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instructions are totally irritating, you never should follow them because there’s no point. do what you want, do what you like and it’ll be fine. do whatever you want just remember to stay happy no matter what happens, even if that involves not following instructions :)

» Posted By Mia On 07.21.2012 @ 12:01 pm


It stretched as long as the horizon, tracing the curve of the earth. I did not know how long it went, or who it connected to, but I felt as long as I followed it, I would find what I was looking for.

» Posted By Mia On 07.18.2012 @ 8:21 pm


“Sir, I think we’ve found the location of the jets, we’ve picked up their sonar,” a man with black head phones told his commander, staring at a dark screen with dots.
“Send the coordinates to the troops! We’ll shoot them out of the sky!”
“Yes sir!”

» Posted By Mia On 07.17.2012 @ 8:32 pm


Whenever I think of decorations, I think of holidays.
the twinkling lights from the trees and houses, making them appear like glowing candy houses in the night
The little eggs scurried in the grass during easter, filling the minds of children with bunnies and joy.
The round cranberries garnishing the skin of the turkey, making it glow all the more golden.

» Posted By Mia On 07.16.2012 @ 8:24 pm


A bucket is one of the simplest things in the Universe. It’s a kind of large bowl you use to put stuff in. With a handle, so you can easily transport this stuff.

» Posted By Mia On 07.09.2012 @ 4:08 am


One minute. That’s all she had. She could see the clock on the wall tick away the remaining seconds, the last precious moments she had of this life…

» Posted By Mia On 06.22.2012 @ 8:44 pm


It wasn’t just curiosity, it was something more, something wanting to know. I was keen on finding out. Slowly, carefully and barefoot I made my way across the polished floors, the moonrays reflecting back at me. The door to the study was in sight. The only problem was the last door on the right. There was this loose board, and I never quite new where it began. So I held my breath as I knew I drew near it, and passed over it successfully.

» Posted By Mia On 06.18.2012 @ 7:19 pm


brief life.
i before e, except after c.
boxers. and time.
the short time i have to write anything, anything
anything at all, in
the space of a single deep breath

» Posted By Mia On 06.12.2012 @ 9:35 pm


Switching places has always been a dream of mine. To switch with someone who has loads of money would be preferable but anyone will do. Just for a day because I do love my family. So to switch would be fun.

» Posted By Mia On 06.11.2012 @ 5:41 pm


theres a racket in the box. A lonely racket. What am I supposed to do with a racket if it doesnt have a ball? Damn, rackets boring me. What else is in this box? A shoe… A string… Food… oh YUCK!!

» Posted By mia On 06.11.2012 @ 4:38 am

balls everywhere
that shit hits hard as fuck
and so fun to play though
I wish i can get up and play more

» Posted By mia On 06.10.2012 @ 3:42 pm


He took one look at the little box. Small. Unyielding. Locked. His hands clenched the cold bars that caged him. A huff took him back from the only hope of freedom.

» Posted By Mia On 06.01.2012 @ 3:28 pm


How do I retrieve what I have lost? My heart, my strength. How do I retrieve my true self from this soul crushing experience …

» Posted By Mia On 05.25.2012 @ 1:54 am


Jimmy sat upright in bed. What was that sound? He was sure he had heard it from somewhere within the house.

» Posted By Mia On 05.04.2012 @ 9:24 pm


i think its tuesday but sometimes when i hear that sound, i think maybe its no. maybe its some kind of time that doesn’t quite fit into the rhythm of the week but instead makes the clock tick backwards and not in a ” i cant wait for this to end, but in a this is perfect kind of way.

» Posted By mia On 04.21.2012 @ 2:41 pm


The rain sloshed down onto the pavement. “Mommy! Mommy!” the little boy shouted. “Can I go play in the rain?”
“Absolutely not! You’ll catch cold in this weather!” his mom responded.

» Posted By Mia On 03.30.2012 @ 11:36 am


I want to capture your heart, to encase it in paper and let ink fill your veins
This is my story, my own soul splayed out on the operation table. Here are the tools, break it open in anyway you want to. You’re the one in charge.
My character is but your eyes, but my character was not made for you. He was meant to live and breathe in the pages, and there he stays.
Though if what he learned fills you, then I’ve done my job.

» Posted By Mia On 03.28.2012 @ 8:15 pm


The little boy caught the fly in his fist and immediately went running to his mom. “Mommy, I got it! I got it!” he shouted. He couldn’t wait to show his friends the next day.

» Posted By Mia On 03.27.2012 @ 4:13 pm


The wood drifted away. Away from the beach, away from the memories. Away from the little boy with the sand bucket and shovel. Maybe someday he’ll be back, but that day is far, far in the future.

» Posted By Mia On 03.26.2012 @ 12:54 pm


This word is like a fuse.
Gentle, wispy, its three threads formed together into a single braid. Innocent yet it calls for flames.
You wouldn’t want to meet its friends.
You might go boom.

» Posted By Mia On 03.25.2012 @ 6:17 pm


He stuffed the body in the trunk and hastily got into the car and drove away. Breathing deeply, he considered what he had just done.

» Posted By Mia On 03.22.2012 @ 6:04 pm


Beauty pageants are cruel. Sure, they make kids feel good about themselves if they win, but they also teach them that beauty is the most important thing. If they don’t win, it hurts their self-confidence.

» Posted By Mia On 03.19.2012 @ 7:11 pm


Cave men used torches. They also used torches in Shrek when the men are hunting ogres. Shrek turned out to be nice, though. The torches really weren’t necessary. At all. Torches use fire.

» Posted By Mia On 03.18.2012 @ 1:13 pm


a staple in my wardrobe is my smile. i always need to smile, because otherwise you dont see what is really beautiful about me. forget clothes, i can go out in an ugly outfit but with the biggest smile on my face and still look beautiful.

» Posted By Mia On 03.18.2012 @ 8:20 am


I like stripes. I also like dots. Patterns can also be red, blue, red, blue, etc. Or, they can be circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, etc. I’m not wearing any patterns right now.

» Posted By Mia On 03.15.2012 @ 1:19 pm


Petitions are very important. With a petition, a group of people can get something done. My mom once signed a petition to change Dexter from a village to a town.

» Posted By Mia On 03.14.2012 @ 8:38 am


I believe in God. I believe that he loves everybody. Some people don’t believe that he loves gay people, but the Bible says he loves everybody, and that’s good enough for me.

» Posted By Mia On 03.12.2012 @ 6:02 pm


im am not very professional. and i think i will never be just sometimes i dont know. i think my father ist and my grandfather but its hard and even if you do you best

» Posted By mia On 03.05.2012 @ 1:31 pm


providing light to those who need it giving shadow to those who want concelement. a glow in the darkness and a darkness provided by the contrast of light to dark. hung or held the light is there and is a force of nature.

» Posted By mia On 03.01.2012 @ 9:58 pm


I remember sitting in literature class, the teacher talking, and us learning about epics like The Odessy and Ramayana. It all seemed so in depth. The stories were simple at first, but once you really learned about them and their meanings, your world and view of literature opened a thousand new doors.

» Posted By mia On 02.03.2012 @ 6:59 am

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