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you stay yourself
you change the same
is there money
in this morbid game
you sell yourself
the meme to maim
your barrier
is sensible
you present yourself
as a vapid hole

» Posted By matt m On 11.30.2018 @ 1:04 pm


walking around
or maybe rome
we kissed
does it get any better than this?
the water up to our knees
my blood cut, begging concierge please
you crack a smile by the sea
take a tour of these
small towns, big cities
nothing means anything anymore
don’t take life too seriously
two weeks, too weak to speak
we’ll always have italy
a thing we’d say
if either of us managed to change
too many days, too long away
a dream always changes the same

» Posted By matt m On 11.29.2018 @ 1:09 am


oh jodi
you figured out the corners of my heart
and you creased them all for you
i got text stood up
i want a boom or a bang
will i ever see you again?
i got a Voltaire wish
to claim my stake with you
it’s this Hawthorne life
now that i’m far apart from you

» Posted By matt m On 11.27.2018 @ 2:19 pm

the corners
of my wrinkled paper heart
are cut from the same cloth
as the fabric
of your dresses
so vintage and so new
can you remember the time
we spent all our money at yaffa
in the village
it closed last year
i think it’s because of us
reminds small businesses
like our pretense
they die too.

» Posted By matt m On 11.27.2018 @ 2:12 pm


is there a moment
steering away from the road
oncoming traffic
feeling the highs and lows
it’s so so
the honk of the horn
the drift of the wind
the smell of roses
my heart’s fed up
with a boom and a bang
it’s a rumor thing
it’s too much
this drive
to see you

» Posted By matt m On 11.26.2018 @ 9:44 am


heil, whoever
this world is shit
pontificating authoritarianism
hailstorm abomination
echoes from the past in the moment
time is an abstraction it repeats again
angst of a forgotten time
is a quiet whisper
hagiography graffiti
spitting on our graves
don’t you want this to happen now?

» Posted By matt m On 11.22.2018 @ 1:01 am

staring at the dream of the consequent
laughing at the reality
as we defend the mediocrity
why we take our time
when there’s only the moments in between
those breaths we pretend to take
the hailstorm of drudgery is so pithy
the yawning of the maw is so gaping
while i’m never here although my body is
i can’t remember why
the sighs are so clean
and explain more than
i want them to

» Posted By matt m On 11.22.2018 @ 12:10 am

oh prem do you remember
those summer days
the memory fades
i was playing basketball
your lip was bleeding
an ice pack pink stained
and a hailstorm of lemonade
the green eyed girl
i had never seen before
etched into my mind’s eye
calling to me in my deep sighs
there’s never been anything like this
nothing quite like my mind’s eye
nothing quite like your eye
nothing quite like you and i

» Posted By matt m On 11.21.2018 @ 5:24 pm

the streaming of our collective consciousness
interrupted by the static of confusion
last lost of living in these progressively stranger days
the hailstorm maelstrom of information
no wonder we can’t procreate
we don’t touch fingers abated

» Posted By matt m On 11.21.2018 @ 10:06 am

it’s a cold day in hell if i won’t think about these days
in a future where my past is a frozen contemplate
is there a better moment gone as i ruminate the change
the weary hailstorm is the warmest all the same

» Posted By matt m On 11.20.2018 @ 11:42 pm


broke like dollar penniless again
distressed depressed repressed from the
perfect analogue
in a digital download
our reference to the past are prosaic
or perhaps pretentious
i can’t remember the last time
we felt relevant
the last time words we spoke
evoked inspired endless sensation
elated before deflated
bored bored boredom
of this capitalistic strife
bore me until i’m broke again

» Posted By matt m On 11.14.2018 @ 11:56 pm


a broken break backed moment
stuck in time a sigh echoed in sheets
covered over our heads
you came so late in the night
moist, full of fancy free

i an anxious man never saw it coming
you so flowing and unencumbered
we did the things you think
you can’t talk about
even though we did
in that dusty yellow motel
i wish i was there tonight
an echo of a time when i felt right

» Posted By matt m On 11.08.2018 @ 1:41 am


what else do you have to offer
a mindless word or two in conversation
about simplicity vocations
i need a vacation
away from the realization
civilization is masturbation
flaunting timeless cliches about
political indoctrination

» Posted By matt m On 10.18.2018 @ 11:47 am


i gather you haven’t quite thought this out
your opinion is so, so
softly swaddled
in opinion pieces
pisces fish
piece of shit
told what to think
how to live
by white men
who want to sap you
of your strength

» Posted By matt m On 09.28.2018 @ 10:36 am


a mustachioed malcontent
a brooklyn eyed intolerance
where is the smile you had
why don’t you forget the sad
waxy thin musk of oil
pockmarked dreams toiled trouble
your handlebars are horrible
your scandal scars are laughable

