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Slowly, shades grew pale and paler until the only shadows left were cast starkly behind prominent objects. The light brought definition, but also shadows.

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Bang echoed in the sky, off of clouds with silver linings, ringing through the lives of the lost, hopeless many; too few grew up enough to accept the destruction of their homeland; too few expected to rebuild; too few… too few…

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“I’ve forgotten my pass, you see,” he said. But the stonewall of a face didn’t crack with recognition. He fumbled to remember a few facts he could use as proof, but the adrenaline clouded the pool of his memory.

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Flipped the lip of the board, shredded the gnar-gnar gourd; shaggy, unexpected; intentional, predictable.

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Pouring over ancient manuscripts and compendiums of analysis from different periods, each contradicting their father’s generation’s conclusions, I looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then I wrote, “lol” in the margins of a 17th C copy of Canterbury Tales.

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A bronze belly perched on a mossy platform. A sea-green patina creeps from the crevasses of the folded arms.

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A conveyor belt. A line of my friends, old and new, and my family huddled immediately around me. The blast of heat didn’t wake us up; instead, it was the finality of it all. What do you think about when you’re about to die? That was the question on my mind.

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Choking sobs wracked his body; the grief was too much to bear.

Later, after the guests had gone, he was able to really let go. He collapsed into a puddle on the floor, and the tears collected from his groaning grief did indeed pool at a low point in the floor.

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In between waves he slumped over the plank and caught his breath. When finally he was no longer panting, he marveled that another wave had not already overtaken him. He looked up. The water hills were suspended around him in stasis.

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Dangling in front of him attached to the tree branch, there they were. He had risked life and limb, and lost both, only to be taunted by his goal just out of reach. He didn’t know anatomy, but he knew it better than a student in a classroom: he could see the largest bone in his arm protruding from the sliced skin.

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“Gah! Why can’t he see my signal?” “This asshole’s not getting in my lane” “S’cuse me…s’cuse me…” “Oh, shucks – sorry…it’s too late…”

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Wonderful, wonderful! He chuckled. This is turning out to be the best dinner party yet! The guests around him reflected his glee in sycophantic impressions. Then the waiter dropped a glass…

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Knocked him over, then picked him up by the neck – SMASH – now his body lay broken on the ground, stepped on by unbalanced fighters and innocents running for cover.

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With broad strokes he covered the wall. Then stepping back and cupping his chin between his index finger and thumb, he began to listen, to wait – wait for the wall to speak to him and breath life into the details that would soon come.

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“I’m not blaming you – I’m not blaming anybody! Maybe I-… I don’t know,” he buried his face in his shell-like hands and crumbled into sobs.

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He looked both ways – ahead of him, the battle raged with a ferocity unimaginable, and he could see the tide turning against his comrades, feel it in his bones; behind him were vast fields open to his cowardice…

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Another one sidled up to the curb, right behind the last – in fact, the driver of the first van who was hanging out of the sliding door squatted on his hams with mouth agape at the audacity of his rival.

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The hulking, shambling vehicle rolled up to the curb with sputtering starts and jerks. The driver slid out of his seat into the windowless body, then reappeared with a slide-away door. “Hey, kid,” he said to me. “Candy?”

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Sugary, syrupy, sticky sweet, the crystalline confection crunched and cracked and turned to goo.

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Stacks of cartons lined his closet and the far side of the room that was otherwise unused. “Probably about 10,000,” he replied. I wonder how many Don Mattinglys he has in there?

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He handed him the same plans from last time. The artifice had caused him dread and pain and even depressed sleepless nights. But he took it in his hands and, after he cursed, vowed to make it better.

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Craning toward the east, the massive building’s foundations had settled over the past 3,000 years. And yet it still stood before him, like an ancient witness against his way of life.

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You already asked me that. Why can’t you remember what I told you? It’s like, it’s like…what is it like? What…? Um…what – uh – what were we talking about again?

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“No, no, no – like this!” The old pro wrested the tool from the apprentice’s smooth, stuffed-sausage-looking fingers. The rough paws of the veteran deftly worked to beautiful effect.

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The flame lit the ceiling of the cave like the hoot of an owl, inconsistent and wavering, until at last they came upon the object of their desire. The jewel magnified and projected the light in blue spectrum throughout the enclosure with a magnificence that rivaled the ocean.

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The judge stared down his long, upturned nose at him. It was as though he had a scent, a particularly unpleasant odor that triggered in the judge’s mind a severity that didn’t belong to white people. And this scent wafted to the twelve deciding figures sitting comfortably in their cushioned chairs. They looked at him with the same disdain – as though he were a skunk, and nothing good could come from him.

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In between the walls, the staircase shot downward in a steep yawn. Upstairs was too hot, he thought; downstairs is too cool. I’ll try and fit my fat butt on this thin step.

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Her deep bronze skin tone nearly blended with the trunk of the tree. Her legs hung over the precipice toward the blue water. She spit out a pit.

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You play a dissatisfied secretary; I play a downtrodden office manager. We find each other, we find love. We make love like its our last day alive and find salvation in it.

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The structures and sinews of the DNA looked to him like jewel encrusted gold, sang to him like melodies and harmonies, and held together like buttressed Gothic cathedrals.

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