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He shook the hand that was offered to him. It was strong and firm, but gentle, not harsh. The palms were rough from work in the yard. It was a brief handshake, but it told him a lot about the man who stood at his doorstep covered in sawdust and smelling of fresh pine.

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It wrought havoc upon your soul, and destroyed whatever you had left of your courage. Nothing I said could change how you felt.
I was afraid to even touch you, you looked so delicate. You were a lily, petals slowly blackening, and then dropping off when one died.

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It was dark in there. The only light that really did anything emanated from the stage. It was smoky from the steam machines that hissed periodically. Strobe lights flashed intermittently, and I was worried that I was going to get a headache. The heavy smell of sweat and tangy perfume, with a slight hint of tobacco, wafted over me and I wanted to choke. Was I really about to walk in there?

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the day started off with an instant message, followed by some instant coffee in an old mug with hot water. She quietly sipped at the mug in her hand as she looked at her phone and the instant message.
Why oh why is this always me? Why do I always have to get things like this done? Why do they always call me?

The sun pushed forth the rays threw the window, leaving a selection of dancing light on the hardwood floor.

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Cramps in my hands that don’t allow me to write and aches in my legs that don’t allow me to run. I cannot stand to long without needing to sit. It is a hell all to its own that traps me in immobility until I can no longer bear to count the specks on my wall or the cracks in my floor.

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A pair is two of something. I have two of a lot of things. They clutter up my closets and spill out onto the floors so that I can hardly walk through my hallway. Perhaps I am a hoarder, keeping even the junk because I cannot bear the emptiness that space brings with it.

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I never quite enjoyed talking about the antithesis in English class.

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Togetherness, a fight for what is ours, what is a basic right. Femininity, learning what that means, what it doesn’t mean. Feminism, one for all and all for one. Family, the ones we love and hold close, those from whom we draw our strength.

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Obligatory. That’s the only thing that I can think of right now.

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To delve deeper into something…

Perhaps the word that I really want is “dive.” I can imagine now the air pushing at my skin, as if trying to hold me back. I can imagine the sickening feeling of gravity pulling at my stomach. I can imagine the harsh sting of the cold water as it engulfs me, and the shock of suddenly having no solid ground underneath me.

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Glass; so fine and thin, transparent and cold. I peered out my clouded window, my breath fogging it up in patches. I couldn’t help feeling like someone had pierced my heart as I watched the car back out of the driveway.

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The liquid spilled out of the cup and dripped onto the floor like molasses. It could only be described as horridly fascinating as the light cut in and out of it, breaking into pieces and glowing red against the dark background. Her throat tightened as she realized that it looked an awful lot like blood.

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You deserved a good smack about the head, and I was the one there ready with my newspaper all rolled up for the occasion. We were young and restless, and though I couldn’t expect you to walk along the path without stopping to pet every dog, sniff every flower, or wave at every cyclist, I had hopped that you would at least keep on holding my hand.

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He was a perfect fit for the role. He was able to gesture and intonate in all the right ways. His audience was captivated the moment he set foot on the stage. It came naturally for him, as he was, after all, a narcissist himself.

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Sing to me and maybe I will sleep. Let me listen to the cool pattering of wet footsteps on my window pane and maybe I will sleep in peace tonight. Perhaps I will no longer be crushed by nightmares. Sing to me and maybe for once I will not dream.

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With a swish and flick of the wrist she signed the last document. Her signature looped, a flourish of black ink slightly splattered on yellowed paper. With a sigh of relief she stood, waving her attendant away and taking a sip of her lukewarm tea.

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She sat in the chair, rocking gently back and forth like an old tug on the water. Her fraying blanket covered her knees and she had tilted back her head. In the dying sunlight, she looked peaceful and quiet, though I knew that on the inside she was twisting and turning, a tornado eating up her brain.

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Little snowflake-shaped vanilla wafers. They are like a cookie and a waffle combined. How fitting that this should be the word after I just had a conversation about Pizelle…they are so tasty. Plain, or maybe with syrup or whipped cream…

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I bumped you on the shoulder. An innocent move, really, but you took it as something else. Perhaps you were not used to a casual touch; I know that you preferred intimacy in your life. So that’s where we ended up. What a strange pair we were.

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Something that you cannot say, stuck just on your tongue.
Something that dares not be heard, not by anyone.
A word perhaps, maybe a phrase, or just some food for thought.
What it may be, we cannot say, it’s best to be forgot.

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Auburn is the colour of hair. It is the shimmering sunset at it’s lowest point, just peaking over the horizon, like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean. It is the reflection of fire in dark brown curls, setting the room aglow.

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Light mixes with clouds to create a surreal tornado of colour. It looks soft, yet is nothing but moisture condensing in the air. To the touch it would be cool, but to the eye it looks as if it is on fire, burning salmon pink as the sun rises.

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I’ve heard plenty of stories. Tales of old spun from spinster’s thread, the daily comings and goings spat out like the stale ale of cheap bars, stories of woe and lost love, cried out by those poor enough to have nothing else to lament….I’ve heard it all.

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My lungs ache. It feels as though my stomach is tightening and blackening, whatever fire that burns it consuming anything else it can reach on its way to my heart. The heat is almost unbearable, provoking a shuddering from my muscles as I fall to the ground in agony.

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Using a zombie head as the ball, and sticks of dynamite as the pins, I played the most explosive game I’ve ever played. It was fantastic.

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A window box full of pansies. They smiled at him every time he walked past, and he was reminded of Alice in Wonderland. It had been ages since he had watched the movie with his kids. Whatever happened to tradition?

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Sitting at the window, looking out into the streets, rain pattering softly against the window. Smells of warmth and the slightly acidic notes of coffee beans, freshly roasted and ground. People mill about, soft murmurs of conversation drifting like an undercurrent.

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The one true meaning of this word for me s Blue’s clues. I’m afraid that the colour only invokes a picture of a dog and endless memories of TV screens and computer games. That show was my favourite as a child. They should have kept Steve.

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I would like to burrow like a mole. I would like to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. I would like to dig through the dirt like a worm, eating up the soil and bumping into rocks.

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“What hideous creature is that?!”

You cried, staring across the room in sheer terror. The size of that monstrous beast was enough to send us cowering to the opposite wall. It stank of rotting meat and looked like it was about to turn us into nothing more than scraps and entrails.

“That is my guilt.”

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