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I pulled the line in. A fish was hooked securely in the mouth. I was so excited because this was the first time I had ever successfully caught a fish. I went over to show my dad, when suddenly I heard the most mysterious noise in the woods, and I just had to have a look…

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to empty a container of liquid into something.

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Her dog wagged her tail. She was the greatest dog a person could ask for. She was obedient and loyal, but even more important than that, she was her best friend. The dog, whom she called Gretti, would listen to her secrets and stand by her when times got tough and she just needed someone to be around.

» Posted By mia On 10.10.2009 @ 7:13 pm


i love making cookies with flour and i love the smell and the feel of flour i love that it’s white it can be pasty later and you cant throw it up in the air and it’s awesome flour is just great it can look like baby powder or cocaine sometimes and you can make cocaine cookies and get cocaine flower on your mustache.

» Posted By Mia On 10.09.2009 @ 11:13 pm

I poured the flour into the bowl. I was making a cake for my mom’s birthday. She does so much for me, I wanted to bake a cake for her as a little sign of my gratitude. The cake will be yummy.

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I was walking through the school grounds with my new crush, when suddenly, I felt some sprinkles of water fall upon my shoulders. I turned around, and saw that the sprinklers had turned on. My crush immediately grabbed my hand and we danced in the “rain”.

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I was walking through the pasture with orchids growing all around me. I was walking with the person that I loved, but can i ever tell him? I wish he would pick one of those beautiful flowers and give one to me, so that I know he loves me too.

» Posted By mia On 10.07.2009 @ 6:46 pm


Recorder. It can express so many different personalities, emotions, and sounds. Someone can play a very soulful piece that comes from the heart, or they can also play a very fun piece that expresses themself.

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We were trying to survive the storm. How were we going to make it? I wondered. I was pacing in place. The tornado was approaching fast, we were in the basement, away from windows, and listening to the radio.

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my mom always uses this when she cooks. it’s so stinky i know and they seldom wash it. i really don’t care much about this it’s so girly and stuff. i actually don’t have anything to write anymore. ugh. this is so boring. lalalala. waiting for the time to finish. hmm. humming. hahaha :))

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She knew she shouldn’t be running away, but it was her only option. At least, that’s what it seemed like. No one wanted her, no one needed her. She could imagine her premature funeral, completely barren and lacking of any human being. Maybe Jacob would be there, but it was unlikely, what with his new girlfriend and all. She stuck out a thumb, and watched the cars whizz by her, uncaring.

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What is a clip? A clip is a hair clip, which can hold hair back and make it take a whole new form. A clip is also to clip ones hair.

» Posted By mia On 11.01.2009 @ 9:05 am


She’s just a diamond in the rough, a rare piece of beautiful artwork. She’s a gem. Sparkling personality, beautiful, bubbly, cherished, wanted. She’s beautiful. I want her to be mine.

» Posted By Mia On 10.26.2009 @ 8:07 pm


I just know. I don’t know how, but I do. He hates me. It’s a feeling. A strange bubbling fear in my gut that yells at me to avoid him every time I see his face. Awkward are our conversation. Monosyllabic. It’s strange how things change.

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We asked for permission to leave early. The mistress said, “No, y’all gotta stay here til the mornin’ comes ’round and feed them chickens thems food.” We groaned in dismay. I didn’t what to think about the mistress; one moment she’d be so nice to us, and the next it’d be like everything we did was done wrong.

» Posted By mia On 10.17.2009 @ 10:27 am

I want to go on a field trip. To compare lunches, to fight over who to sit by on the bus. To ooh and ahh at the childhood home of Mark Twain or pretend not to be scared of a dinosaur skeleton. Where did those days go?

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The trees were swaying in the breeze. I looked at him, standing there alone in the evening sunset. I was trying to get the courage to go over there and talk with him. We used to be such good friends, but now it’s a little intimidating. We haven’t talked in a long time, but there is still this hope in my heart that he might still love me.

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She glanced at the man nervously, not understanding why he was staring at her in the first place. Was she out of place? Was it her shoes? Her skirt? Her blouse? Did she spill something? She didn’t like the look of the guy at all. Maybe it was his intense grey eyes. Or his casual slouch. Something wasn’t right at all, she thought to herself. And yet, it felt very right at the same time.

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It feels like I’m sinking. I don’t want to sink. But I can’t prevent it. Opps I sunk

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