing is simple, life goes on. not matter what happens time will keep ticking. keep moving.

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Leon found the human routine rather boring – but how could he say anything about its trivialities when his work was so deeply rooted in routine? Work, work…work. Really, how was he any different from the average goldfish? At least they ate and slept because inherently, their nature motivated them to not only survive but live. Suddenly, Leon felt bland – unpleasantly, and unusually, bland.

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He or she researches into things, trying to find out more about it. They are hired to look into things. You can hire one to find a long lost mother that disappeared, or to investigate what happened in a certain situation, such as a murder.

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In order to get what we want in life, we need to instigate the things that are going to get us there. Before we can do that, we need to instigate a process that allows us to see where we are.

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The pie eating contest at the fair was so much fun it started out with 5 blackberry pies then it just kept coming. But by the time we got to the second round all the other players felt sick and had enough but not me. I got all the way to the fifth round of blackberry pie now i’m feeling sick i had enough pie for a whole year maybe a year and a half.

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cool word

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The tidal pools by the sea beds were very shallow you see things in there you can’t see with the water there. There’s still water but not that much it is shallow.

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This was a cool word to write about

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A snake in the garden has slither past my leg and it felt weird to me and mom screamed and through a shovel at it chopped off it’s head. Then my dad took it and put the head on the fire place for safe keeping well till his friends come over.

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Dark and lonely. They told me I’d be so lonely out there on the water by myself. No noise, no voices. Nothing but my own thoughts and the splashing of the water. The strange thing is, I wasn’t lonely. I never felt more alive, more at peace. I had struggle me entire life to put my thoughts at ease and I hadn’t been able to figure it out until now. Sure, being out on the water by myself for does was a little hard to get used to, but I came back home feeling better. I was the husband I wanted to be and the father I wanted to be for a couple days until I went back onto the water. Fishing wasn’t lonely. Fishing made me the person I needed to be

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“No, really, sign it,” she says, and she smiles.

He falters for a moment. On one hand, it’s totally his fault that she’s in the stupid cast in the first place; if he hadn’t challenged her to a race, hadn’t told her she was weak, she’d be totally fine right now. She wouldn’t be wearing the stupid, plastic, blue thing on her wrist, keeping her bones in place. On the other hand, she was asking him to, and when could he ever say no to her?

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She joined the protest because he wanted to. It was his thing. But as she stood in the crowd, holding a sign with a powerful message she didn’t believe in, something inside her changed. Looking at these crazy people from all walks of life – old, young, hippy, not hippy, what made her so different that they believed and she didn’t?

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Over the tall evergreen trees I saw a overwhelming plaza of stores. Coming from a small little town made this experience extremly frightning. Who knew things could change so fast?

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The doctors entered the ward where the patient was sitting trying to slide out of his chains. They had a long day ahead of them but promised they could make some leeway.

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My muscles continue to twitch as if they would never be able to move again. I lay there frazzled about how I got into this current situation. I never thought that I night out in the city would end with this. And I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever fully recover physically or mentally.

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My muscles continue to twitch as if they would never be able to move again.

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Their are a lot of little parasites. My boyfriend has leopard gecko and parasite gets the leopard gecko sick every once in a wile. They are a lot of different parecites

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I have never heard the word hover in my life.
It sounds kinda strange, and funny.

» Posted By nicole On 03.31.2015 @ 6:55 am

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