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She opened the box of paperclips and screamed. Her coworkers came rushing and by the time they reached her she was trembling. There were no paperclips in the box – only a finger remained.

» Posted By Mike On 12.22.2010 @ 11:33 am


I once had a cannon on my pirate ship that I fired at the Japanese port of Horiguchi. After I attacked Horiguchi, a bunch of ninja samurai hybrids came out and attacked my Pirate Ship, the Acacia. Basically, I had to fight ninja samurai hybrids by myself and knock them out with my chin because they tied me up to the mast of my ship. In short, I decimated the ninja samurai hybrids all by myself.

» Posted By Mike On 12.19.2010 @ 11:15 pm


a piece of history. no longer will children remember what this contraption is. the loss of this will also be a sad loss to vital ways of reproducing print in the case of an emeergency for society. i am not a nutjob. i am a 22 year old colleg e studen

» Posted By mike On 12.19.2010 @ 1:08 am


I like sticks. The most fun you can have with a stick in my opinion involves dogs. Dogs love to fetch and play with them. I have little ones, so they more like to chew them. It’s good for their teeth honestly, it scrapes off the plaque. I think bigger dogs might be more fun though, since they can carry them around and they’re big enough then to throw well.

» Posted By mike On 12.17.2010 @ 9:43 am


sheets and sheets and sheets and sheets of paper everywhere. How many trees? How many tree’s kids died for the sheets and sheets and sheets. Soft cotton sheets broken in. They need to be washed and not just sit on my bed collecting my aroma. I need new drier sheets.

» Posted By mike On 12.14.2010 @ 10:26 pm


so expensive and seemingly useless in this day and age…but they have a certain idea behind them. they provide something that email cannot

» Posted By Mike On 12.13.2010 @ 9:53 pm


the world is immense. ever expanding and ever flowing. everything is immense, the people we meet and the places we go. if we as people could even begin to grasp the world in its fullness, we would cease to understand.

» Posted By mike On 12.10.2010 @ 8:52 pm


a believer can be any thing from a christian to someone who just believes that soming is real or acually happened

» Posted By mike On 12.09.2010 @ 3:51 pm

A believer is someone who puts faith in the unknown, can transcend the metaphysical world and come to terms with a power greater than their own comprehension.

» Posted By Mike On 12.09.2010 @ 12:52 pm


He was amazed at how he could just stand there. Just accept what was happening, and freeze. It took him two seconds to slowly start to move. He picked up the microphone and he ripped ass on stage.

» Posted By Mike On 12.08.2010 @ 5:23 pm


Willow. It’s a depressing kind of tree. Which makes me wonder why someone would name someone else Willow. Are you hoping your daughter will be a depressing kind of girl? It’d be like naming you daughter “Melancholy.” Or naming your son “Bar Fight”

» Posted By Mike On 12.08.2010 @ 4:08 am

the willow wilted as fall turned to winter.
its color left.
the flowers fell; the stem snapped.
it was a shame, really.

» Posted By mike On 12.07.2010 @ 11:42 am


i hate going to the dentist. i don’t brush my teeth quite as often as i should. i do not however have any fillings yet and i am 40!

» Posted By mike On 12.07.2010 @ 4:56 am

i have several in my mouth and use them primarily for chewing but on occasion i open beer bottles with them. they are popular among people and animals who like to eat. i once used a pair of pliars to pull out my back molar. it hurt. these days i don’t pull my teeth out. munch munch munch

» Posted By Mike On 12.06.2010 @ 12:16 pm


hammer, on my hand, cuticles, What I want to do to a girl at a party. girls break it all the time. big projects, wood, coffin, that’s all i got..

» Posted By MIKE On 12.04.2010 @ 4:03 pm


ahhh, those big ears. they move me. they’re light and fluffy and they hear all we are saying and they never judge you they never hurt you. oh and people think of candy and naked women but thats not what those bunny ears think you really want.

» Posted By Mike On 12.02.2010 @ 9:56 pm

It was a small rabbit. The smallest of the group. The slowest, the smallest, the first to get pushed around. So when the dog dug under the fence and got in the yard, it was the first to get eaten.

» Posted By Mike On 12.02.2010 @ 1:14 pm


corn flakes corn flakes corn flakes. what to say about corn flakes. or any flakes? the chicken thing on the corn flakes box is creepy. I heard that corn flakes are horribly unhealthy because of a coating that is put on them to keep them ‘fresh’ and i was told not to eat them. i never liked them anyway.
snowflakes are cool too?

» Posted By mike On 11.23.2010 @ 1:33 am


» Posted By Mike On 11.22.2010 @ 7:16 pm

I love the snow flakes they are so pure and white! I wish my life was corn flakes so sweet and so tasty! I love both snow flakes and corn flakes! hahahaha PEACE

» Posted By Mike On 11.22.2010 @ 7:04 pm


Materials are what make the man. Look around your environment, take the tools that you need and the materials available and make something of yourself. Master your environment, master yourself. boobies

» Posted By Mike On 11.12.2010 @ 11:29 am


Certainly or is it maybe or might be or could be but mostly it maybe assuredly definite.

» Posted By Mike On 11.11.2010 @ 8:32 pm

certainly uncertain about that certain person, a certain phrase can mislead and tempt one for days, the rhymes certainly entertain the brain and sustain a certain steel curtain for love and hurtin’, the word certain i’m certainly murkin,

» Posted By Mike On 11.11.2010 @ 12:36 pm

things people say are ugly, watch what happens when certain words come together, 60 seconds certainly is enough to act tough and rough but enough with that stuff cause i’m for certain not about the huff and puff when i write cause it’s not right, certainly the best time is night

» Posted By Mike On 11.11.2010 @ 12:29 pm


I make kits. It’s my job, and it’s boring, inglorious work. Somehow has to do it though. Until they make computerbots that can, that is. The god damn computer bots are making the norms obsolete. They will soon make us all obsolete. The hubris, it keeps my up at night. Why was I cursed to be part of such a vapid race?

» Posted By Mike On 11.05.2010 @ 1:52 pm


it is used in harry potter and in lots of films. it is a potion of somesort which can heal people. also it is on vido games such s final fanatasy 13 :L i dont actually know what one is lol im just writting

» Posted By mike On 11.03.2010 @ 6:25 am


I missed the bus this morning. I had to walk to school. I was late and got detention. Then I had to spend an hour after school, and missed the bus again. It was a horrible day.

» Posted By Mike On 10.29.2010 @ 4:55 am


the siren. the siren was in my eyeballs and my earholes. hte siren ouched my brain cells. the siren must stop. i must stop the siren.

» Posted By Mike On 10.27.2010 @ 11:00 pm


I was once hit by a big wave off the shore. It spun me around and got in my nose. When I came to, I was aware only of the physical sensations I was experiencing. The sand, the water, the sun.

» Posted By mike On 10.26.2010 @ 6:51 am


the panel on the wall was lose. what was behind it? peering through the crack I saw a passage way leading down a smooth slope. I tried to open the panel farther open to fit through but was unable to.

» Posted By Mike On 10.24.2010 @ 9:30 am

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