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He only trusted what he could do, so he went by the river and dug a narrow, deep hole next to the old oak tree he used to swing from as a child. He pulled the stacks of cash from his shirt and stuffed them down into the dark soil.

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Lilting beauty in the depth of night, curling outward toward the light, delicately touching the curve of moon, openly blooming; sunward swoon.

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With lilting beauty she stretches limbs in the feathered medium of air, touching an invisible point with the finesse of a dove.

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The resin covered patches of his hands. He couldn’t wash it off, it being 19th century western America without modern soap. How did he get here?

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The slender spindle rose toward the sky like his longing in the night. “This tree gets it,” he thought. “He knows what it is for his love to be unreachable.”

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They barked so loud that I could hardly concentrate, these men going back and forth about whose ideas were best. What a meeting. And one point I burst into a fit of laughter, but tried to play it off like a sneezing fit.

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Sweeping across the plains, the wind left a brush of stillness in its wake. There, like riding in the draft of a truck, I sought the perfect moment of peace.

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“Get into it!” Sweaty, dancing, shining, black; he screamed from the depth of his soul a plea for us to get control of ourselves.

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“Dial it up, son,” the ragged farmer said to the fresh-faced, overall-wearing child in boots. “But daddy, will it be okay?” The old farmer side-eyed the boy. “All we got is now.”

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An effigy piled high with crumbling pine, toppling under the pressure of intense heat.

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She practically floated into the room. Like on a cloud. The crowd fanned out and faced her, each wearing a distinct look of awe. No one could deny it, she was

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Wheezing, moldy, gainely, and stumbling, the old man with tattered clothes shuffled with bone-thin limbs toward the kitchen. He opened the fridge door: margarine.

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By Grapthar’s hammer. It lay by Grapthar’s hammer. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The key to everything he had hoped for, everything he drea–

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Again? Again with this word? Who’s the lazy ad;lkasf;ajsf that doesn’t set this up on an automatic timer to change words each morning at, like, 6am EST (hint, hint). My life!

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It had all been part of the plan. He didn’t realize it until it was too late – until he felt the steel in his back. Shit, he thought. Why did I let my greed get in the way of the obvious danger? Darkness followed.

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Creeping into the room, clouding his view from the details of her face, after a few moments he was eclipsed in utter darkness. Was she still there? He could know, if only his arms still worked.

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His sneaky slither wound down the corridor until the window sill. He looked in. A pair of eyes stared back. A toddler. He couldn’t.

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His nostrils flared; his heart raced; his teeth clenched; his hands imploded into powerful fists; his face flushed; anyone could see it. He was infatuated with her.

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Climbing up the mountain, they came to an impasse; lurching over the trail was a stalwart rock. It jutted over the cliff confidently; and as such, deflated their confidence of progressing.

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He kept trying to get them to stretch to the ends of his arms; he would grasp the cuffs in each hand and furiously punch his arms toward the floor. We thought he was disturbed.

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“The black one,” he said with a smirk. Joshie looked at the gun in all its raw, mechanized potential; he couldn’t believe that his life-long best friend would risk his future to acquire it.

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“Our go-to-market strategy,” he rumbled. He stared the fresh-faced new recruit in the face, expecting a response. The recruit couldn’t begin to understand what the rumbling iron-sided executive wanted from him, so he sat stunned, attentive, but perplexed.

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I have vertigo, so whenever I look down I feel like I need to throw up. It’s embarrassing. Last time we were in New York at a party, there I was clutching a cocktail when I got a glimpse of how high we were on the roof. Barf city. All over the poor waiter’s hors d’oeuvre tray.

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Rising above the mist, grey spikes speckled the landscape. He had returned home, and an accompanying sense of dread filled him. He couldn’t face them with pride; he had to accept their pity.

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Of personality, there can be said to be many fiercely dedicated tribes.

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Rawr, err, ahhrn, ohn, eehn! Right in front of him, a gigantic robot burst forth from the form of a semi-truck. “Optimus?!” the boy said. “Who?” the robot replied.

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“Chaos, chaos,” he said, pondering the sound of the word. Instead of saying “Kay-oss” like any normal human being, he said “chowss.”

“I had a friend named Jim Shaos (Shaowss); so any time I see that word I say it like his name.”

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Telemetrically, telling tales true to turtle tail trends tries to tease terrors.

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Do you want to destroy my sweater? Pull this thread as I walk away. Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked. Lying on the floor, I’ve come undone.

He sang with compunction driving down the highway to his doom.

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The leaves drew from the trees that strength and warmth necessary for growth; the tree, from the soil; the soil, from the river; the river, from the ocean; the ocean, from the glaciers. Who knows what nourishes them?

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