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At dusk I usually feel tired and overwhelmed, Scared that life will end. That death is the only real survivor of the universe.

» Posted By Maria On 04.21.2014 @ 6:50 pm


The word possible means it will happen like jump roping in one foot.

» Posted By Maria On 04.21.2014 @ 8:53 am


Cute, friendly, happy, caring, expensive, responsibility, discipline , walking, feeding, Fabulous, lap dog, therapy, joy, nice, playful, awesome

» Posted By Maria On 03.02.2014 @ 9:31 am


Defined as love, love is love.

Love is love is love is love.

You make no sense.

Was I supposed to? I didn’t know I was supposed to make sense. I’ll try to, from now on. If you want me to.

I want you to.

But you owe me one.

Eesh! I don’t owe you a thing. Shut up. Leave me alone.

But I said, and I answered, and now I want something in return.

Hmm. You don’t deserve it.

Let’s define deserving something.

Maybe a hit to the head?

No, better than that.

» Posted By Maria On 02.13.2014 @ 12:37 pm


You disappear even when I want you to stay, and that saddens me and it makes me want to throw things into the wall.

I asked you to stay. You said you would .Then you disappeared, because you suck at keeping your promises.

I knew that from the beginning, actually, but I figurde when you looked me in the eye you weren’t lying to my face.

I trusted you. You said you wouldn’t go. But in the end I suppose snakes will be snakes, and you were a snake to the bone. You disappeared.

You disappear even though you say you won’t.

» Posted By Maria On 02.12.2014 @ 8:04 pm


I looked at him-weak-sitting on the wheelchair across the room. He was staring outside the window-the sun emanating through the window, enhancing his features.

» Posted By Maria On 01.09.2014 @ 1:10 am


ok it should be there! Where else could it be?! I opened the freezer and instead of my so loved delicious mouthwatering sausages that i bought yesterday there was Cody’s underwear! Man I’ve got to teach him some manners!

» Posted By Maria On 01.08.2014 @ 1:14 am


The revenue smied at him though I don’t tihnk that revenues can actually smile.

I’m actually trying to figure out the definition of this word before I go off into a spiel of something that isn’t actually a revenue…

and yeah, I can’t think of it. It comes from the French re-venue… whech basically means ‘to come again,’ I’m guessing. A venue is a place you go that provides a service.
And then a revenue I’m guessing would be somehting that… this makes no sense. what am I doing?

» Posted By Maria On 01.05.2014 @ 12:06 pm


My heart was thudding louder than the thunder that was booming in the sky. Falling was not as easy as i thought it would…..but he caught me now….i didn’t slip- i stayed stuck to his hands. My heart was booming louder.

» Posted By Maria On 01.05.2014 @ 5:24 am


Sniper… it maes me think of Swiper, no swipinga nd of Dora the Explorer despite the fact that the two don’t have much in common.

But I think I’ve written about sniping before. It was Aegata who first drew my attention to it. She was pretty, not particularly, but enough so that you remembered her face, wihch was angular enough and sharp enough to make you realize hat this was a woman with sense.

» Posted By Maria On 01.04.2014 @ 2:46 am


In the trenches they breathe, and they breathe hard.
Something whizzes and one inhales quickly. In fear. The fear is overpowering now, and the little demon cackles as it realizes that they have pissed their pants.

In the trenches they breathe, and they breathe hard.
It’s whizzed, and it’s gone, and now it’s silent. They have only to wait… wait until the enemy realizes they’re there.

Or, at least that’s how I feel about him looking at me.

» Posted By Maria On 01.03.2014 @ 4:04 am


It was exactly like I thought- my life was controlled by someone else how much ever I thought of it not to be. This is reality- I just got to accept it as it is. I’m just a girl-no more- that is what they all say. But I will for sure prove them wrong one day. Dear lord help me..

» Posted By Maria On 01.02.2014 @ 7:59 am

It was exactly like I thought- my life was controlled by someone else howmuchever I thought of it not to be. This is reality- u just got to accept it as it is. I’m just a girl-no more- that is what they all say …..but I will for sure prove them wrong one day> Dear lord help me..

» Posted By Maria On 01.02.2014 @ 7:56 am

Still exactly the same thing it was yesterday.

It isn’t easy. Words don’t come easy… words don’t come easy. To me. How can I find a way to make you see I love you? Words don’t come easy.

I love that song. it’s such a catchy little song. Trying to write as quickly as possible but it’s hard in a round chari when I feel like a Buddha and I have my elbows on my knees. It is quite sad. -_-


So anyway. Stuff?

» Posted By Maria On 01.02.2014 @ 5:41 am

Exactly. That’s what I said. I said I’d do it and you said you’d do it and now all of a sudden we’re saying we won’t do it and I’m just —
Yeah. Confused. Aren’t you confused? I don’t really know what’s going on and—
You’re freaking out.
You don’t expect me to freak out? We’re being chased by wolves and you don’t expect me to freak out when we’re freezing and it’s cold out and we’re being—
Calm down.
Don’t you tell me to calm down, you little—
Calm down.

