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She pulled a rabbit out of her hat. It was magical, splendiferous, wondermental; I never knew the trick behind it. She was a master. The number of times that she would conjure that little beast and I would sit there, fascinated, as if this were the first time she had done it, grew too many to count. And each time I watched, each time she would smile, patient, as if waiting to see how long it would take before the magic wore off.

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We marched on; the whole long line of us. Our feet dragged and our heads bobbed, as if to one, unheard beat. This was it, the end, the last companionship we would ever know.

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Once, twice, three times. That’s how many knocks I heard; that’s how long it took to turn my blood to ice. It froze solid in my veins, stiffening my muscles and blocking my oxygen. I was as still as stone, and just as useless.

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Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Reality. But it’s not waiting for you to get up off your ass and stumble over to the door, pulling it open slowly as your eyes adjust to the natural light of the outdoors.
No, it’ll blow that door open, knocking you right off your feet as you’re on the way to- that is, if you’re not prepared for it.

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“Knock” the window sounded when that second car accident happened and it hit my head, nothing broke on the window, nor did it on my head. I feel as though all the sense knocked out of my head in the first suddenly got knocked back in. Life feels somewhat simplistic now as opposed to what it was, I am happier. Like god said “wake up Katie! wake up! you’re alive! now live damnit! stop with all your worry.” I honestly could not be more thankful for a knock on the head. So I awoke. Fully rested and happy. Calm. Smiled at all who knew me and said “I am back, sorry for all the trouble I have caused.” Moral of the story: don’t try to live life perfectly, just try to live it happily. That’s living.

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I couldn’t stop it. I tried to hold it in but it just kept on flowing. A red waterfall of nutrients and life dripped down my forearm and onto the bathroom floor. It was as if my consciousness had welded itself to this liquid, and as it poured out I began to fade slowly.

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Eyes opened wide, sweat beaded down smooth skin. Adrenaline-charged blood pulsed through swelling arteries, pushing oxygen to even the smallest of muscles. Nostrils flared and the urge to run filled every inch of available brain matter. Neurons sparked as limbs stiffened and coiled, ready to react.

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Water dripped down stalagmites to pool into miniature ponds, fostering the growth of moss and other lichen. There was a distinct scent of salt in the air, tingling on the tongue and sticky on the lips.

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It wasn’t going anywhere. This car had called it quits; right in the middle of the damned highway. Of course it had. Where else would it decide to give up, give out, stall dead with nothing but a puff of black smoke to give away its sudden demise. There was nowhere for her to go, nowhere for her to run. She would be forced to deal with this piece of crap machinery.

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The old shingles drooped with the weight of the air around them. Moss dripped and draped itself over cracks and crevices dug out by time and violent winds. Little bits of old wood littered the ground and windowsills.

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As my foot pressed the pedal closer to the floor, I grasped the steering wheel, trying to keep the car in line, but it was too late.
I was already spinning out of control.

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The ledge crumbled under her hands. Feeling unstable, she tried to fumble for some other, more secure perch. However, it was to no avail. She kept on slipping, ad no matter what she tried, she just couldn’t pull herself up.

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The wind rushing past her ears, she fell, her limbs flailing around her, until she reached the surface of the water with a crash. Ow. That was not a good way to land. At the base of the waterfall, the current pushed her towards the banks, where she hopped out and rushed back up the mountain to jump again.

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Grey eyes, short hair; his face was looking haggard. Though the life was gleaming in his eyes, his body had shrunk back, hollow and empty. It was only a matter of time before he withered away completely.

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I willed my bike to go faster as I raced down the hill, away from all the problems at home, to the fresh ocean air, where my best friend was waiting for me. I haven’t seen her all year, since she’s been at school in new york, but now it is summer time, our time.

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My chest is flat. At 20 years old, I have the breasts of a 13 year-old, pre-pubescent girl who still wears training bras. While yes, it is moderately mortifiying when trying on certain styles of tops and dresses, it also comes in handy when I don’t feel like wearing a bra. Plus, I have no idea what my DD friends are talking about when they complain about going up and down stairs, because the only bounce I have is the bounce in my step!

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Grey, ruddy, gross. Boring. This was the worst moment I had ever experienced in my entire, brief existence. I had expected fireworks; a show perhaps. I had received nothing, not a whiff of even the slightest excitement.

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The voice rang out against the frosted walls of the old school. The breath expelled clouded into a fine mist, puffing into the night air. There was a silence that followed, echoing around the empty field, in which no one dared to speak.

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Just keep walking. I promise it will get better.

That’s what she said to me that day, once, long ago.
I had hoped that it was true; that if I kept walking I would get there. But so far, my feet were blistered and my throat parched. I hoped that I would get there soon.

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She sang and danced, the sand digging its way into her toes. She stamped her feet to the beat of the drum, spinning wildly like a force of nature; a hurricane. The fire lit up her long hair as it swayed back and forth, teasingly touching its tips to the fire, but never burning. The music felt like it was coming from inside of her, dragging itself out of her chest. She swayed and pounced, emitting cries like some wild beast, howling to the night.

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I felt it. I felt it rip in my hands as I clutched it tightly to my chest. I felt it tear apart, rip not in two, but into a million irreparable pieces. It was too late to try to push it back together. The force that rent it was too great to hold back. That was it, it was finished; over.

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She swept it under the rug like the expert house cleaner that she was. With little effort she continued on to the next ugly pile of dirt, scraped it up into a nice, neat pile and pushed it off to the side, hiding it under whatever cozy excuse she could come up with.

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It’s a small little thing, no bigger than a mouse, but it fits quite nicely in this itty bitty house. I keep it locked away, in case there comes a day, that this tiny little heart needs a kick to help it start.

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She was speechless. What was she supposed to say to THAT? For a moment, the air was still. Nothing seemed to move as she scrambled just too long for words. She saw the look in his eye begin to fade as he realized that her silence meant hesitance, and that hesitance meant no.

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It was the beginning of the end, as they say. I watched the world burn from my high perch upon the cliff-side. My hair billowed in the winds of change and I inhaled the smell of burning rubble; it was time to move forward.

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She walked into the forest. It was dark and mossy and smelt of damp earth. She heard the distant echo of a bird’s twitter as it moved through the upper branches. She knew that she would have to walk for a long distance and she just hoped that it was in the right direction.

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I tried so hard not to cry that my insides hurt. It was like holding back a tsunami behind cracked dam walls. My cement lids were chipped and broken, raw with the incoming floods of the last few tiring years.

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He stood at the front of the room, loud, boisterous, arms waving too and fro with the intonations of his phrases. He rocked the podium with the energy he projected at the mindless crowd. Beside him, in the background stood a woman with brown glasses, looking on with passivity, but observing every moment with clarity. It was to her that he looked whenever his words began to falter.

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As my interest in politics grew, my love of people faded. Everyone is a politician and frankly I am sick of listening. I vote naay to all of it.

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Experience? I have none. I should, but it seems it is always gone when I need it, but hey! At least everything always stays new and interesting that way. I DO however have experience in looking at the positives.

» Posted By kt On 01.05.2013 @ 11:53 am

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