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Without him, her life was bland. Tasteless, quiet, and all of the things that she hated. He was her rock, her love. She had lost her home.

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The goat, unfathomed by my approach, steadily continues up the hillside to reach what he desires. I notice him take a stumble, but the salty substance’s allure is too high for him to resist despite taking a tumble. I guess he just really craves that mineral.

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I see the goat, working effortlessly on its trek to taste what he desires. Although the angle is nearly 90 degrees, the goat is unfathomed. I guess he craves it too much. The salty substance is almost within his grasp, and just as quickly as it took for him to get there, he ungracefully tumbles down the mountainside.

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I walked into his house. It had a strange familiar feeling. Like I belonged there. He smiled warmly and it just felt natural to be there with him. He went into the kitchen to get me a drink, and I glanced around the room. There wasn’t much on the walls, except for a painting of a bear and her cub. He came back into the room and, finally, the masks we had been wearing fell off.

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My heart is complicated. One moment it is furious and raring to go, to tear someone apart, and the next it is falling back, struck by guilt and pain and remorse.

It should not be this way. I should be in control.

» Posted By Mia On 11.24.2014 @ 7:18 am


Caramel was a pretty girl, but she didn’t see it. You see, she didn’t see her eyes sparkle when she spoke about a weird hobby she was passionate about. She didn’t see the way boys looked at her or the way girls admired her. She didn’t see the real her.

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The stillness of the house was dead painful. I only could hear the sound of the quiet birds. It was unbelievable thinking of so many years that passed and none of them was meaningful.

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extremely sterile

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no sense
not true
doesn’t make sense

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Her hair was unkempt and messy. It felt out of control and wild, just like her life. But she started to play with it and realized she could shape it to whatever she wanted. She could control it by using her hands, her brain, her ingenuity. She could create from chaos.

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The sun started to pour in the room as I slammed down my glass. I usually didn’t drink hardcore stuff, but last night’s events definitely called for it. I was drunk. Drunk wasn’t even an appropriate word for it, I was hammered. And I felt good. I was able to finally let go of the sting of pain I felt whenever I heard your name.

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I would like to some day make it.
re ve nu: a product name
renue renew
new nue
vereneu (french) (probably)
eunever (unlike euthanasia) (forever)

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“You’ll have to push me off” I exclaimed as we loaded the plane, my mind wanted the thrill of jumping but I knew my body would never willingly let itself fly from a aircraft thousands of feet in the air. Self preservation they called it, its there to protect your body from harms way, what it really was, was a nusience. Fear that paralyzed my body and brain from adventure, constantly afraid of the what if’s of injury and possibly death. But in the end we all die, I’ve never understood self preservation or the fear of death even though that very same fear was programmed into me from the womb. Babies have the fear of falling, they gasp and shake when feeling the insecurity of gravity for the first time when held in an insecure grip, yet they know nothing of the world around them. They only know instilled fear that somehow had been written into their genetic code in the nine months they spent incubated in a safe warm womb. But why are we afraid? We were dead long before we were alive and we knew no different, When we think of the times before we were alive, when we didn’t exist, when we were all technically dead, we don’t feel fear, yet the moment we come bursting out of the womb we fear retreating back into death. Refusing to let some false sense of self preservation hold me back, I tightened my parachute and jumped fearfully from the plane on my own.

» Posted By Mia On 10.14.2013 @ 10:46 am


Baekhyun walked around aimlessly. It seems that everyone was having a fun time at the celebration of their 12th win for ‘Growl’ and he wanted to join in but he was too busy looking for a very important giant.

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I watched the footage again. What ad just happened? Did someone actually try to break into my teacher’s classroom? What was the intruder trying to find? Obviously, there must be something in there. Something worth being arrested for trying to get it. I don’t know what it is, but I know I must find out.

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sssssssssssss…………scrape. Flip. ssssssssssssss…….,scrape.

Flip. Leap, fly, run.

“Order’s up!”

Faster. Faster.

“Double Quarter Pounder and an extra large fry!”

The spatula falls. The door opens.

Stumble. Run, fly, escape.

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The princess knew the rules, bow, smile, wait for life to be lived for you. She tied a piece of cloth around the jouster’s weapon and squealed when she caught the flower he threw, but her eyes did not meet his and her thoughts were beyond the clouds.

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Cristina peeked through the curtains. They were still out there, in perfect bikinis covering just enough to be legal, laying on beach chairs and towels. There skin was darkening, darkening, brown, and then red. Cristina smiled and let the curtain drop back in place. Then she threw the empty bottle of sleeping pills into the trash before walking out the door.

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The snake pit was pushing it. The swinging blade of death was more than I had prepared for, but I continued on. But this, this is asking too much. What prize could possibly be worth this?

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I never meant to get into trouble, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. If I was awake then my mouth was going and I’m not one to take anything seriously. Violence, drugs, and other big offenses weren’t my game, but when it came to backtalk I reigned supreme.

» Posted By Mia On 07.23.2013 @ 1:59 pm


Being a cat wasn’t all that bad. Sure, it made switching the channel on the tv a little complicated, but chasing mice was fun and cats didn’t have homework or rooms to clean. She was pretty sure she could get used to her new life.

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She hesitates at the first box, but slowly fills in her name, then her age, and her address. She fills in the form as completely as possible, but when she reaches the last box she stops. She has run out of lies.

» Posted By Mia On 07.22.2013 @ 8:42 am


Slip around the corner. Creep under the table. Skip from shadow to corner. His goal is near. He almost makes it. Then she is there, picking him up and snatching away the plate of freshly baked cookies.

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The fence looked out of place standing alone at the end of the row of townhouses. She wondered what kind of people lived there, relics from another time, fitting the house, but not the neighborhood. She searched frantically for a glimpse, but the bus pulled away and she was left with only guesses.

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Tomorrow will be different. When the sun shines bright she is invisible. She will slide from sun beam to sun beam and nobody will be the wiser. It is only when night falls that they see her, glowing brighter than the street lights.

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I dreamed of being a calm, collective person. Whenever I was stressed or angry, I would always whisper that word, steady. It relaxed me and helped me focus on that one task or that problem instead of being overwhelmed.

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she looked me in the eyes, hurt, ashamed, sorrowful; she was pushing the weight of the world on with me, and I was helpless, my lies just silent whispers against her shattered breathing.

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My Grandmother has arthritis in her hands and in her knee. She has trouble walking now. She used to be so active. Trudging up stairs, tending to the garden of her condo estate. circling around the mall before the stores open every morning. But now she needs knee surgery. And that scares me. She has fallen into depression, and she’s let herself go. She’s given up. And that scares me. She’s always so tired.

» Posted By Mia On 06.24.2013 @ 3:04 pm

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