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There was nothing out there in the snow. It was all completely silent. Jenny could feel it itching in her bones; the urge to disturb the peace.
With an evil glint in her eye, she bounded to the closet to don her winter clothes. As she was in a bit of a hurry, she got her buttons mixed up on her coat, and didn’t bother to fix them. Once she was ready she bolted out the door. The Christmas wreath hanging on the other side swished as the door settled back into place after being carelessly slammed behind the child.

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A round decoration of pure hell. It will notify the peasants that you are a person with emotions and sympathy. Do not under any circumstances acquire such an item

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The feeling overcame my subconscious like a typhoon. I realized I was in love with him. How had I not realized it? It was so obvious. Maybe it was because the feeling was just…unfamiliar. Love. It was an awfully mysterious feeling.

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She pulled her coat tight bracing herself against the cold November weather. The snowflakes were floating in the air. None of them big enough to stick, of course; just hanging there being carried this way and that by the brisk fall winds.

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“How do you show someone your undying affection? How is it done? How do you know that they feel the same way?”
“You don’t. You just have to trust and follow your heart.”

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flower wilts in the vase, long forgotten about. the stem rots into the water, slipping into a messy soup on nutrients and plant parts, celss and strings. it wilts while the vase holds it, it wilts while everything around it goes on dying, if just slower

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Alex grins at Maxx from across the white plastic table, fingers sticky and white from the melted icy treat dripping over his knuckles. Her eyes catch his for a moment before she glances away and smiles to herself. She can still feel his gaze on the back of her hot neck, and she can’t tell if it’s discomfort that floods her gut, or something… sweeter.

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I sat there wondering how two people like them could possibly work. Everything one said, the other disagreed with. A constant battle than lasted their whole life, but when it came to the end for them, they found that they wanted to continue with the battle. For like with their relationship, the more they were involved with the battle, the more they enjoyed it.

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God is a superior force of nature. ‘He’ is the embodiment of hope and love for christians, but god can be almost anything that people worship and adore over human limits. God is a limitless, supernatural power.

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I was a decoy for him. I was just something to use to distract himself from his ex. That’s all. I’m not real. I do not exist. I am simply a decoy. A fake. I know it and it hurts, but I can’t say no. I can’t end it. Because he makes me happy. And knowing I can help him makes me happy. My heart hurts.

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A house raised on stilts, and a river of fools. The waters flash green, and we see that this humble abode belongs not to thee.

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Dark night, brick walls, lit up on the night by neon. Assaulting your eyes delightfully. Electrifying your heart. Passion burning up in you. Adventure.

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She came to me with a sheet of paper that described a casting call for models and actors. Although I am an actor, I thought of the casting as primarily for models. I don’t think of myself as pretty, should I do it anyways? I picked up the paper and considered many things.

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The story was her life. She had poured every ounce of her being into these 100 pages, now bundled up in a paper bag in her purse which she clutched tightly to her chest.

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Her words are coated with flour. They are making words, finishing words. When she speaks the particles fly out of her mouth, settling on me like a home.

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Abraham looked around him, dead bodies scattered everywhere. Some of them he knew from school or from his job but others were complete strangers. All of them were gone with scabs taking up the majority of there body spitting out puss. Abraham looked at one of the bodies.

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Listening is something much of society simply cannot do. Listening is, unfortunately, very underrated in today’s culture. In movies, books, tv shows, etc. it is not listening that is emphasized- rather, just the opposite. Sometimes everyone just needs to stop and take the time to listen. Listening is good for the soul; without it, how could fights be resolved? Ideas be shared? Friends bond? How could people heal? What if the world was suddenly void of listening ears? What if your mother didn’t listen as you tried to tell her about the bully in school? What if your friend didn’t listen when you tried to explain to him why you accidently called him a mean name? Even worse, what if there was no suicide hotline? Who would help the desperate, the needy, the sick, the hurting? Everyone needs to have listening ears. Everyone needs to talk, too. We just need to learn to find a healthy balance between the two.

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I’m engulfed by flames. They take my skin first, charred and burned, it falls to ash. The wind sweeps the ashes into the world. They disperse further than my body ever could. I’m freer this way; I go further.

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dripping out.

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my mouth is bleeding right now. because i pulled a tooth out and it was a molar. and now its bleeding. i was brushing my teeth and when i spat i spat all this blood out and it was kinda gross. i was also bleeding because i was flossing my teeth and my gums started to bleed cause i take horrible care of my teeth and gums.

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A loud humming was sounding through my head the whole day. It eventually drove me to a breaking point and I complained to my mother. She said we would go to the doctor tomorrow and that I shouldn’t use those annoying earplugs. But the sound became increasingly loud and I began to go insane.

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I heard it through the door. A high screeching sound. I slowly walked into the living room to find a bright green parrot flapping around the ceiling fan. This is when I first met Vladimir .

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I choose to live my life in a friendly giving hope and joy to every child who is born each day with hopeful heart and thankful joy I choose to give a pony to everybody who has a car and stuff.

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And what would he say when he reached the podium? Surely there’d be consequences for not speaking what he turned in, but it was worth it. To say what he had wanted to all year, to just let it all flow.

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Speech, communication. Something so many of us these days lack. A push of a button and we’re done. No more talking. Touch screens, bright lights. No human interaction. No more.

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I will never place my hand on a kangaroo. They are the scariest creatures ever known to man, I remember when I was little I saw one with a green hat. Why would they wear a hat?! That’s so un-animal-like. Not cool. Hipster as well. Why not a tie? Now, that’s original. I used to place multiple ties around my head because I’m a retard.

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Sureness. It’s what we all want, I think. We want to be sure in our happiness, our success, our reality. Sure he loves us, sure she idolizes us… uncertainty hurts.

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My dad is a police officer, so I kind of hate it when people are so much hating on them for being lazy/overly watchful, what have you! :( They rock, man! (Sorry, really tired today)

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movies television going to the theatre. my favorite tv show. family and friends. putting on a show. movie theatres and popcorn and candy. car shows. food while watching a show. movie ticket. kids making plays. curtains. getting dressed up. broadway. glee.

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