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Obsolete. Unreachable. Unattainable. Unfathomable. So far away that it was practically nonexistent. The tiny speck in the distance which had faded to nothing, along with whatever meager supply of hope had remained. This is how he pictured his ultimate goal, his life’s only purpose, as her pen scribbled her signature onto the paper in indelible ink, forming the unbreakable chains that would bind him to his past forever. It was gone. It was all gone.

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It was a masterpiece, really. The inanimate object that alone contained more knowledge than the entire human population of the Earth. He built it with his bare hands, and in return received no appreciation or recognition, not even a mere “thank you”.

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holds all my books. generallly i like to have a big book case. i’m mad because i dont have one in my new bedroom. it makes it hard to find my books. my childhood one was purple. i loved that book case. wait. where is it now? hmm. yeah. maybe i’ll have one in my dorm next year. i hope so. i wonder how small my dorm will be. i wonder if my roommate

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when you are strong you have the ability to do what you want whenever you want it. strength gives you the courage to help. when you are strong people around you. strength is that amazing thing that only some can see but you can feel. like the wond. sorta.i guess

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To be important. I think when you an executive you’re a hot shot. a big guy. a person of great means. I wish to be like that someday. That would be sweet….

I wish the world would look at me in the sense that I am someone to watch for… to appreciate and admire. That is what I think this word implies… when you go for that golden opportunity.. and people notice.

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Executive decisions. Decisions made by other people without our consent. Decisions that people don’t tell us, and seem to think that that’s okay. An executive is someone with a lot of power: and power in our society makes people think that they are better than us. What the world has come to.

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Powerful. Selfish.
The best of the so called best.
The man.
Or woman, single.
So much accomplished, only for one.
The price to pay to pay the highest price.

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I looked out into the audience and saw my brother, he sat with his wife. She didn’t look too happy with him but my cousin Monika was with them. She sent me a smile and a wave and I knew everything was going to go just fine.

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“However, I don’t know…” Caoimhe was concerned about her section.

“You’re going to be great Caoi.”

“I didn’t think missing the first couple of days would make a difference and yet it really has.”

“How has it made a difference.”

“I don’t know.”

Caid burst out laughing. “Yeah, you’re being you and worrying about everythin and you know it. Calm down.”

Caoimhe rolled her eyes, “I’m not worrying about everything.”

“right, of course you’re not.”


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Caoimhe approached Caid after the workout that morning. “You don’t have any finals until tomorrow, do you?”


“So do you have time for Caoimhe and Caid time?”

“Because Caoimhe did so much of my essay for me, I definitely, definitely do.”


“What are you up to today?”

“Not much, so whatever time you want to give me, I will embrace whole heartedly. Nothing going on until later for me.”

“Nice.” He kissed her on the nose.

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“How do you figure?” Caoimhe and Caid were currently arguing about whether it was going to be harder on her or him while they were apart.

“I’m having really difficult physical work outs.”

“You would have those even if you were still at home.”

“But see at home I have you.”

“Yes, whereas I am undergoing mind boggling difficult academic feats.”

“Oh are you now?”




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Caoimhe enjoyed wearing heels. “Ha, I’m taller!” she told Caid.

“Not taller than me.”

“Well duh.” Her boyfriend was 6’8. “But taller than I am usually.”

“Oh yeah, those three inches REALLY make a difference.”

“Hey, I think so.” Now at 5’5, she felt like she was in a different world.

He kissed her nose, “Love you anyway Short Stuff.”

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wondering is wonderful because you wonder why you wonder which is wonderful because your mind is full of wonders, which makes you a happy and friendly person.

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I had to take a final once. It was an English final. It was so freaking hard. Luckily I passed but only because the teacher curved the grades. Ahh high school. Such fun. Not really. College is much better. I have SO much more work than I did in high school but I still love it. I’ve met so many awesome people and made some really good friends. I just feel so much more independent and responsible for myself than I used to.

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Tables are things that you sit at to eat for dinner. Home boii. They have four legs. They are sometimes made out of wood. You can put chairs around the table to sit in. They are also sometimes made out of wood. You can place things on tables, like plates and napkins. Tables are very interesting. Concluded. XOXO. GOSSIP GIRL.

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i always see this word whenever i am on this site. its so weird. huh. anyway, my sister did this earlier. she wrote something weird about how it makes her think of ole people? well, anyway, shes weird… i like this site! heehee :)

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strong, loud, power, mic, leader, presenter, message, silver, black, singer, amplify, impressive, influential, powerful

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I leaned against him, needing his comfort. It wasn’t about us this time. Wasn’t about the kisses or the love. It was about simple comfort and the need for a shoulder to lean on. ABout strength, and power and freedom. Just about that. Nothing else but that.

» Posted By Maddie On 01.29.2011 @ 8:41 pm

lean back onto my shoulder, and i’ll tell you how much I adore you. How much I love you…
lean onto me, and i’ll lean right back onto you.
You complete me, in every word, action, and example you show and do.
Lean your heart onto mine, lean your back onto mine, lean your hand across mine.
Let me tell you how much I love you.

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crazy nights.
mom drunk off her ass.
grandma saying things she should not.
dog fights.
arguments over marriage.
week long visits that feel like years.

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some of my relatives really piss me off. Pretty sure my grandmother is going crazy, she is so rude these days and just says whatever the hell she wants because she is old and she thinks she can get away with it. I love my cousins for the most part, they are my best friends, but I hate one of them. Clint. well, hated, I am trying to get over it.

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Endless keeps coming up on the screen so you know what, fuck that. Unicorns are fucking awesome becuase they have fucking horns on there heads and are always white. Some actually have shimmery strands of something in there hair which makes the soooo shiny hehe… My sister is breathing down my neck… freak. My mom just came down the stairs and it talking about a bald man who has no life but to torture, just saying..

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The Biography Channel’s “I Survived” has recently run episodes about near death experiences. “Beyond and Back,” or something like that. It really makes you think about death and life and who you are as a soul. Does life really end at death?

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The day that we set out for the golf course was grey, to say the least. There seemed to be a haze of guilt that hung over the place as I realized I’d forgotten my father’s prized clubs. I ran home to fetch it immediately, and when I returned, he greeted me with a smile.
“We all make mistakes,” he said, “They help us to learn.”

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support is a connection of people that help you through things and are there for you in times of challenge and grief. support systems are really important for people in general and allow you to take chances and do new things because you know you have something to fall back on.

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i don’t like to change. altering pants is for old people, I mean come on thats like ancient history man, the last time i had my pants altered was when my mom was all “your pants are draggin’ on the ground!” goodness. I don’t wanna change…

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I can’t believe it. this is… no, I just can’t think straight. This bright light feels so cool, like feather. It’s so bright, I can’t focus. Is this heaven? No, I don’t… Wow, it’s as if I’m floating. I can’t even remember where I came from. where am I? What’s going on here? I don’t know. I want to go to sleep.

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Your teeth almost glisten in the sunlight. The braces have just come off and you look radiant. Your eyes sparkle along with your teeth and your hair shines brighter than them all. You don’t seem to understand that as I watch you from the bushes, you are the one I admire.

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affection between gross people can really gross me out
it’s all relative, it’s just about if you like who the affection is between
if i’m watching my sister be affectionate with her lurking, awkward, pimply German boyfriend, then it makes me fucking gag
but with some people, it’s okay

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on the table there is a load of homework. I should be doing it right now, instead of tyipng this… Life has failed me. Or i fail at it. either way

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