» Posted By matt m On 09.18.2018 @ 1:56 pm


only lonely little bushy tailed pal
a momentary glance we shared
instinct common link
we open our minds to each other
a vacant glare
a heart stare
squirrel, inspire me

» Posted By matt m On 09.17.2018 @ 3:09 pm


i’m not afraid of dying
rather, i’m afraid of not living
sometimes life feels lifeless
the world is ill, consumed by illness
i cannot fathom an attempt
to continue in this worthless state
i am saved by the concept of no other state

» Posted By matt m On 09.16.2018 @ 11:24 pm


i can’t seem to write a word
this insults my intelligence
you know we’re better than this
a frothy foam drips from the page
patiences eradicated
child coming
moments fewer
my ex girlfriend thriving
my days deafening
my fleeting feeling forget me
my patience insults me
it goes away
puts me in a box

» Posted By matt m On 09.11.2018 @ 1:56 pm


i try hard to understand the kind of pain
you like to inflict in me
you struggle to understand
the momentary lapse of reason
your anger provokes
uttered words unthought
lost in broken back egoist
if i stay
i’m leaving soon

» Posted By matt m On 09.09.2018 @ 1:06 pm


i can’t write words
they come out in jumbles
too long too verbose
overdosed on inconsequence
trying to get a point across
the anti human humanity future
a creativity seems to be the last bastion of humanity
pour me pour another
polite passe passing grades
strike me asunder
when will it be right again
how can i just write again?

» Posted By matt m On 09.07.2018 @ 12:43 am


we tried to explicate the dreams of the
xx / xy division in popular idiocy
i guess it’s the family pleasure
is there another dream that can be
child when i couldn’t figure it
as a child i was told i needed to wear a seatbelt
when the sex is ill defined
condom condone
the break broken illusion of sayings
not allowed to exploit the pain
i’m still
waiting for a wilderness post-human
xx / xy combination

» Posted By matt m On 09.04.2018 @ 2:44 pm

we tried to exhale
straight the moment in time
the vision of an afterlife
almost better then the moments we spend breathing
this vision of a relationship with god
so beautiful
the infinite confusion
we’re not allowed to face the pain
life is strange
the fasten vastly hastily
inching out
a seatbelt
for what
a reason to live
when there’s nothing left to live for?

» Posted By matt m On 09.04.2018 @ 12:36 am


i’ve never felt so sane
the psychological implications of this mean pain
an itch too itchy
the broken kids sold their homes
to pay for therapy outstanding
it never quite made money back
half spent on drugs
all those synthetic hugs
he came by to say high
a genuine happy moment
just like how it’s sold on tv

» Posted By matt m On 08.30.2018 @ 3:31 pm

i’ve never felt so sane
the psychological implications of this mean pain
an itch too itchy
the broken kids sold their homes
to pay for therapy outstanding
it never quite made your money back
it spent it all on drugs
all those synthetic hugs
he came by to say high
a genuine happy moment
just like how it’s sold on tv

» Posted By matt m On 08.30.2018 @ 3:30 pm


am i broken in two
too broken for this conversation breakdown
or am i a better talker
after i’ve had a few beers in me?
why do the nobelest of men
have all sorts of issues
that are rooted in their ego destruction
it’s just another kind of pain
this psychological manifestation
this sequel to the movie
we’ve all seen before
i apologize in advance
for my behavior when we get together

» Posted By matt m On 08.28.2018 @ 3:32 pm

repeat reputation
take away inspiration
the imagination
the promise of the past
mingle like the eager
are all too single
this is a sequel
to a bad thing
to make the worst thing
it’ll never be the same again

» Posted By matt m On 08.27.2018 @ 11:09 pm


why don’t we ask more questions
the answers seem elusive
it’s the regression of imagination
if love is a cure all
a salve to soothe the fractured psyche
a recreation and condemnation of past participation
companion is completion
if disagreement is learning
a breaking broke back beam
a righteous light for invite
we’ll never survive if we don’t
find a companion for completion

» Posted By matt m On 08.26.2018 @ 2:15 pm

cuddle me my constant companion
feed me what i’m hungry for
my angry disposition
my egoless intuition
give me reason to breathe
take away from me anxiety
my urge to die
a rye wag of your tail
solves like salve

» Posted By matt m On 08.25.2018 @ 3:07 pm


you fetishize the dreams of schemes
the planning of your life
don’t you fuck the less fortunate
can’t you cut a cute figure
why don’t you just hum a little top ten tune
what if this heaven isn’t achievable
what if it’s just the right now?

» Posted By matt m On 08.23.2018 @ 3:24 pm


words that are spoken
rarely mean their intention
introspection is illiteracy in our culture
the dim witted sons of bitches
sit in their colorless closest close breast
neo-fascists scream at them
wondering why they don’t understand
how we are influenced
so easily
a rumble tumbled in our jungle
a grim portent of the unimportant
to fight two right
too wrong

» Posted By matt m On 08.21.2018 @ 2:22 pm

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