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Dad stumbled throught the door, carrying at least 50 bags of grocerise. “Do you need help!?” I asked, worried about the safety of the endeavour.
He gave a strangled nod and handed me a few of the heaviest bags. Even carrying those was hard. “I still don’t get that, how do you do this? I know you have to buy stuff for the party, but still…”
~that was all the time I had~

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The ringing of the doorbell drew me out of my slumber.
He was here.
I didn’t know what do do, or say, or think, or feel.
“Hello, “t I said, opening the foor slowly. He nodded and turned into the kitchen.
“Yes,” was the only word I heard from his conversation with my mother and father.
“It has been decided,” he said. “You’re coming with me.”

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Butterflies in my stomach every time I think about that word. It’s not the one you think about, the one that causes your heart to swell. It’s the butterflies that accompany a feeling of dread before your life changes. Funny that the word that causes this feeling in me is Cancer.

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directly directed directly. American culture is largely in-direct a stark contrast to many other cultures of the word. Notably, the United Kingdom. Also, Ghana. Direct communication. Confrontation.

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He took it. He took the bait! What a jerkoff. Who else leaves a full pizza in the middle of the road? Do people do that? What country is he from? Where does he shop for pants? What am I doing here?!

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He knew this was a secret that was meant to be kept to himself. If anyone knew, if anyone ever caught a glimpse of the horrors he’d succumbed the other to, everything would change. His lips were sealed, no one could trace it back to him. Nobody ever should.

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Fighting was not something they usually did. They were both rational individuals, they could talk things out before it escalated into a fight.

Then why were they sitting in separate rooms, dining at separate tables, living in separate houses?

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They fought mercilessly. The bills weren’t paid. The grass was never mowed. The flowers weren’t watered. They didn’t know quite know how to function together, but the one thing they always did was love. Their hearts were full.

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minho smiled. he smiled so wide and then suddenly his whole smile just toook over his entire face oh my god said taemin thtas such a big smile and then he got eaten becaus eobviosuly mouths dont have brains they just eat shit and key was like oh god and then he and jonghyun eloped and onew cried in the co

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You left your tracks on my heart. Leaving me blinded from the start. I had you in me. But you were like sand, I couldn’t hold you tightly, as you would slip around my fingers, but I can’t hold you lightly, as you would stay stagnant in my hands. You derailed me.

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the water raced in so fast that i didn’t even see it coming. the rain had accumulated so much outside on the beach, that our small house near the edge of the water lay directly in a flood zone. i felt frozen with fear and immediately panicked.

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cones can be any number of things – pine cones, ice cream cones, etc. ice cream is my favourite link. as a kid, i called it eye peam. kids, slothful of tongue, slow of cognition. wonder how they grow up into fully functioning adults.

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There wasn’t anything left. Unfinished stitches and loose threads–that was all. Maybe that’s something.

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A slant of light through a crevice in the wall drew her attention away from the coffee bar. It hit the side of an onyx table, reflecting back at her like a mirror.

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the sky is dark. unsurprising, given that it’s night. the air is totally silent; the seagulls gone. i can see a tiny light in the distance; i wonder briefly if it’s france, then shake my head at my own stupidity.
whereas once the smell of the salt would have thrilled me, now i feel sick. i become more and more aware of the blood pounding through my body; i wouldn’t disbelieve you if you said it was about to pour out of my ears; the lift scene in The Shining in human form.

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by fucking Society
with all those imaginations of beauty

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play. plays. singing. dancing. happiness ensues when i arrive at a musical. my ears begin to smile. i remember once seeing a play and sitting so close you could see the saliva coming out of the singers mouth.

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She wanted to go to another place, any place that wasn’t home. She wanted to see so many other places outside of where she was. See other places, not to live, just to see that there was more to the world than what she knew now. She wanted to visit, then maybe she could be content at home.

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Shows illuminate the way we see life. This shows us an overexaggerated version of daily lives entertaining the audience in a way tedious normality is unable to do. Through the characters we are represented as a stereotyped niche allowing us to feel as though we are a part of a larger community.

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He got the game down from the closet shelf one he hadn’t played in a long time. Let’s do this one okay? Yeah yeah okay. So they played the fucking game. And he lost he was always a sore loser but now that he was all grown up he just nodded and smiled.

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the cook sat in a dark, cold alley outside his place of work, a high end restraunt. He was thinking, about life and his place in it. What? he thought What was my place in this unfeeling world?

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The start of life, the start of a romance, the start of the life of a child. Your married life, a life with children, a life of poverty. They all begin somewhere. Just like you began somewhere and became who you are.

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We’re all covered with dirt. Dirt from now, dirt from the past…Physical dirt, metaphorical dirt. And being covered means our light doesn’t show through. For a dirt covering is often opaque. And nothing passes through.

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The other side of the road is always said to be a lot better than the one we’re on right now. But the truth is, just as Big Sean said, the grass isn’t greener on the other side- it’s greener where you water it.

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half man/half amazing
half of me say’s i can’t, half me knows i can

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i want to make a statment. in as little words as possible, with an impact as strong as a locomotive collision. what shall that statement be?

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holders are cool. a holder can be used to hol stuff up. or in. like, pots, or money, or cards, or party invitations. oh, or even an umbrella. holders can be made with funky designs, like a frog’s head or monkey, or donkey’s back. or camels. I love camels. they have beatiful skin. and then they have great strength. love camels man.

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sonar. detected em on my radar, they ain’t even make it that far. battles i fought along the way, left me quite scarred.

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it’s a room full of niggas. whatchu following me for? she loving the crew. said she loving the crew. blowin like a c4. got my whole crew blowing like a c4

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