» Posted By Maria On 01.01.2014 @ 11:16 am


I laugh. It’s there, the damage, and they can’t see it. They want to not see it, because they’re so frightened of what could happen if it were there.
The cracks have begun to spread. The relationship is deteriorating.
And then, damn her, she turns to him and says, “I’m so sorry, Danny,” in that tone that women use, and he melts, damn HIM, and the cracks heal.
And they’re happy again.
And the damage is undone.
I hate it when they mend the cracks.

» Posted By Maria On 12.31.2013 @ 2:33 pm


The door of the elevator opened. I stared into it as if something precious is about to emerge. But no he was not ther. So after all she was right-he did’nt come…

» Posted By Maria On 12.31.2013 @ 3:15 am


‘The gentlemen over there were staring at me. My God this is bad!! I’m getting stage fright again!! Oh God please help me thorugh this time!!’ I took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage-the piano staring at me now.

» Posted By Maria On 12.28.2013 @ 8:56 pm


Assuming that he is still waiting for her there, she walked past all of them-breaking with it all her childhood memories and all her precious ties that she took so much pain to conserve. There was no fear-no confusion-no turn backs for her. She walked forward and drove away to the house they built together with their dreams…

» Posted By Maria On 12.28.2013 @ 7:22 am


Standing at the ship, watching the ship. She watched them and their sails and she waited until they reached the horizon and dipped down underneath it, and then she turned and said, “There.”

Just that, “there,” and I was angry at her because she did not cry as I wanted to. The tears clogged my throat because my hopes and my dreams had gone with that ship, but all she could say was “there.”

Later I learned that was the only word she could say. I heard her crying all that night.

» Posted By Maria On 12.18.2013 @ 4:26 am


Geometric precision did him no good when something didn’t want to work the way it was supposed too. Or something. I suppose he thought he was doing very well, until he realized that the corner was off by one degree.

It was a bad day for the table. Why do I type so fast when I don’t actually have the vaguest idea of what I want to write? That makes no sense.

» Posted By Maria On 12.03.2013 @ 9:18 pm


denim jeans. I need to own more of them. I have 2 pairs of jeans and wear the hell out of them. Id like to get more that fit me well and dress trhem up. wear them with heels and cute tops -try to make myself look younger, lol

» Posted By Maria On 11.09.2013 @ 12:34 pm


my weekly routine Sunday mornings is viewing the garden, perhaps writing a poetic description of it, and trolling the gardening blogs for garden inspiration. no deadlines, no responsibilities for the morning, just reading, writing, relaxing.

» Posted By Maria On 10.27.2013 @ 10:46 am


sugar running through your veins
blood in your mouth
passed on with love
lived in hate
would your ancestors be proud of who you are today?

» Posted By maria On 10.24.2013 @ 1:22 pm


While you’re drowning in your mind
I’m falling into my regret
with only a burning parachute to hold me back
in the form of a cigarette in my hand
you might never resurface
but at least I have my lungs

» Posted By maria On 10.13.2013 @ 8:28 pm


a date
something you judge the other person on
their bowtie
your hair
means a complex of things on
the first
but nothing
compared to the mind
the person themselves
on the first date

» Posted By maria On 10.12.2013 @ 8:20 pm


Distilled honey usually didn’t feel like tat, sober and sad and strange and liquid.

Usually it was thick, and hard, and it didn’t look at one as if one was about to turn into a blueberyr or some such strang efruit. No… distilled honey generally acted quite nicely.

today, it seemed to be doing its best to make things difficult.

not that i hadn’t been expecting it, for even the trees were starting to tremble… not their leaves which were scared of anything, but the trunks themselves.

» Posted By Maria On 10.01.2013 @ 7:33 pm


She’d never cared for the bible, for religion, for putting one’s trust into something so intangible. It was a lot of faith into something she could never count on. Was she worthy of something, of help, of guidance, of anything? Who could judge? She wasn’t about to put her safety or time into something so fickle. They said it would give her stable ground, a foundation on which to build her life. But after far too many earthquakes, it was going to take a lot more than that to convince her.

» Posted By Maria On 09.25.2013 @ 6:33 pm


There’s no place like home to make you feel like you’re in hell.
No, really.
There’s nothing about my house that makes me feel comfortable. My parents hate me, no lie. They’ve told me as much. They’ve also informed me that I’m a waste of space, a waste of oxygen, and worthless.
I reminded them that they made me, and they didn’t really like that. They locked me in the closet, and I hardly struggled. It’s never done me any good before, so why should it do anything now?
But there’s one difference between my personal hell and actual hell–I’m getting out of here. I’m going to make a name for myself, mark my words. I’m going to prove my worth. I’m going to kill my parents by filling them with guilt and regret, and I’ll be so successful that I won’t even look over my shoulder at them.

» Posted By Maria On 09.22.2013 @ 5:54 pm


There wasn’t any time to be careful.
She looked over the edge of the boat and saw the huge shark that was circling. If she squinted, she could see more in the dark, murky water of the Atlantic ocean. Though it pained her to turn the motor on, fearing it would hurt one of the sharks, she knew she had to. There was a storm coming. It was audible, and she could feel the crackle of electricity in the air. It had been a long time since she’d been this close to coming to a real conclusion in her research, and of course a storm had to come along and ruin it. No matter, she’d get it eventually. She turned the motor of the boat on, watching with sadness as the sharks startled and swam away, and chose the most efficient route back to the shore.

» Posted By Maria On 09.20.2013 @ 7:30 pm

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