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the only way you can truly understand them
is when you are no longer scared of them
they’re just like us
controller spoken word
pray to the gods
of division
like a religion
it’s all the same
now that we’re so different

» Posted By matt m On 01.25.2019 @ 2:43 pm


it’s just another series of numbers
a strictly straight non linear
a cold case
a lost debate
it’s strange
the pain
remains unchanged
no matter how much we analyze it
stats keep coming back
you’re the same

» Posted By matt m On 01.21.2019 @ 12:00 pm


speed it up
make up your mind
isn’t romo for contemplation
your intuition
is inertia
think quick
quick ish
pace it fast
make it now
things have never been easier
than when they all fall apart

» Posted By matt m On 01.17.2019 @ 4:52 pm


the words don’t come so easily
a relaxing moment
stretched into eternity
a pause for thought
a life long ambition
swaying back and forth
through the dimly lit
synapses, neurons
a total blank
turns my more on.

» Posted By matt m On 01.16.2019 @ 5:09 pm

little one
eyes unworn
swaying back and forth
in your mother’s arms
a quite quiet calm
a louder than life
first born charm
a love like nothing else
a moment frozen in time
the death of self

» Posted By matt m On 01.15.2019 @ 2:28 pm


the rain slicked streets
the garden gone
the roses in bloom
footprint echoed in grassy ground
mudslide mushy muddy
half cocked
washed paws
ciggy in hand
exhale smoke
too cold for today
too warm for winter

» Posted By matt m On 01.12.2019 @ 4:17 pm


am i ready
to move on
adieu ado
too long
i no longer qualify
for anything
because i have given it
all away

» Posted By matt m On 01.10.2019 @ 5:45 pm


i see you watching me
eyes blue, glazed over
a cough
a sigh
high as fuck
bouncing your head
not sure if to sleep
or to imaginary music
it must sound good
whatever it is
you pop your cassette in
press play
it goes away
nothing comes to stay
the change remains the same
the needle spikes the vein
don’t tell me your answers
when you’re still looking for questions

» Posted By matt m On 01.07.2019 @ 4:00 pm

hey let’s play that song again
it’s full of life and love and hatred and stench
it reeks of all of your bullshit
it smells like hypocrites
it’s nothing more than a micro memory
taped over dozens of times
to make the perfect mixtape for
every time
play me
again and again

» Posted By matt m On 01.06.2019 @ 11:46 pm


every day the stays the same
the repeated repetition
worsening condition
bordem broadening
syndrome situation
lost all sensation
or realization
life is changing

» Posted By matt m On 01.04.2019 @ 11:30 am


swift smile
gone are moments
blinked and your eye
the youth
the urge to fight
the moments lost in time
very quiet
very quaint
a smile played upon my face
as i lost it all

» Posted By matt m On 12.29.2018 @ 12:16 am

swift smile
gone are the moments that felt so right
the youth
the urge to fight
the moments lost in time
very quiet
very quaint
a smile played upon my face
as i lost it all

» Posted By matt m On 12.29.2018 @ 12:10 am


ting a ling
drip drop
ornamental ornaments
dangling from above
a click clack jangly
earrings on a tree
sit quietly for all to see

» Posted By matt m On 12.26.2018 @ 1:27 pm


the close minded marathons march in my mind
the endless days of never-ending same
the darkened synapses of simplicity
last locked locker
throw away the key
call me towards this

» Posted By matt m On 12.25.2018 @ 2:20 pm


drip drop smart lock
a flesh breath broken
in time
fingers flay the flecks of
aching back breaking
tempted by elasticity
drink drop drip wine
intoxicated by the heat
of contact
by the kisses in contact
by the heterosexual contract

» Posted By matt m On 12.24.2018 @ 11:26 am


nick knacks pound
on a brown bus
gingerbread gingerhouse
baken browned is their town
little sugar men with their backpacks
that was not our intent
as they entered the little makeshift ovens
they ain’t never comin around again

» Posted By matt m On 12.23.2018 @ 3:17 pm


i gotta woman
she screams my name
downloaded ringtone
she deigns to feign
voicemail left in my ear
red hot higher fire
her circuitry is inspired
whoever i am
she parks in my house
and when she calls me up
it’s sparks for the mooneyed louse

» Posted By matt m On 12.22.2018 @ 2:46 pm


the drip drop of the money
ching change
clink clank
out of the till
unto us all
banking tanking
the more we spend
the fuel we give
the bought brought
bough unknown
we reap what we sew
never more
and always was
forgetting frankly
were we could be.

