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He looked over at Charles and frowned. Charles was looking fixedly at one spot, biting his lower lip as if he didn’t quite know here he was.

Edward, at the other end of the room, was pushing a train with a certain fixedness of mind. Almost the same fixedness of mind that Charles was showing, only that Edward knew exactly what he wanted.

Arthur, at the other end, was reading a book, slowly turning pages.

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The two leaned against each other’s shoulders, smiling somewhat wistfully as they looked in front of them at the children playing together.

“Did you veer think,” said Susan, “that we’d be so lucky?”

“Sometimes.” said Lydia, “Before Francis Whitting.”

Susan’s lip curled, and she looked at her eldest, Henry, as he played in the sand, “Well, thank goodness for Francis Whitting, at any rate.”

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He stared at her.

She stared at him.

“What?” he whispered, unable to believe it. Unwilling to believe that, after all his work, this was what was going to come of it.

“The doctor.” she said, and seemed to be fighting to get the words out, “The doctor said I must be barren. He said we mustn’t try… any longer. He said seven miscarriages is too many.”

“Seven.” he said, “Barren.” he said,

“Yes.” said his wife.

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Secluded as he was in his small room in the attic, Charles drew, day in day out.

His sister and her husband never bothered him, and for that he was grateful. Susan seemed to know exactly what he needed and when, and it was a good thing her husband had been understanding enough to allow him, Charles, to move in with them.

It couldn’t be easy, Charles thought, a quirk in his lips, living with a man as strange as he.

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Delving into the deep, thinking heavily, he looked around and decided that not only was he a bit annoyed, he was also frightened to death.

He looked over at her, and she smiled, somewhat evilly.

“What?” he asked, amazed his voice didn’t tremble.

“What?” she asked, “I’m merely looking at you.”

But her gaze was predatory, and as she looked at him, he delved deeper into the recesses of his mind, trying to think how to get out of a thing like this.

“I’m looking at you,” she continued, “Because I find you fascinating.”

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A man as strong as Arthur Jamison would generally not be expected to wear such a shattered expression on his face. So, instead of standing up and leaving his father’s body in the room, to go out and tell the rest of the family his soul was waiting to be sent on, Arthur Jamison sat, slowly, in the room, thoughts running through his head.

His father… his father was a murderer.

And he, Arthur, could tell no one.

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Whizzing sounded past his ears and he flinched as the catapult zinged and shot the boulder straight toward the enemy lines.

For some reason… he imagined the sound of crunching bones. the screams of agony, however, could not be worse than they already were; he tried to cancel them out, humming a lullaby his mother had once sung to him when he was very very little.

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Lets do this. Let your hair loose. Find someone to dance with. Jump around. Feel the energy jolt through you and understand the moment. You are the people. The people are you. See their faces. Hold their stare, embrace their soul touching times.

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Rage. The rage at the smallness of human minds was consuming her, and she rocked faster on the rocker, clicking the knitting needles together, waiting for the clicking to calm her down. It didn’t. Nothing would. She rocked faster.

The smallness of human minds. Judging and finding someone wanting. It didn’t matter for what reason. The rage was consuming her, and if she wasn’t careful she’d do something stupid. Like plunge the knitting needles into someone’s eye.

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Wafer-thin. That’s what her hands looked like normally, when she looked up at him and held them up in front of her face.

He looked at her in half-disgust, half-pity. She was pitiful. Not really even supposed to be alive any more. No one would be surprised if she gave up hope.

He paused at the stove, running the thought slowly through his head.

No one would be surprised if she gave up hope.

The idea had appeal.

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He shrugged. “Well?”

“Well what. I don’t know what to say to you, to be sure.” she said, and tossed her head.

He turned to the other woman.

“Frankly,” said the woman, “I think Agatha and I should speak alone on the matter.”

He frowned.

“Really, Adam.” said Alice, “Out.”

Alice had never been so decisive, and Adam bowed again, sardonically twisting his mustache. “very well.” he said, “Goodbye then.”

