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i am strung out. i am lost. i confused and jumbled and feeling too much. I am tired. exhausted. gone. over. wishing for more.
I have been traveling, trekking, searching and longing.
I have it and now the feelings are vast; have enveloped all of me.

» Posted By Mia On 06.16.2013 @ 11:56 am


Like an 80s montage?! Like Scooby Doo!!!!! Man, I loved Scooby Doo. It was awesome. What with Velma and Daphne and Fred and everyone. And the mysteries were awesome! If a little cliche because it always has the same ending…I mean, a person in a costume.

» Posted By Mia On 06.07.2013 @ 6:51 am


She listened to the soft lullaby and was hit with a sudden blast of deja-vu from her childhood, earlier than she’d ever dreamed she could remember, a scene of someone singing her a soft lullaby as she lay in her cot. Who was that someone though? It certainly didn’t sound like either of her parents!

» Posted By Mia On 05.20.2013 @ 4:49 am


There are no more people left in Manhattan. At least I don’t think so. At the same time I don’t want to find any people; I worry that they’ll kill me, eat me, that even within these past three days I’ve been alone humanity has turned around and forgotten how to actually be human.

» Posted By Mia On 05.17.2013 @ 7:01 am


soap smells good, feels good, it cleans the skin washing away sins, bubbles to lessen troubles. clean thinking reigns.

» Posted By mia On 05.09.2013 @ 2:55 pm


As we all go about in our lives I see that the wicked ones will always play and tumble about. What will ensue if those doors are not opened in time? Which shall we poke about and stare into the great abyss that is our lives.

» Posted By mia On 05.01.2013 @ 8:35 am


there is wheat in bread and some people are allergic to wheat. My cousin is. that is why there is gluten free bread and flour stuff. so now my cousin is happy and he can eat bread. there is yeast to activate wheat and therefore, make bread. bread

» Posted By mia On 03.30.2013 @ 9:41 am


The darkness stepped up behind her, wrapped a silken hand over her mouth, but she did not scream. She wouldn’t waste any more time on that. Turning, she wrapped her thin arms around the only thing that had ever comforted her. How could anyone ever cursed the darkness? Silence and comfort, it was all she had ever loved.

» Posted By Mia On 03.21.2013 @ 12:06 am


That blasted car. It’s gone and stopped again. No matter how much I turn the key, nothing happens.
Blast. Where am I? Where can I get help? This blasted car. I should’ve known better than to take on this drive when I knew that the car was going to die any moment. Blast blast blast. I wish I hadn’t done this.
Let me check my phone.
Of course it’s dead.

» Posted By Mia On 03.14.2013 @ 9:21 pm


We’re all growing up. It’s crazy, a year from now we’ll all be so different. Different places, different faces. I look back on all the memories and realize how much everything has changed. Growing up, getting older, moving on, becoming bolder.

» Posted By mia On 02.08.2013 @ 10:19 pm


i can’t choose at this very moment . at this time of my life i just can’t . they say when you’re in love you’re not capable of controlling your behaviors and i know am not . i love him and i hate all the options , but maybe i’ll just choose him after all .

» Posted By Mia On 01.18.2013 @ 6:50 am


there’s so much to do with size in our world. Society wants more and more. The more, the better. The bigger the portions and cheaper, the better value. What happened to economising our resources? What happened to saving the scarce world and the recourses in it?

» Posted By mia On 01.15.2013 @ 4:02 pm


There was a fire. A really hot fire, burning red and orange and yellow. I could’t even bear to look at it as it burned down the house; my description is based off what I’ve seen in movies alone. The fire could’ve been blue, for all I know. I hear that blue fire is the hottest fire. It burnt down so fast, the fire must have been blue.

» Posted By Mia On 12.26.2012 @ 6:14 am

since i was a kid i’ve always been afraid that my house would burn down. all memories lost…

» Posted By mia On 12.26.2012 @ 4:15 am


A scatterbrained individual, with bits and pieces flown about everywhere with no effort to contain them. Scatter is the opposite of being whole, it is having everything split, divided, strewn everywhere.