» Posted By matt m On 12.20.2018 @ 2:18 pm

money makes the man
turn up turn out turn over
reflection of what was once beautiful
a skyscraper screams in yoga pants
echoing tenements tournaments
wrecking ball
semen spilled
broken down
bankers keep on banking
as they move into our histories
cha ching ding ding
goodbye my yesterdays
not so hopeful tomorrows

» Posted By matt m On 12.19.2018 @ 4:07 pm


cut crafty construction
concepts dejected
creativity connected
is there more wonderment
than in wondering
the brain
to harm oneself
to remember
what brought oneself
here in the first place

» Posted By matt m On 12.18.2018 @ 12:03 am


it’s just the green screen dreams
of the emblematic scenes
that populate extremes
the timeless takes those endless japes
you long to be obscene
too occasional to be extreme
so occasionally unpleased

» Posted By matt m On 12.14.2018 @ 1:09 am

occasional happiness
marred by insanity
slow left turns onto cobblestone dreamscapes
left behind in the past, like a blonde baby smiling
a lost memory, an occasion to be occasional
softly in blow
in snow
end though
broken bones
lead to
occasional happiness

» Posted By matt m On 12.13.2018 @ 3:28 pm


when i drink a breath
of fresh
like a steamy mirror
a reflection of all
obscured by clouds
aroma mild
espresso repressed instruct
enough breath
to get
through the day

» Posted By matt m On 12.10.2018 @ 1:51 pm

express me
coffee coughing
fit drinking in
warmth i’ve never had
a broke bouquet of deficiencies
different than me
i wish i were
these mornings
a log in a cabin
good to the last drop
a bean smashed into bits
strained to a cup
drink me down
for your energy
crush me like i am nothing
sip me up
cough me down

» Posted By matt m On 12.10.2018 @ 9:54 am


have you ever thought how scary clowns are
but scarier are people
no makeup
no michevious grins
no high pitched laugh
just an average human
scarier than death
builders of an apocalypse
dreamers of an end
prognosticators of the never was
and always has been
they create
so they can destroy.

» Posted By matt m On 12.07.2018 @ 11:28 pm


eventually, we’re all related
aren’t we
by what means are we interconnected
and why do those connections fray so wearily at the seams
torn apart barely threaded
an insane reign of whatever he said-ed
gone too far long done
is there anything or anyone who says
how we get out of this one

» Posted By matt m On 12.06.2018 @ 3:26 pm


two fifty four
in the afternoon
a ripped raindrop cloudy skied dreamscape
you ask
what is fun?
a broken break backed construct
when everything moves in slow motion
and time stands still
you can’t pinpoint the moment
and you never will.

» Posted By matt m On 12.05.2018 @ 2:56 pm


my mind is an oasis
a half memories gap
in the sadness i’ve been provided with
why not
as if
it’s just a laugh, isn’t it?
i read so many books
now i’m just an illiterate fuck
why isn’t there more places for me
why can’t there be
more alliteration for me
illerate and unhappy
oasis can’t wait to be
something you can’t feel
but you always see

» Posted By matt m On 12.04.2018 @ 4:48 pm

oh, this oasis
of tapestry
taped back flap jacks
dessert, desert me
feed me til i can’t breathe
make me grow flabby armpits
remind me of my inconsequential reality
hold me, cover me in whipped cream
creme freche
get fresh with my insides
until i’m full again

» Posted By matt m On 12.04.2018 @ 10:21 am


feeling bad
is just that the way we all feel right now
happiness is a barrier
between the normal and the maladjusted
or is that just an idiom to which we subscribe
is a momentary, fleeting glimpse
into a smile
a norm
or the subject of poetry
a unique knock on capitalism
or the human condition?

» Posted By matt m On 11.30.2018 @ 7:13 pm

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