“You shouldn’t accept what that woman said.”

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It was across the street, but Adrian tried to ignore it as he moved away. Brothels… forbidden to any man who wanted to be a man in truth. One never went to a brothel, no matter what. One always seduced, if one was in need.

And yet… no one had been amenable to his seductions, lately, and to be honest he wasn’t very amenable to the idea of seducing anyone, nowadays.

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What is taboo? Why are people intrigued by taboos? What do I find taboo? Why are people scared of taboo? There is a nightclub called taboo. What do I find taboo??

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Auburn hair suddenly draped down her back and she was looking up at him with something between infuriation, apoplexy, and panic. “My reptaiton!” she hissed, scrambling to restore her hair to something resembling decorum.

“I like it this way.”

“Nevertheless.” she said, frowning ferociously at him, “You do not want to marry me, and I must hold out for someone else.”

The shining mass of hair piled atop her head, stuck with pins.

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He lathered his hands with the soap then ran it up and down his arms. She smiled from behind him, and their eyes met in the mirror.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Oh, yes.” she said, “Quite.”

“Hmm.” he said, “Long day.”

“I believe it was.” she said, and smiled, “Are you tired?”


She pursed her lips, “Darling,” she said, “I’m afraid–“

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Later Silas Jamison would wonder what he was doing in a bar in the middle of the night, but at the moment all he could think about was the fact that this particular type of beer was very bitter, and very, very good. So he drank it. He drank slowly, then he hurried with the drinking, and by the end of the night– at dawn– Silas Jamison had completed his drinking and was making his home slowly. Not singing, for Silas Jamison could not be imagined to sing, but walking, slowly, thoughtfully, and with great deliberation.

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Something was burning. Caroline frowned as she looked over to her mother, where she lay in her chair. Nothing from that end, though she hadn’t been expecting it, to be honest. Caroline frowned and looked over at the small candle on the windowsill. The only candle in the room, to be honest. It wasn’t in any danger of falling over or creating the burning smell.

She stood up, slowly, and then strode to her mother, “Mama?” she said, “Mama, something’s burning.”

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The timeline is never ready in time. It’s always off by just a little, just enough for us to get upset and frustrated when things don’t work out well. I’m so tired of this, let me run away, let me run away, let me run away, let me run let me please. I’m tired of following this timeline into perfection.

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The crow sat, almost lifeless, as blood streamed out of the wound I had made.
I looked at it, dying. I thought of the sky it had lost, and cried.

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Sparks flying, could result in death. Hope this never happens to me. I wonder what it would like if a fish got electrocuted; could people eat it then? I mean it would be cooked, right? And people like fish. Plus fish is good for you. And if things are good for you that means you should always eat it. It has omega 3, I think that’s what it’s called. Regardless, in the end, it’s better the fish got electrocuted than me; I wouldn’t want to experience that.

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Sparks flying, could result in death. Hope this never happens to me. I wonder what it would like if a fish got electrocuted; could people eat it then? I mean it would be cooked, right? And people like fish. Plus fish is good for you.

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I was about to jump off lose all the pain and suffering to a place where no one will judge or say they hate me and that i’m a waste of space I lost everything and was now drowning when someone pulled me out of the water. It all faded to black and heard shouts and screams from people suddenly hearing cop cars and sirens. I saw a bright light I was long gone far away from torture and hatred from people that don’t even know me.

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One day I was going on a trip with my friends in the mountains when we came upon a cliff, below there were jagged rocks, and a roaring ocean. It seemed like a storm was coming and yet my friend Jack, said “Hey guys, let’s go jump off the cliff!”

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im attracted to you and everything you do everything you say
im attracted to your hands being bigger versions of my own
im attracted to your words and the husky way you say my name in the morning
im attracted to your simple way of life and how i blend seamlessly in
im attracted to those eyes, cliche

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i don’t want to write about branch. because i don’t know what is bran

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branch? again? why? oh, god i don’t know

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big haus
The Pop

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it is a real world especially in expensive car. YOu can fell as the

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