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I am entirely bound. My being is wound up in the fibers that make up your fabric. I am afraid that I cannot escape. A wounded innocent, I am trapped in your cocoon. You wrapped me up, waiting until I emerged as a new-born butterfly. But I am afraid that you clipped my wings in the process.

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Are you sure that I am the one you have chosen to perform this particular task? My fingers are rusted with years of heavy usage. They squeak with every movement and are too stiff to give any comfort. I am nothing but an old bicycle left out in the rain.

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I follow you blindly, but I can’t see where you are going. I trust you, and that could be my downfall. I have no idea about where we are going. So I pray that you keep my true. Keep me on the straight path. I don’t want to fall again.

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Aperture science. We do what we must, because we can.

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A whirling dervish is what you were; arms swooping in like an eagle to pluck my little fish body out of the large river. I can’t imagine how you saw me through all that glare. Regardless, I was whisked away over the water, gazing out at the setting sun and realizing that I was trapped in your storm.

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I was greeted with a fanfare. As I held my arms wide to the sky, opening myself to my subjects, I smiled. It was a serene smile; I knew my place and accepted it wholeheartedly. Worship me, my people, and you shall be rewarded for your loyalty.

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She was so comfortable there. I remember sitting on her knee, little legs swaying off the edge. She would try to cover me with her knitted wool blanket, but I would always resist, opting for freedom. And though I was jostling her, she would do nothing but smile with those soft, loving eyes.

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You push me farther and farther back into a corner. Your salesman pitch isn’t working, I can see right through your tweed jacket and fancy briefcase, but I have no choice. I cannot kick you out, I don’t even know where the front door is anymore. The look in your eye tells me it’s only a matter of time before you sell me out, and I can’t do a single thing about it.

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Studiously they sat, heads down, praying, it seemed, to the sheets of paper in front of them. As one, they lifter their pens, attentive. It was like waiting for the word from a higher being, inspiring them to toil and scrape away at their pages.

“And you may start…now.”

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Her eyes were glued to the box in front of her. This was how she had grown up; stuck in front of a machine that poured information into her little, impressionable mind like a jet stream. She sat wide-eyed and tight-lipped, taking everything in without ever being able to spit anything out. It was no wonder her young mind was a whirring hurricane of worries.

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I stuck up my shield and pulled out my sword. The metal clinked and clanked as I lifted it. Despite my efforts, and all the training that I had been through, I wasn’t quite strong enough to hoist the hunk of solid metal higher than my waist. The arrow pierced me right through the heart.

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Irrelevant. Irreplaceable. Irrational. Irate. Errand. Erroneous.

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Gritty bits of crushed up shell and rock were plastered on her face. Her little dimples were filled with the stuff. She grinned wide, her missing teeth like windows into the cave that was her mouth.

“Mommy, I made a castle!”

That pile of sand was slowly washed away by the incoming tide, but the only thing that mattered was that her smile was echoed in her mother’s gaze.

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Working yourself to the bone is tiring. They watched the rise and fall of his heavy axe. His arms were stretched and sweating. His face was stone, set in concentration. He would not quit until the task was complete.

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It’s the ink that pours from your fingers as you scratch at the page, desperate for something to appear before you. It’s the agony that you suffer as you shape and mold yourself with your own hands like a clay sculpture. It’s the bending of the cells in your brain as you attempt to create the unthinkable; turning lead into gold.

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You touched me on the knee. I wasn’t sure what to say anymore. My words had dried up like a smoker’s lungs, and all that I inhaled tasted bitter. I couldn’t quite find the air to breathe, but it didn’t matter anyway. Time stood still. I avoided your eyes, because I knew that I would find my reflection in the water that had pooled there.

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I felt the wind raising hairs on my arms. It was harsh and cold today. That didn’t stop me from whipping down the motorway, jerking slightly from side to side as I was buffeted. The muted sound of sirens was gradually fading into the background, and I felt gleeful. I couldn’t keep my victory from filling me up with a sick sense of pleasure.

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It was not what she had anticipated. As he stood there, cold and shivering, she realized that there was nothing she could say in response. Though his trek in the frigid winter air was anything but logical, his reasoning was sound.

She shook off her hesitation. “At least be sensible and come inside, ” she said.

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“It’s not different if it is the same,” she told me, “Keep looking and maybe you will find peace.”

So I kept walking. I put one lead block in front of the other, and hoped that I could at least drag myself through the dead leaves and ashes of my father’s cigarettes. If I couldn’t walk on my own two feet, maybe I could crawl on what was left of my knees.

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When she picked at the pile of green on her plate, it slopped and slurped like a dirty swamp. Her nose wrinkled and her forehead pinched in distaste. How could this lump of vegetation possibly be nutritious?

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It came up crooked. The poor flower’s stem pushed its way up from the hard dirt as best it could, but there was little space between the cracks. It bent and curled its way towards the sky, its bright little petals tipping to the side of its bent spine. Even so, it forced opened its little, yellow eyes towards the sun.

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Wounded, I stumble into the warmth that is your engulfing embrace. My bones snap and crackle into place as I am jolted by the electric storm your clouds produce. My body is wracked by pain and pleasure, at home at last in a raging hurricane, but not yet whole.

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Infinity. None really grasp the concept. Since immortality is only a figment of our fantasies, we cannot comprehend the vast emptiness that stretches on after we are consumed by time. Since time, itself, is an illusion that now makes up the very fabric of our beings, we cannot trust our heads in imagining anything from beyond.

» Posted By KT On 08.19.2013 @ 12:58 am


Solidarity? Isn’t that for crazy people? You go about your day solidified in a room with four walls that you bounce off of cause your arms are tied? Yea, that’s definitely going to help that person become “normal” or succumb to societies rules. Way to go “normal” people, that’s obviously a home run.

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Steam rose up from the ground, swirling into miniature tornadoes around my ankles as I walked. I seemed to glide through the mist with ease. Condensation tickled as it ran down my legs and I could feel the heat beneath my bare soles.

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Everyone thinks of flowers when the word “bloom” is used. But me, me I like to think of stains. As liquid spills onto a clean fabric, the stain will bloom outwards, spreading like a virus until it consumes as much as possible.

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Work; that’s all it was. There was no happiness in his smile as he slapped spoonful after spoonful of that white goop onto the walls. He covered all the holes, and when it was done, it was beautiful and smooth. But this house that they were building would never be a home.

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Dot com. The internet has taken over my brain. All I see when I picture letters is an array of black on white; squiggly lines and dots and hashes that make up the infinite universe that is coding. My eyes swim with nothing but data.

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I walked into the kitchen and there it was. A note stapled to my favourite sweater, purposefully done so that to pull it out would be to rip it. The letters stood out like black knives, and my heart sunk. This wasn’t a clean breakup.

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I tried so hard to open them all, but like the wind you would rush in and slam them shut. Night after night I begged you to let me have a little fresh air, but night after night you would lock us in tight.

“Beware the demons,” you would always chant.

But I never saw shadows. Without the light, there could be no darkness.

» Posted By KT On 07.21.2013 @ 12:06 am

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