» Posted By mia On 12.21.2012 @ 10:29 pm


sate to satiate to satisfy temptation and desire of the hungry of those that desire vultures so voracious unwilling to fight their urges

» Posted By mia On 12.19.2012 @ 5:13 pm


methods, algoritms the reason why I hate math, the reason why I love theatre I am an anti method student a semi method actress I love to change my methods, god forbid I have to use the same method for writing twice.

» Posted By Mia On 12.09.2012 @ 6:13 pm


i look at the pills in my hand and escape into a plethora of colours, textures, shapes and the limitless sky engulfs me while the scorching flames lick the bottoms of my feet as i try to enter potential enlightenment.

» Posted By mia On 12.04.2012 @ 6:51 pm


My mind races to chemistry class. Our teacher, Ms. Nanola,asks our group to complete a problem on the board. We look at each other hesitantly, seeming to convey the notion that none of us really know what to do…the homework didn’t make any sense.

» Posted By mia On 10.23.2012 @ 4:44 pm


I see him. on the football field. playing the game he loves. it’s a time out. he looks at me. for a moment i forget to look away. how can i get the nerve to talk to him? we talked over the summer. but september has made a ridge, and now i can’t help but be afraid. i like him. will he ever like me?

» Posted By mia On 09.23.2012 @ 5:20 pm


i will begin , and then I will finish and to begin is always the hardest but also the sweetest and then we will win

» Posted By Mia On 09.21.2012 @ 7:35 am


in english the other day we read about this town in michigan where people got free college and i was like what happens if someone claims to be what is supposed to be an anymous benefactor. i hate when people claim that they do things but really havent

» Posted By mia On 09.19.2012 @ 7:33 pm


imagine what you could accomplish if you had super human senses. many people do, unfortunately for most they must give up one in order to hyper develop the other but this shows us that it can be done.

» Posted By Mia On 09.16.2012 @ 7:31 am


my friends are darlings, and so are cute little ducks. i love both because they are the sweetest and most genuine forms of beauty in life. true friends are darlings to be treasured

» Posted By mia On 08.30.2012 @ 5:04 pm


Did you ever think about the rolling days?
The way they just melt away?
They fester in your heart like the draining heat
Then leave your mind in a painful heap.

I want to refuse that the summer ends
And watch the sunsets when the days end
Will fall bring it back, this wonderful feeling
of freedom and hope and this weightless feeling?

» Posted By Mia On 08.27.2012 @ 7:12 pm


There she was. The model. The myth. Miss Tyra Banks.

She must have been standing about ten feet away from me. At first, I wasn’t sure it was her. In the last magazine picture I’d seen of her, her hair had been blonde. But I still knew it was her. I could tell by the passport she was holding in her right hand. It was open, dangling beside her hip on the page that had her picture on it. I couldn’t see the name, but I didn’t need to.

On the bottom left corner of the page, I saw the picture of her face. It was the face of a model.

» Posted By Mia On 08.13.2012 @ 7:07 pm


Is the most important part of a written speech, because missing puncture can change the whole meaning of it.
I use mostly the “!”, because it expresses the strongest human feelings.

» Posted By Mia On 08.07.2012 @ 6:03 am


The camera was square in front of her face as the question left the reporter’s mouth. She plastered on a sickly sweet, overripe smile at the obvious twinkle in his eye – the classic “gotcha” look.
If she wasn’t the president of the United States, she might’ve smacked him. God she wanted to.
“Yes, David,” she said. “It’s true.”

» Posted By Mia On 08.02.2012 @ 8:43 pm


She collected her breath reached into the top cabinet. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she’d seen him place it there the day before–watched his fist, closed, disappear behind the wooden door and then retreat just as quickly as it had entered. He’d glanced in her direction immediately afterward, studying her for an understanding he didn’t want her to have, and she’d looked down right away at the sandwich she was eating. She didn’t really want to be responsible for understanding.

» Posted By Mia On 07.28.2012 @ 4:30 pm


I see its fluffy white, exterior, swirling around to the stop like the whipping of an ice cream cone. On top of its winter splendor, colorful circles are placed on top, popping out the sheer extremes of the colors.

» Posted By Mia On 07.22.2012 @ 8:07 pm

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